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Full text of "Alleine on the promises; containing the voice of the herald, before the great King; the voice of God speaking from Mount Gerizim; being a short view of the great and precious promises of the gospel, &c"

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'A 50941 5 I i 

Joaeph S. Allan 










Voice of the Herald, before the great King; 

THB ^ 


A chort View of llie great and precious 

p&oaaxBES OF thb oosnazi, &q. 

Author of *'Ao JMarm to tbe Unconverted," &c. 



^ According to tiiin Tinm it chnli bo said of Jncob and of Israet, 

•»VViiiii hath GotI wrunght!" Numb, xjiiii. 23. 

Corrected aud Amended, wiih a Preface, by o Frien'd. 


134 Market st, 


*' No. 254^, Market. St 

WIXI;I AM WOtlDDT, PTl 1 NTi: «i 



• * 


BE IT REMEMBERED, That on the twenty-second 
day of February, (] 828,) in the fifty-secoud year of the Inde- 
peudeoce of the United States of America, Armstrong and 
Plaskitt, of the aaid district hath deposited in this office tlie 
title of a book, the nglit whereof they claifli as proprietors, 
in the words followin$r, to wit: — 

'^Alleine on the Proini6e«|containiiisr the'toice of the he- 
rald, before the* groat ktiipp,%e voice of God speaking from 
Alouut Gerizim; being a short view of tlie gr«at and preqious 
promihes of the gospel, Sec. By the Rev JoKeph AUeine, Au- 
thor of an alarm to the unconverted, &c. With a sketch of 
bis life and writings, by James Nichols. According to this 
tiitie li shall be aaid of Jacob and of Israel, What hath Qod 
wrought! Numb, xxiii 23. First American edition, correct- 
ed and amended, with a preface, by a Friend, 

In conformity to the act of the Congresji of tin United 
States, entitled "An act for the encouragement of learning, 
by securing the copies of mtps, charts, and books, to the au- 
thors and proprietors of such copies, during th«; times therein 
mentiotted." And also to an act, entitUid ^nn act, supplemen- 
tary to aa act. entitled an act for the eucouragenient of lea: o- 
ing, by securing the copies of maps, charts, and books, to the 
authors and proprietors of such copies, during the times there- 
in mentionedf and extending the benefits thereof to the arts 
of designing, engraving, and etching historical and other 
prmts.'» PHILIP WOOHE, 

Clerk of the District of Jf^iryland. 






*ALL Scripture," we are informed, "is g^ven 
by inspiration of Ckxl, and is profitable for doc- 
trine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in 
righteousness: that tlie man of God may be per- 
fect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works." 
In corresponicience with this declaration, we find 
in the holy volume, the evils of the life as well as 
of the heart of man, specjfically designated, against 
which wholesome admonition and alaiming threat- 
enings are directed. And whilst its plain pre- 
cepts point to amendment, its important doctrmes 
disclose the only way by which the salutar]! and 
indispensable reformation can be effected. Every 
candid individual may be confirmed in the authen- 
ticity of the sacred word, by studying its descrip- 
tions of human nature, and comparing them with 
what he discovers daily transpiring in his own bo* 
som. Thus, without recourse to laboured trea- 
tises upon the evidences of Christianity^ he may, 
by a short and safe route, lurive at the conclusion, 
that '*in old time, holy men of God spake as ^ey 
were moved by the Holy Ghost." Indeed, so ac- 
curate are the delineations of the heai't, so dis- 
tinctly is the mystery of iniquity it contains, traced 
through all its subtle windings, and into its most 
secret recesses, that however sceptical the man 
may be, l\e can hardly resist the conviction, that 
the truths he reads must have been dictated by 
that spirit, '*who knowetli what is in man." But 
ike proceas of conviction Btop« not here* Through- 

«ut all the gradations of moral' rcHQvalioTi, the^ 
sacred word is a "light to the feet, and a lantera 
to the path" of the humble inquirer. * In it he find^- 
tlie Holy Spirit has made provision for him at 
every step. His doubts, his fears, his trials, his 
temptations, his doings and hi» sufferings, are all 
foreseen by that eye whidi looks through the long^ 
and devious road he has to travel, andin the bless- 
ed Book he is put in possession of an accurate and 
intelligible map, in which his way iiS clearly mark- 
ed out for him. The author of this little volume 
had long been a traveller in this holy way; and, 
no dou])t, his mind was deeply impressed by the 
foregoing considerations. He had realized in hi& 
own experience,. **the terrors of the Lord," and 
found that the "reproofs of instruction are the way 
of life." Arrived at a stage of his pilgrimage in 
which, in retrospection, he was prepared to be- 
hold how he had been guided^ supported, com- 
fort#d and defended, his confidence in the faith- , 
fulness and truth of God and his holy word, was " 
completely established, independently of abstract 
reasoning cr evidence. He had followed the 
direction of the Saviour, contained in the follow- 
ing declaration, **if any man will do his will, he 
shall know of the doetrlne, whether it be of 
God," and had been completely and experiment- 
ally satisfied of its validity. Remembering the 
temptations, and conflicts, and trials he had him- 
self passed through, and th^ liability to discour- 
agement and consequent danger, which those es- 
pecially who are just beginning a christian coui se, 
are exposed to from these causes, he could not 
but revert to that passage of the Apostle, "there 
are given unto us exceeding great and precious 
pramises, that by these ye might be made par- 
takers of the divine nature; having escaped the 
comiptlon that is in the world through lust." Out* 

5 .^ • 

pious aathor, innuenced by such reflections, en- 
deavours to turn away the attention of the peni- 
tent mourner and timid believer, from the threat- 
enings of the sacred word to its consohng* promis- 
es. This little Book, we are informed, was com- 
posed while the author was confined in the jail at 
Taunton, and suffering* the persecutions of his 
enemies on account of liis religious principles. 
No doubt his own mind derived unspeakable con- 
solation in the execution of a work intended to 
strengthen the faith and promote the happiness 
of his beloved flock, to whom it was sent whilst 
he still remained isa prison. Mr. Alleine is better 
known as the author of the "Alarm to the Uncon- 
Tertei" a book, than which, excepting the Pil- 
■grim's Process, no treatise, perhaps in our lan- 
igTis^^e, has had a more extensive circulation: and 
It mstjr be doubted, whether its usefulness has been 
exceeded even by that deservedly popular pro- 

The little work now presented to the publiq, 
was highly prized by individuals of literary taste 
and eminent piety. "Mr. Hervey, before he died, 
"ssLPr this book in the original, and said it was the 
richest piece he ever read in his life." It was en- 
riched with many new and appropriate scriptural 
references by the late Rev. David Simpson, of 
Macclesfield, who evinced the high estimation in 
which he held it by causing it to be reprinted, and 
circiilated in that populous town and neighbour- 
. hood. In this edition, these references have been 
corrected and verified, and greatly augmented by 
several additional passages. The "Address to 
Communicants,^' is inserted in this edition, and 
the "Sketch of his life and writings." 

*1t is mentioned by his friend Mr. Baxter, as one 
of kis^^atest excellences, that 'As in all his min- 
istxy^ he WM extraordinarily addicted to open to 


the fecJirers the covenant ofgrcux, and to explain re* 
ligion in the tfue notion of covenanting with Crody 
and covenanl'keepingy and greatly to urge men to 
deliberate well-gfrounded resolutions in this holy 
covenant: So God was pleased to give him a cer- 
tainty an(i sense of his divine faithfulness, in ftijfill- 
ing the promises of his covenant and a lively 
sense of alf the benefits of it. And his faith in God, 
for the performance of his part, was as strong and 
fixed, as was his own resolution in the strength of 
grace to be true to God. And as he was resolved, 
through grace, never to forsake Christ, so Christ 
did never fail or forsake him. In the valley of the 
shadow of death, he feared no evil. But when his 
iflesh and heart failed, as to natural strength, the 
Lord was the rock or strength of his heart, ami 
never failed him.' " 

The gi'eater portion of this small work relates 
to that solemn covenant, which is virtually made, 
between every righteous man and hisMaker, and 
which is adverted to and renewed in every so- 
lemn act of devotion. No author has written on it 
with greater clearness and abiUty than Mr. Joseph 

The excellency of the pronuses and their great 
value to the Christian Believer, throughout every 
part of his pilgrimage, are too obvious to be in- 
sisted upon. Tliey are emphatically his treasure. 
For, if it be true, that we are "Saved by hope,** 
then, in the promises of God, is comprehended 
every thing that the christian hopes for, whetHep 
pertaining to "Life or Godliness." Besides, they 
are not expressed in doubtful or equivocal lan- 
g^ge, that on this account there should be anj 
hesitation about laying hold upon and appropriate 
ing them. On the contrary, they are set forth in 
the plunest ai)d strongest terms, and are reiterated 
Its if le obmte al| doubt and fear: voreover thKl( 


no excuse for unbelief may be left, we have the 
declaration of the apostle "that God, willing" more 
abundantly, to shew unto the heirs of promise 
the immutabiUty of his counsel, confirmed it by 
an oath; that by two immutable things in which 
it was impossible for God to lie, we mie^ht hav^ a 
strong consolation ^ho have fled for refuge to lay 
hold upon the hope set before us.'* -After what 
has been said above of the writer of this little 
work, it does not appear necessary to speak of 
the manner in which it has b^en executed. We 
think, however, that the pious reader, will be 
struck with the lively and forcible manner in 
which the subject. is presented to him, and whilst 
he is convinced that iJiie writer made the promises 
iiis own, by the exercise of a strong! and unsha- 
ken confidence, he himself cannot fail to realize 
an increase of that Faith which is "the substance 
of thing's hoped for, and the evidence of things 
not seen." We will conclude our prefatory re- 
marks with an observation which we think all 
important in relation to this subject. To derive 
•r be entitled to any benefit from the promises, it 
is indispensable that we 'should first be satisfied 
that we are the characters whom the promises conr 
template; otherwise, we may be assured^ tluvt 
' we hftve neither part nor lot in this matter. 

Reader, are the promises of God exceeding;- 
ly great and precious, and are they not -delusive 
but "all yea, and amen in Christ Jesus ^'* seek 
diligently to experience their accomplishment in 
your own soul, that you may become an heir of 
the promise, and have the assurance of an in- 
corruptible, undefiled and eternal inheritance 
when you shall be compelled to leave all your 
•earthly treasures, and depart hence to be seen no 
more of men. A FRI£ND. 

Baltimore, March 1, HOSe 




•«IN the lives of holy men," says tlie venerable 
Baxter, '^e see God's image, and the beauties 
**of holiness, not only in precept, but in reality 
'*and practise, not pictured, but in substance. 
''And holiness in visible realities is apt to affect 
<Hhe world more deeply, than in portraiture and 
"precept only.'* 

Mr. Joseph Alleine was the son of Mr. Tobias 
Alleine, and was bom in the Devizes, Wiltshire, 
in the year 1633* 

In his infancy he discovered a sing^ular sweet- 
hq^s of disposition, and a remarkable diligence in 
every thing about which he was employed. Dur- 
ing his childhood he had deep convictions; and in 

*IIia father was an understanding, affectionate, {imdent, and 
signally humble and ezperieoced christian, wh» died sudden- 
ly, bat sweetly, nearly two years before him. He had boon 
ia a» ittirm and languishing state for «4»oie lime; yet a little 
before his decease, be suddenly began to. recruit his strength, 
and was enabled to walk about his hftese- as in former days. 
On the morning of his death, he rase about four o-'cloek anti 
continued to shew i4>p«arances of returning health* Between 
tea and eletnn he came down out of his closet* and called Tor 
something to eat, which being prepared he gave thanks, ^iit 
eonld not eat any thing. Hia wife, perceiving a sudden change 
in hhn, attempted to persnaile him to retire to bed* He meek* 
ly answered, ^'No; but 1 wUA die in my chain "lul I am not 
afraid to die;** He then sat down, and only said, '^Hy U£<b in 
hid wiOl Christ in Ood.** Saying this, with hiaenw. hnndti 
he gesilj dosed hia ^^ and died iauaedlitdf « 




his eleventh year was noticed by thfe family asbe«' 
ing very zealous for religion. He was of that age, 
when he began the practice of private prayer. So 
sincere was he, and fixed in that duty, as not to 
permit himself to be disturbed or moved by the 
accidental approach of any person- into tile 
places of his retirement. • 

After this manner had he taken upon himfeelF 
t goodly prdfession, and openly begun to run the 
christian race, when his thoughts were powerful- 
ly directed, and his mind providentially inffiien- 
ced, towards the exercise of the ministrj', by the 
death of his elder brother, Mr, Edward Alleine, 
who was greatly esteemed by those who knew 
him, as a worthy preacher of the Gospel. While 
the tender heart of a father was yet suffc^ng un- 
der tlie loss of a beloved son, Joseph etWTiestiy re^^' 
quested permission of him to succeed his deceas- 
ed brother as one of Christ's standard-bearers. 
He prevsuled in his importunate application; for 
his father sent him to a good tchool that he 
might be instructed in classicd erudition HiS' 
profiting in the course of four years' study waa 
very great. During that time he had acquired anb 
extensive and accurate acquaintance with the La- 
tin and Greek languages; and waa declared by 
.his preceptor to be properly qualified ior cora- 
jBcncing his studies at the university. JBeing 
however but of the age of fijfteen, \ias father pru- 
dently detuned him at home in the oouatry anotiJ- 
cr year, in which time, under the instruction of « 
learned and excellent minister, he went with great" 
advantage to himself, through a course of Logic 
He >vgui theA entered of Lincoln College, Oxford^ 
a seminary of leaniing that nearj^ya century after- 
wards was the nursery of another of the greatest, 
most successful, and pious divines th^it this king- 
doni has produced* 


Many wortliy meii, in former days and in our 
•own times, from a laudable attachment to the vcn- 
•erable haUs in which their education was com- 


pleted, have lefl endawments to different col- ^ 
leges in our two celebrated English universities, 
for the assistance of those students who have but 
a small stipend of their own on which to depend 
for support. While the benevolent founders of 
these scholarships have cherished giuteful t*ecol- 
lections towards the places of their instruction, 
they have not been unmindful of the claims which 
kindsed and neighbourhood had upon their re- 
gards. It is accordinigly stuMnlated in seveml of 
their foundation-deeda, — onV number of young 
.^ntlemen presenting themselves as candidates 
for a scholarship, should tlierc be one of tliem who 
•«an establish any degree of affinity to the found- 
er, or who comes from the same county, that, 
other things being equal, he shall always have a 
preference of benefit to the others. In some col- 
leges, if a candidate has merely a coincidence of 
surname with the founder, he is entitled to this 

In consequence of one of these excellent regu- 
lations, Mr. Alleine, a native of Wiltshire, claim- 
ing his right, sat (as it is termed,) for a vacant 
Wiltslm'e scholarship in Corpus Christi college. 
Haviag passed an unexceptionable examination, 
his attainments being his sole friends, he was ad- 
mitted, Nov. 8th, 1651, on the foundation. By 
acquitting himself so well at the election, he gave 
apledg-e of his future excellence. One who was 
a member of the same college, says of him: *Never 
had learning a truer drudge since she' kept house 
in Oxf(Mdt at her work he was, both day and night; 
thinking all lime too little, no pains too much, 
that he spent in her service, ^eldom it was tliat 
he could be found in bed after four in the morn- 


lOg*, though \fe staid up, on the same occasion 
on which he then rose, till ahnost one, over night* 
A Certain I am, that if piety would have suffered 
him, and they had not been such dear friends, he 
vrogid have fallen out with God, for tying his soul 
to such a body as could not subsist without (what 
he would often call no better tkofi iime-amsummg 
things j) meat, and drink, and sleep. Through 
hia industry, with God's blessing on it, he exceed- 
iiigly prospered in his studies, and quickly ap- 
peared a notable proficient. All that knew hiin, 
knno him to be a good linguist, a smart disputant 
and an excellent pMosopher. Certain I am, his 
pregnant parts ancRarly accomplishments were 
so much taken notice of in the College , that so 
soon almost as he was but Bachelor of Arts, he 
was even compelled to commence a tutor, and 
presently entrusted (to speak wkhin compass) 
with as great a number of pupils as any in the 

fie. had no advancement proportionable to his 
merits whilst he staid among us. But if there 
were any thing to be blamed for that, it was no- 
thing else but his own self-denial : For, a chaplain's 
place becoming void, he chose that before a fel- 
lowship, which he knew well enough, in a little 
time would, of course and by right, have been 
certainly Jiis. 

*lt was his solemn bu»ness to be religious; his 
main design, in all his ways, to approve himself to • 
his Father who saw in secret; and his daily exer- 
cise to keep a conscience void of offence, both 
towards God and towards men. He had always 
such an affection for prayer, tliat he and hu friend 
could hardly ever walk and discourse together, 
but, before they parted, at his desire they must 
also go and pray together. He was bountiful to 
the poor. He &i not thiidc the little he had sa 


much his owii» as that his necesskpus brethren 
might not clsum a part in it; and he therefore g^ve 
t]^em as if he had been paying debts, and not be- 
stowing ahns. But of all, most admirable was his m 
affection to the souls of others, and his desire to * 
do good to them. Some there are, to my know- 
ledge, who at this day do verily think they should 
never have found the way to live, or to live for 
ever, if he had lived unto himself. Eminent was 
his charity to the poor prisoners in Oxford gaol; 
am<Mig whom first of his own accord he beg^ to 
preach, and held on constantly, while he remain- ' 
ed in town, once a fortnight for a year and up- 
wards, encouraging them to give attendance om 
his ministry by a considerable allowance of bread 
that week he preached, at his proper cost and 
charges. Frequent visits also was he used to 
make, at other times, to persons in the world that 
were but mean and low; his main design (togeth- 
er with the relieving of their temporal wants,) 
heing to assist their souls, and help them forward 
in their way to heaven. Whoever they were tliat 
came to visit, or to be acquainted with him, it 
was their own fault if they got not by him so much 
good, as to be for ever the better for him.' 

In this enumeration may be perceived a small 
part of his qualifications for the ministry, before 
he left the university; fi*om which he retired in 
the year 1655, being then but in the one-and* 
twentieth year of his age, to Taunton Kagdalen '^ 
in Somersetshire, as assistant to the Rev. George 
Newton. He resided with this pious clergyman^ 
and« luLnng remained sometime a probationer^ 
. was ordained in a pubhc association meeting, after 
which he was permitted the full exercise of his 
office in the administration of all its ordinances. 
On the 4th of October in the same ^ear, he was^ 
at Mr. Newton's repeated imporUuuty, vnitedin 


jRania^e with his coiisinj Tbeodosia Alleine, to 
whom he had paid his addresses upwards of twelve 
^months prior to his settUng" at Taunton. He an^ 
A his wife continued to reside with his friend two 
• years, whan they took a large house in the town, 
and Mrs. Alleine commenced a boaixiing" schooL 
TJiey were •exceeding'ly prosperous in this under- 
taking, she having seldom iess than twenty-five 
boarders, and usually fifty or sixty day-scholars 
belonging to the town and ncig-hboui-ing places. 
This was a great assistance tb them, his inconoe 
from the church being but trifling; and with thi» 
addition he was enabled to be very charitable. 
All the scholars called i^ira 'SFatherV* which ap« 
pellation he well deserved on aocounit of his ten- 
der affection to their souls. The Lord was pleas* 
ed particulai'iy to bless him in his endeavours 
among them; so that many who had been stran- 
gers to God before they came under Mrs. AUeine's 
tuition, when they beheld the gpraoe of God that 
was jn him, were induced under the influenoe of 
the Holy Spirit to forsake their evil ways, and to 
walk in the delightful paths of religion. 

His manner of life after his marriage was, to • 
rise at or before four o'clock everj' morning, and 
sooner on the sabbath. Like the Gtrecian orator, 
he was much troubled if he beai'd the sound of 
any smiths or shoemakers at tJieir trades before he 
was engaged with God; often saying, "Oh how 
*this noise shames me! Doth not my Master de- 
serve more than theirs."' From four to eight he 
spent in prayer, holy contemplation, and sin^ng 
of psalms. Ailer half-an-hour's refreshment he 
trailed his family together for the purposes of 
praise and prayer, when he retired to his studies 
till twelve. Having rested himself a little after 
■dinner, he went again to prayer in secret before 
lus going abroad to viait the fionilies in the town) 



whicf) he was accastomed to do, house by housc^ 
and street by street, and to speak separately to 
every person in a famiiy on their siTiritiial con- i 
oems live afternoons every week, ^om two % 
o'clock tin ftear sevem He often blessed God 
for the great success that he had in these exer- 
cisesf believing* that in- them he had been even 
more instrumental to the g>ood of souh than, by 
bis pubHc preaching. Socisd converse, family de- 
votions, private prayer, and sometimes intense 
ministerial studies occupied the remaining' hours 
of his evenings. 

Seven yeai*s he thus laid himself out to do all 
the good in his power, while in his public min- 
istrations he was a pattern of diligence and faitl'i- 
f^dness. His work on the sabbath was to preach 
once .and to catechise; yet'he had frequently to 
supply the place of some of bis brethren on any 
exigency, and would at other tinves go to preach 
at places where the inhabitants liad no minister. 
Not content with this, on Tuesday evening in 
©very week he repeated his sermon in the church 
again, and the;*e called on his young people by 
turns to give an account of what they could 
recollect of the heads of it from memory. 

Having approved himself in this employment 
as a man of God, he was now called to exemplify 
in a different manner the g^ces which he had 
received from hift Heavenly Father. Before the 
passing of the M of Uniformity, he was very im- 

eortunate day and night in prayer with God, that 
is providential way might be made pkin before 
him; and that he might not, from any scruples 
about things trifling or indifferent, desist from 
his appointed work of saving the souls of his 
hearers. Though he seemed so moderate as to 
mduce his wife and other intimate friends to think 
that he would conform } yet when be saw the 


contents of the act,— >t}ie clauficg of tutent aiid 

consent, and renouncing the coverumt,"-^ wa9 ful- 

1 \y satisfied in bis mind, and, like his worthy rec- 

m tor, threw in his lot with upwards of two thou- 

^ sand of his pious brethren who then became Non- 


He did not conuder his ejectment as a (Usquali- 
fication from preaching the gospel in places to 
which he might have access. He resolved, that, 
if he was not suffered to i^main in his native 
. country, he would proceed to China, and there 
spend himself in publishing the glad tidings of 
salvation. He therefore continued to exercise his 
ministry, by preaching in private, and visiting the 
families of his parishioners, in rotation, as had 
been his custom. A gfreat door was opened to 
him during the few months in which he enjoyed 
his liberty; for be then went and preached in 
many villages, and obscure places near large 
towns, from which many of the appointed minis- 
ters had fled, or had dastardly ceased from in- 
structing tbeir people. Wherever he went, the 
Lord was pleased to give him great success; many 
were converted, and others encouraged to '*hold 
fast their profession without wavering.'* In act- 
ing tlms, he was narrowly watched and often 
threatened; but was preserved from danger much 
longer than he expected. He would sometimes 
say, in contemplation of his in^prisonment, *'If 
it please the Lord to grant me three months' lib- 
erty before I am taken to prison, I shall account 
myself favoured by him; and shall with greater 
cheerfulness go, after I have done more work for 
him." In this he was indulged; for he was nev- 
er molested, from black Bartholomew's day till 
the 26th day of May following, when he was sum- 
moned from his own dwelling by a warrant, be- 
^fiire three juiticeB> for exanunation. They ch&i^g- 



ed him with breaking* the Act ef Tfmformtyt 
which he denied, affirming, **That he had preach* 
cd neither in any church nor chapel, nor place of 
public wori^liip, since the ^4th of August^ and 
that what he did, was ill his own family, with oth- 
ers who came there to hear him." Yet the jus- 
tices persisted to accuse him of having been at 
« riotous assembly; and afler detaining hiin till 
they had cracked their low jests against him, and 
permitted their associates, some ladies and gen- 
tlemen, to caU him "Rogue,** and to tell him, 
that he deserved to be hanged,— they committed 
him to Ilchester gaol to take his trial at the as- 
sizes. On leaving Taunton, he had a most affec- 
tionate parting with his people. Two or three 
fiiends had proposed to accompany him to Ilches- 
ter; and as they passed through the town, the 
streets were lined on botia sides with people la- 
menting his departure* iiumy of whom followed 
him on foot some miles, giving free vent to their 
sorrow. The sight <of their excessive grief was 
very afi*ecting to him, while he tried by his cheer- 
ful countenance and expressions to give them 

After delivering his mitHmus to the gaoler at 
Ilchester, he was put into a close and inconveni- 
ent chamber, where he had for company six min- 
isters and ^£ty Quakers. Other ten ministers 
were brought in soon afterwards, who were thrust 
into the same room, which was so near the top of 
the prison that they could touch the tiles as they 
lay in their beds. The heat was quite stifling, till 
■they took down som^^ tiles from the rpof, and pull-* 
ed out a few ^ ahes of glass. The want of air 
was agceater pnvation to Mr. Alleine than to any 
9t his brethren. For he was of a healtiiful con- 
stitutioiLf and front his first settisg out in the way^ 



of God, he had accustomed himself, both at Ox- 
ford,and Taunton, to perform his secret devotion^ 
and converses with his Maker, in the fields or 
woods, where no human eye could obsen*e his 

As soon as he got into the prison, he preached 
and prayed in it, which he called the consecration 
of it. He then prevailed with the keeper for one 
comer of the room, which was more private tham 
the rest, in which to place his bed; and" he made 
a little partition, by means of curtsuns, around it^ 
for the purposes of retirement; which was a high 
gratification to his mind. Other indulgencies he 
also obtained of his keeper, which were condu- 
cive in some measure to the better preservation of 
his health. But it was generally believed by his 
friends, and asserted by the doctors, that the 
shock which his constitution received in prison, 
by his^ stupes, labours, and confinement, was ir- 

At the end of four months he was indicted at 
the Assizes, August the '24th, before Judge Foif- 
ter; by whom, when found guilty by the juiy, he 
was sentenced to pay a himdred marks, and to be 
kept in prison till payment was made. To which 
he onlyrephed — ^<That he was glad it had appeared 
before his country, that whatsoever he was charg- 
ed with, he was guilty of nothing but doing his 
duty; and that all Vhich appeared by the evi- 
dence, was only tliat he had sung a psalm, and in- 
structed his family, others being there, and both 
in his own house: And that if nothing that had 
been urged would satisfy, he should, with all 
cheerfulness and thankfulness, accept whatso- 
ever sentence his lordship should pronounce 
upon hhn for so gt>od and righteous a cause.' To 
prison therefore was he remanded, where he was 
detained a whole year, within three days# Mid con- 

19 '^^■"" 

tinued to preach, sometimes to the felons, and at 
other times to those who visited him and his bre* 
thren in bonds. 

• This glorious company of imprisioned ministers 
Attracted the notice and sympathy even of some 
flonong the careless and profane in the country 
around; while the place of their confinement was 
the especial resort of all the pious. Great mul- 
titudes visited them daily, and found no difficulty 
in gaining admittance. In their small room, one 
sermon at least was delivered every day, and oc- 
casionally two, each of them occupying the home- 
ly pulpit in rotation. **Lo! 1 am with you air- 

Lord Jesus, who is ever faithful to his word: His 
presence shed a radiance on their (otherwise) for- 
lorn dwelling, and converted their prison into a 
place of rejoicing. — But this great concourse of 
people, among whom were generally some of his 
flock, occupying much of Mr. AUeine's time in. 
the day, he was forced to dedicate a part of the 
Bight to sweet communion with his God, the per- 
formance of which duty he would never forego. 
He relaxed in no part of his former strict habits; 
but constantly rose about four in. the morning, 
and spent several hours in meditation and prayer. 
Then tailing close to his studies in some comer or 
•ther, he could not be easily moved from them, 
unless by the arrival of friends, or the appointed 
time of public worship; after which he would, at 
times, be engaged in them the whole night, and 
take only an hour or two for repose to his flesh. 
Had his bones been brass and his sinews 'iron, 
such severe exercise and close study would have 
corroded their strength and have been a weari- 
ness to them. 

When he recovered his liberty, he entered 
more curn^sdy thua ever on the work to which hfe 


Wd been called^ But the consequences of the 
hardships which he had endured, soon became ap' 
'parent in the great weakness felt by him while 
performing his accustomed ministerial exercises. 
About three months afler his release, he was vis- 
ited with a gfievous sickness, from whicli, be- 
yond all the hopes of his friends, h6 partially re- 
covered* Much additional strength he gained by 
Using the mineral waters near the Devizes, in 
Wiltshire? and was enabled on his return to enter 
iigain upon his beloved employment among his 
own people, and to visit many of the dispersed 
flocks of Christ that were destitute of pastors. 
He had also agreed with two of his brethren to 
accompany them into Wales, to spread the know- 
ledge of Christ; but was prevented in his inten- 
tions by a return of his weakness. For his res- 
ttorsction, it was judged proper that he should vis- 
it Wiltshire agaix^ that he might derive benefit 
from the waters. But before he commenced his 
Journey, he was desirous of setting apart a day 
of thanksgiving to God for all his mercies. Accor- 
"dingly, on the 10th of July, 1665, many of his 
brethren in the ministry, and of his friends from 
Taunton, met togetlier, at his request, in the 
house of Mr. Msdlack, a pious merchant, who 
resided about a mile out of Taunton. 7%e Dive 
Mile Ad had been but recently passed, by which 
it was made an offence punishable by fine or im- 
prisonment, for a minister who had not taken the 
^aths which it required, to hold a religious assem- 
bly within five miles of any city or parliament- 
j^orough, or of the church in which he had been 
minister* Under this act, Mr. Alleine and his 
iriends were surprised by two justices in Mr. 
Maliack's house; and were convicted by them of 
that terrible crime— holding a conventicle. Eight 
laiivstenb of whom Mr. AUeine was one* and 



forty private persons, refused to pay tlieir fihef, 
and were on that acco'ifnt committed for six 
months to the prison of Ilchester. The discourse 
which he addressed, at the expiration of that 
period to his feUow-siiffcrers who were about to j 
be discharg-ed, is a fine specimen of sacred elo- M 
quence, in which he warmly inculcates the prac- 
tice of the highest christian duties — thanksgiv- 
ing* to God, humility in their conduct, and for- 
giveness to their persccutoi-s. , 

Although he was yet infirm, and suffering un- 
der a protracted illAss, yet he would always en- 
gage in the portion of work assigned to him in 
rotation with his brethren. They had preaching 
twice a day in prison; and by this means there 
being but eight of them, the labours of each 
were more frequent and oppressive than before- 

By this second confinement his constitution was. 
broken, his strength impaired, and his distempers 
aggravated. So tliat when he proceeded into 
Wiltshire the next autumn, for the. purpose of 
procuring relief by the use of the mineral waters, • 
they appeared to be prejudicial to liis frame. For 
after taking them three days, he was seized with a 
fever, and bi^ought near unto death. But the Lord 
mercifully restored him: and strengthened him 
to reach '*the people and the place ©f his choice.'* 
finding in himself a great prosti-ation of strength, 
and an mcreasing debility in all his limbs,..he went 
to Dorchester to consult Doctor Lose,.an eminent 
and godly physician. He persuaded Mr. Alleine 
to remain with him two or three weeks»that he 
might the better prescribe for his complaints, and 
alter his remedies as he saw occasion. He had 
not been there five days, before he was suddenly 
deprived of the use of all his limbs: and lay im- 
moveable in bed, for some weeks, in cold sweats,, 
his death being hoiirly expected. From Scptem* 


wicked,, his wife Immbly intreated tbe Lord s«r 
far to mitigate his sufferings as to enable him to 
utter something' of his mind to her before he was 
pleased to remove him by death. And in tliis she 
was graciously answered; for, in a little time, he 
began to speak with an. audible voice,, and for 
sixteen horn's together expressed, in' rapturous 
strains, his "full assurance of Code's love t6 him, 
and his highest litnrns of love to Christ. 

About three hours before he expired, he had, 
as his friends perceived, some conftict with satan; 
for he uttered these words; — "Away! tliou foul 
fiend, thou enemy of all mankind, thou subtle 
sophister! Art thmi come now to molest me, no,iv 
I am just going'' Now I am so weak, and cleatb- 
upon me'' — Trouble me not, for 1 am none of 
thine ! X am the Lord's ! Christ is mine, .aud I aija . 
his; his by covenant. I have sworn .myscTf to-be 
the Lofd's^; and his I will be! Therefore be* 
gone t"'— These last words he ol^V'^it^i'cpcated; and 
his wife noticed that his coffcnuniing 2vit/i\ Ciod 
was the means which he employed to expel saty.n 
and his temptations. 

His enemy being conquereid^ . he ceased not to 
praise God till within a few.moment.Sv of his de- 
parture. This eminently holy man died at Batli, 
in November, 16ja8, iu.thetliirty sixth, year of 
his age; and wa». buried. in. the church of St. 
Magdalen, Tauuton, Ovej.' his gr?kve was a Latin 
epitaph, of which hi3 puny vilifier Anthony 
"Wood^ gives thje following translation, "Here. Mr. 
Joseph Alleinc lies, .To, God and you a sacnfice," 

Scaj'cely any man in the Church of Christ, has 
borne a higher character than Mr. Alleiae. Mr, . 
Baxter describing ^him, . says, " So g^eat was hi^ 
ministerial skilfulness , in the public explication, 
and application of the Holy Scrifjtuies; so wise 
and serious. his private di^aiybag with particular- 

25 " ' 

families a«d souls; that it is ne wender if 4od 
blessed him ^th that great success which is y^t 
vifflble among the people where he lived, and 
which many of his brethren wanted. He spake» 
as one that spake from God, in the name of Christ, 
for men's renovation and salvation, in a manner 
suitable to the weight and holiness of the mat- 
ter. — ^He spake not evil of dignities, nor Idndled 
seditious principles or passions in the people's 
minds, nor. disaffected them against authority, 
nor aggravated his own sufferings to exasperate 
their mmds against such as he suffered by. In 
all, he (Ud in patience possess his soul; and learn- 
ed still more patience by the things which he 
suffered, and taught others what he learned him» 

* «* The reader who is desiious of becoming 
better acquainted with Mr. Alleine, one of the 
many worthies who adorned that persecuting age, 
is respectfully referred to a work, of which a new 
edition is lately published, entitled, *'An account 
of the Life and Death of the Rev. Joseph Ai.- 
LEiiTEj A. B. Author of .in Alarm to the unconvertedf 
&c. and late minister of the Gospel, at Taunton, 
in Somersetshire. Written by the Rev. Richarb 
Baxter, Mrs. Alleine, his widow, and other per- 
sons. To which are added luaCHRiSTPAir Let- 
ters, full of spiritual instructions, tending to the 
promoting of the power of godliness in persons 
and fsumlies.'' 


» ON 



7%« Voice of the fferali, before the Great King. 

O ALL je inhabitants of the world, and 
dwellers on the earthy come; see and hear; 
gather yourselves together unto the procla- 
mation of the Great Kin$;. Hear, "you that 
are afar oif, and you that are near! He 
that hath an eai; to hear, let him hear. I 
am the voice of o&e crying in the wilder- 
ness, " Prepare ye the way of the Lord. 
Let every valley J>e exalted, and every 
mountain be mad[e low, for the glory of the 
Lord is to be revealed.** Go through, go 
through the gatea, prepare the way: cast up^ 
cast up the high-way; gather out the stones^ 
lift up the standard^ for the people; for the 
Lord proclaimeth salvation to die ends «f 


the earth. Tidines! tidings, ye captives! 
Hoar, all ye thatlook for salvatioQ in Israel; 
behoUU I brin^ you glad tidines of great 
joy, which shall be unto al| people. Bless- 
ed news! Prepare your ears and hearts! 
The Lord hath commanded me, saying, 
'^Gounto ttie people^ and sanctify them; let 
thefm wash and be ready; for the Lortl is 
coming down upon mount Sion, in the sight 
of all nations; not in earthquakes and tire, 
not in clouds and darkness, not in thunder- 
ings or burnings, rending the mountains and 
breaking the rocks in pieces.." He speaks 
not to you out of blackness, and darkness, 
and tempests: you shall say no more, ^Let 
not God speak to us, lest we die " He com- 
eth peaceably; the law of kindness is in his 
mouth; he preacheth peace; peace to him 
that is far off, and to him that is near. Be- 
hold, how he cometh, leaping upon the 
mountains; he hath passed mount Kbal;*^- 
DO more wrath or cursing; he is come to 
mount Gerizzim, where he standeth to bless 
the people. As Mordecai to his nation, he 
writeth "the words of truth and peace, 
seeking the welfare of his people, and speak- 
ins peace to all his seed." 

Behold how he cometh! clothed with flames 
of love, with bowels of compassion, plen- 
teous redemption,; and multiplied par- 
dons. J' 

» Deut. xi;. 29. xx^ii. 13. 13. 

Hearkfln therefore, O je children, heark- 
en to me To joa it is commanded, O 
people, nations, and languages, that at w4iat 
time je hear the Joyful sound, the trump of 
jubilee, the hidings of peace, in the voice of 
the everlasting gospel, von fall down before 
the throne, ana worship Him that liveth 
for ever and ever. 

Arise, and come away; prepare, prepare 
you; hear not with an uncircumcised ear; 
you are not upon a common thing. Be-* 
hold the throne is set; the throne of grace, 
where majesty and mercy dwell together* 
From thence will the Lord meet you ; from 
tiience will he commune with you; from 
the mercy-seat, from between the cheru- 
bims, upon the ark of the testimony. Lo, 
the Lord Cometh out of his pavilion, the 
mighty God from Sion. Selah. His glory 
covereth the heavens, the earth is full of his 
praise. A fire f of love) goeth before him; 
mere J and trutn round about him; right- 
eousness and peace are the habitation of his 
throne. He rideth on his horses and char- 
riots of salvation; the covenant of life and 
peace is in his mouth. 

Rejoice, ye heavens; make a joyful noise 
to the Lord, all the earth. Let the sea 
roar, the floods clap their hands, and the 
multitudes of the isles rejoice* Stand forth, 
the host of heaven, prepare your harps, cast 
4lowB your wrowns, be readjr with your 

trumps; brmg forth your golden pdials full 
of oclours, for our voice will jar, our strings 
will break, we cannot reach the note of our 
Maker's praise. 

Yet let them that dwell in the dust, arise 
and sing. Bear j^our part in this glorious 
service: but consider and attend. Call out 
jour souls, and all that is within jotl; lift 
up- your voices, fix your eyes, enlarge your 
hearts, intend all their powers; there 19 
. work for them all. Be intent and serious, 
you cannot strain too high. 

Come forth, ye graces^ beset the way; be 
all in readiness. Stand forth, faith* and 
hope. Flame, love! Come, ye warm de* 
sires, and break with longing: Let fear, 
with all veneration, do its obeisance« Joy, 
prepare thy songs; call up all the daughters 
of musick, to salute the Lord as he passeth 
by. Let the generation of the saints ap- 
pear, and spread the way with boughs and 
garments oi salvation, and songs oT deliv- 
erance. Ye stand this day all of you ^be- 
fore the Lord your God, your captains, your 
elders, your oflicers, with all the men of 
Israel, your little ones, your wives, and the 
stranger that is within thy camp, from the 
hewer of wood to the drawer of water, that 
thou shouldst enter into covenant with the 
Lord thy God,^ and into his oath, which the 
Lord thy God maketh with thee this day; 

l> Deut scxix. 10 to 13. 


that lie may establish thee to-day for a peo^ 
pie onto himself, and that he may he unto 
thee a God, as he hath said unto thee, and as 
he hath sworn. 

I have done my errand. The messenger 
of the morning disappeareth when the orir 
ent sun cometh forth out of his chambers. 
I vanish: 1. put my mouth in the dust. The 
voice of the Lord! The soft and still voice! 
O my soul, wrap thy face in the mantle, 
and Ibow thyself to the ground, and put thee 
into the clift of the rock, while Jehovah 
proclaimeth his name, and maketh ail hi< 
goodness to pass before thee* 


Introduction.-^The ProclamcAum; or, the 
Voice of the Lord. 

HEAR, O ye ends of the earth, the 
mighty God, the Lord hath spoken: gather 
my saints unto me, those that have made 
a covenant with me by sacrifice.<^ Behold, 
I establish my covenant between me and 
you.<^ By my holiness have I sworn, that 
1 will be your covenant-friend. I lift up 
my hand to heaven, 1 swear I live for ever: 
and because I live, you shall live also.® I 
will be yours,^ yours to all intents and pur- 

^ Psalm L ly 5. <S Gen. xvii. 7. « John aiv. f d 
f Jer. xxzi. 38, 40. 


poses; your refuge and ywir rest;r your 
patron and your portion;^ your heritage and 
your hope; your God ai^d your guide. > 
While I have, you shall never want; and 
what I am to myself, I will be to you; J and 
you shall be my people;^ a chosen genera;- 
tlon, a kingdom of priests, a holy nation, m 
peculiar treasure unto me above all people. ^ 
I call heaven and earth to witness this day» 
that I take you (or mine for ever: My name 
shall be upon you, and you shall be pillars 
in the temple of your God, and shall go n» 
more out.™ 

My livery shall you wear, and tbestamp^ 
of my own race shall you carry;* and I will 
make you my witnesses and the epistles of 
Christ unto the world; <^ and you shall be 
ohosen vessels, to bear my name before the 
sons of men.^ And that you may see that 
I am in earnest with you, lo,. I make witk 
you an everlasting covenant, ordered in all 
things, and sure;*i and do hereby solemnly 
deliver it to you as my act and deed, sealed 
with sacred blood,' and ratified with the 
oath of a God;" a God that cannot He, that 

f Jfer. 1. 6. Piatmxc. 1. slvi. 1. ktpsalmlxsiii; 
26. Isa. XXV. 4, 5. > Psalm xlviii. 14. J Psalm 
zxxiv. 9, 10. k£xod. xix. 5^6, U Pet. ii. 9 
« Rev. iii. 12. b Ezek. xxxvi. 25, 26. Eph. iv. 
24. o Isa. xliv. 8. 2 Cor. iii. 3. P Acts ix. Xp> 
<i 2 Sam. xxiii. 5^ r i cor. xK 25< •Hdi. vi) 17, 


knows no place for repentance.^ Come tcl 
blessed; receive the instrument of jour sal- 
vation : take writing, behold the seals; here 
are the conveyances of the kingdom. Fear 
not; the donation is free and tuU. See it 
is written in blood, founded on the ail- 
sufficient merits of jour surety," in whofn 
I am well pleased ;v whose tfeath makes 
this testament unchangeable for ever;^ so 
that your names can never be put out, nor 
your inheritance be alienated,nor your lega- 
cies diminished; nothing may be altered, 
nothing added, nothing subtracted; no, not 
for ever;^ whilst you abide in me. 

Tlie blessings of the covenant arty either its 


Happy art thou, Israel! Who is. like 
unto thee, O people 1^ Only believe, and 
know your own blessedness. Attend, 
my children, unto the blessing of j^our Fa- 
ther; and hear and know the glorious im- 
munities, and the royal prerogatives that I 

tTit. 1 . 2. 1 Sam. XV. 29. i* H«l). it. 18. v Mat. 
m: 17, w Hfeb. ix. 12, 14, 16, 26. *Gal. iii. 15^. 
16. 17. yDe.ut..xxxiii. 29. 




The IMMUNITIES and liberties of the cov- 
enant^ consisting in^ L Our general dis- 
charge from all our debts. 

Here I seal you your pardons. Though 
your sins h^ as the sands, and as mighty as 
the mountains, I will drown them in the 
depth of my bottomless mercies ;3^ I will be 
merciful unto your unrighteousness; I will 
multiply to pardon.^ W nere your sins have 
abounded) my grace shall superabound; 
though they be as scarlet, they shall be as 
white as snow; though red like crimson, 
they shall be as wool.* Behold I declare 
my self satisfied, and pronounce you absolv- 
ed;*' the price is paid, your debts are clear- 
ed, your bonds are cancelled .^^ 

Whatever the law, or conscience, or the 
accuser hath to charge upon you> here I 
exonerate you; I discnarge you. I, even I, 
am he that blotteth out your transgressions, 
for my name's sake.' *V> ho shall lay any 
thing to your charge, when I acquit you? 
Mho shall impeach or implead you, when I 
proclaim you guiltlessr^ Sons, daughters, 
ue of ^ood cheer, your sins are forgiven 
you;' 1 will sprinkle your consciences, and 

yMic. Tii. 19. sljeb. viii. 12. Istu Iv. 7. (^Isa. 
i. 18. bjobxxxiii. 24. ccol. iii 13, 14. disa. 
xlv. 25. eHom. viii. 33, 34. '1 John ii. 12. 
Uat. iz» 2i 


put the voice of peace into your mouths; e 
they shall be your registers, in which I will 
record your pardon; and the voice of guile, 
and wrath, and terror, shall cease.'' 

//• Our releases 1 *Froni the house of bondage. 

Here I sign your release from the house 
of bondage.! Come forth, ye captives; 
come forth, ye prisoners of hope, for [ have 
found a ransom J I proclaim liberty to 
the captives, and the opening of the pris- 
on to tnem that are bounds Behold I have 
broken your bonds, shaken the foundations 
of your prisons, and opened the iron gatesJ 
By the blood uf the covenant have I sent 
forth the prisoners out of the pit wherein 
there is no water. "* Arise, O redeemed of 
the Lord, put off the raiment of your cap- 
tivities;'> urise, and come away. 

2. fVom the dark and noisome prison of sin. 

. The dark and noisome prison of sin shall 
no longer detain you;® 1 will loose your 
fetters, an4 knock off your bolts; sin shall 
not have dprainion over vou.p 

I will heal ^our backslidings; I will sub- 

f Ezek. xxj^vi. 25. Heb. iv. 14. Isa. Ivii. 19. 

hHeb. X. 22. Isa. xxvii. 4, 5. iRom. vi. 17, 18, 

1 Cor. vii. 21. J Job xxxiii. 18. 24. k Isa. Ixi. 1. 

xlvii. 7. I Acts xii. 6, 10. m ajech. ix. 11. oDeut 

iOi.^ 13. o John viii. 34^ 35^ 36. PBohk vL i4. 


due your iniquiticisj*! I will sanctify you 
vbolfj, ' and put my fear in your hearts 
Ihat you shall not depart from me«* Though 
your corruptions be strong and many, yet 
the aids of my Spirit, the cleansing virtue 
of my blood, and the physic of my cor- 
rection, shall so work together with your 
prayers.and endeavours; as that they shall 
not prevail against you, but shall surely 
fall before you.* 

3. Frim the gaol of the grave. 

From the strong and stinking gaol of. the 
grave do I deliver you. death, I will be 
thy plague; O grave, I will be thy destruc- 
tion;" my beloved shall not ever see cor- 
ruption. ^ I will change your rottenness 
into glory I and make your dust arise and 
praise me.^ What is sown in weakness, 
I will raise in power; what is sown in cor- 
ruption, I will raise in incorruption; what is 
sown a natural body, I will raise a spiritual 
body,* This very flesh of yours, this cor- 
ruptible flesh, shall put on incorruption, and 
this mortal shall put on immortality ;3' death 
shall be swallowed up in victory, and mor- 
tality of life. ' Fear not, O my children; 

q Mic. ni. 19. Jer. iii. 12. r 1 Thes. v. 23, 24. 
» Jer. xxxii. 40. ^Ezek. xxxvi. 37. Eph. v. 29. 
Isa. xxvii. 9. uHos. xiii. 14. vpgalm xvi. 10. 
«v Dan. xxii. 2, 3, Isa. xxvi. 19. < 1 Cor. xv. 42, 43, 
44. y 1 Cop. xv. SZi »2 Cor. v. 4. 1 Cw. xv. 54. 




come and I will shew jou the enemj that 
you dreaded: see, here liesth^ king of ter- 
rors, like Sisera in the tent, fastened to the 
ground, with the nails struck through his 
temples. Behold the grateful present, the 
head of your enemy in a charger: I bequeath 
you your conquered' adversary, and make 
over death as your legacy." O death, where 
is thy stingr \^'here now is thine armour, 
wherein thou trustedstr'^ Come, ray peo- 
ple, enter into your chambers;*^ come to 
your beds of dust, and lay you down in 
peace, and let your flesh rest in hope,** for 
even in this flesh shall jou see God,« O ye 
slain of death, your carcases, now as loath- 
some as the carrion in the ditch, will I re- 
deem from the power of the grave ;^ and 
fashion those vile bodies like unto the glo- 
rious body ot your exalted Redeemer, (r 
Look, if you can, on the .sun when shining 
in his strei^t)i; with such dazzling glory 
will 1 clothe you, ye of little faith.** 

4. From tlie dungeon of eternal darkness. 

From the terrible dungeon of eternal dark- 
ness do I hereby free yoti. Fear not, you 
shall not be hurt of the second death. ^ You 
are delivered from the wrath to come, and 

* I Cor. iii. 22. b l Cor. xv. S5, c isa. xxvi» 
20. d Isa. lvii.2. e Psalm xvi. 9. six. 25, 26, 27. 
f Psalm xlix. 15. g Phil. iii. 21. h Mat. xiii. 43. 
iRev. ii. 11. Rom. vni. 1. 


shall never come into condemnation.! The 
flames of Tophet shall not be able to singe 
the hairs of your head; no, nor the smell 
of the fire pass upon jou> iJtand upon the 
brink, and look uown into the horrible pit» 
the infernal prison, from whence I have 
freed you. See you how the smoke of their 
torments ascendeth for everr^ Hear you 
the cursings and ravings, the roarings and 
blasphemies?^* What think you of those 
hellish fiends? Would you have been^ wil- 
ling to have had them K>r your companions 
and tormentorsr^ What think you of those 
chains of darkness? Or of the rivers of 
brimstone, of the instruments of torment 
for soul and body, of those weepings, and 
wailings, and gnashings of teeth ?<» Can 
you think of an everlasting banishment, of 
a " Go ye cursed r" Coula you dwell with 
everlasting, could you abide with devouring 
firepp This is the inheritance you were born 
to;<i but I have cut off* the entail, and 
wrought for you a great salvation. I have 
not ordained you to wrath ;«• but my thoughts 
towards you, are thoughts of peace." 

J 1 Thes. y. 10. John v. 24. k Dan. iii. 27. 
1 Rev. xiv. 11. mMat xxv. 30. n Mat xxv. 41. 
o Mat. viii. 12. P Isa. xxxlii. 14. 4 £ph. ii.. S. 
riThes.v.9. • Jer. sxix. 11. 



llh Our protection from all encmiej$: 
1 . From the arrests of the law. 

Here I deliver you your protection. From 
all your enemies I wili save you;* I grant 
you a protection from the arrests of the law; 
y^our surety hath fully answered it." My 
lustice is satisfied, my wrath is pacified, my 
honour is repaired.^ Behold, I am near that 
justify you;^ who is he that shall condemn 
you? •' 

2. From the usurped dominion of the potn* 

ers of darkness* 

I will tread satan shortly under you, ' 
and I will set your feet in triumph upon 
the necks of your eoemies. Let not your 
hearts be troubled, though you be to wres- 
tle with principalities and powers, and the 
rulers of the darkness of tnis world :3^ For 
stronger is He that is in you, than He that 
is in the world :* He may bruise your heel, 
but you shall bruise his head.« Behold 
your Redeemer,' leading captivity captive, 
spoiling principalities and povyers, and tri- 
umphing over them openly in his cross* *» See 
how satan falleth like lightning from heav- 
en ;c and the Samson of your saivati^ bear- 
eth away the gates of h^l* posts and all, up- 

« 2 Kings xvii. 39. « Gal. iii. 13. Rom. iv. 10. 
V Dan. ii. 24. 2 Cor. v. 19, 20. wisa. 1. 8. »Roxb. 
xvu20« yEph. vi. 12^ »1 John iv. 4. «Gen. 
ill. 15. b Col. ii. 15. c Luke x. 18. 


on his shoulders, and setteth them up a» 
trophies of his victory! How he pulleth out 
the throat of the lion, and Ufteth up the heart 
of the traitor upon the top of his spear, 
and washeth his hands and dyeth his robes 
in the blood of those your enemies l<^ 

3. From the victory of the world* 

Neitlier its frowns nor its flatteries shall 
be too hard for your- victorious^ faith.<» 
Though it raise up Egypt, and Amaiek and 
Moab,. and all its whole militia against you, 
yet it shall never keep you out of Canaan. 
Be of good comfort, your Lord hath over- 
come the world/ Though its temptations be 
very powerful, yet this upon my faithful- 
ness will I promise you — that no such shall 
come upon you, but what you shall be able 
to bear;f But if I see suich tnals(whieh you 
fear) woufll be too hard for your graces,, 
and overthrew your souls, I will never suf- 
fer them to come upon you; nay, I will 
make your enemy to serve you $ and do be- 
queath the worlds as part of your dbwry, 
to you> > 

4. From the curse of the cross^. 

Afflictions shall prove a^ wholesome- cup< 
to you^^ your Lorn hath drunk the venom; 

^ Isa* Ixiii. 1, 2. 3. e t John v. 4. Gal. i. 4. f J<&a : 
xvi.33. glCor.z.l0^ i>lCor..iii.22«. i Eaaboau 


into his own body, and what remains for 
you is but a healthful potion, which, I will 
promise you, shall work for your goodJ Be 
not afraid to drink, nor desire the cup 
should pass from you; I bless the cup before 
I give it unto you;^ drink you all of it, and 
be thankful;! you shall find my blessing at 
the bottom of the cup to sweeten Ihe sharp- 
est afHtctions to you.^^ I will stand by you 
in all conditions, and be a fast friend to you 
in every change:" [n the wilderness, I will 
speak comfortably to you;^ and ih the fire 
ami in the water, I will be widi you. I will 
be 9, strength to the poor, and a strength to 
the needy m his distress; a refuge from the 
storm, and a shadow from the heat,P when 
the blast of the terrible ones is as a storm 
against the wall. Your sufferings shall not 
be a cup of wrath, but a grace-cup; not a 
curse, but a cure; not a cup of trembling, 
but a cup of blessing to you;*i -—they shall 
not hurt you, but heal you.' My blessing 
^ shall attend you in every condition.* I say, 
not only blessed shall you be in your bask- 
et ahd blessed in your store, but blessed 
shall you be in your poverty,^ and blessed 
shall you be in your straits. Not only 
blessed shall you be in your cities and bless-* 

J Rom. viii. 28. k Job v. 17. ^ lilat. xxvi. 26, 27. 
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ed sha)] jou be in your fields, but blessed 
shall jou be in your bonds, and blessed 
shall you be in your banishment;" blessed 
shall you be when you are persecuted, and 
• when you are reviled, and your name is cast 
out as evil; yea, then, doubly blessed.^ My 
choicest blessings, greatest good, and rich- 
est sweets, will 1 put into your evil things. ''^ 
These happy immunities, these glorious 
LiBKirriEs of the sons of God, by this im-r 
mutable charter I do for ever settle upon 
you; and do, whilst you maintain ths^t bles- 
sed relation unalterably, irrevocably, efer- 
'lastingly, convey unto you, and confirn^ 
upon you. 


Tht PRIVILEGES and prerogatives of the 


Yea, I will not only free you from your 
miseries, but will confer upon you royal 
privileges and prerogatives, and instate you 
into higher ana greater happiness than ever 
you have fallen from. Lo, I give myself 
to you, and all things with myself. 

Behold, ye sons of men! Behold, and 
wonder! Be astonished, O heavens! Be 
moved,' ye strong foundations of the earth! 
For you shall be my witnesses. This day 

«MaL xix. 29, 30. 1 Pet iii. U. ▼ Mat. v. 
10, 11, 12. w 1 Pet. iv. 13> 14. Luke vi. 20, 21. 22. 


do I, by covenant, bestow myself upon mj 

He gives himself to us: I. For our God. 

I will be your God for ever and ever,y your 
own God;^ nothing in the world is so much 
your own as I. The houses that you have 
built, that you have bought, are not so much 
yours as I am. Here you are tenants at will; 
but I am your eternal inheritance:*^ these 
are loans for a season, but I am your dwei- 
Itng-place in all generations.^ You have, no 
where so great a propriety, so sure and un- 
alterable a claim, as you have here. ^\ hat 
do you count your own? Do you count your 
bodies your own, your souls your own? Nav, 
these are not your own, they are bougfit 
with a price.*^ But you may boldly make 
your claim to me^ you may freely challenge 
an interest in me. <^ 

To be to usj instead of relations, "Q. Our 


Come near, and fear not; where should you 
be free, if not with your own? ^ here should 
you be bold, if not at Home? You were never, 
in all the world, so much at home, as when- 
you are with me. You may freely make use 

'Gen. xvii. 7. y Psalm xlviii. 14. Jen xxxii. 
38. Rev. xxi. 3. > Psalm Ixrii. 6. « Psalm xvi. 5. 
Ixxiii. 20. »» Psalm xc. 6. c i Cor. vi. 19, 20. 
djer. iii» 19. Isa. Ixiii. 16. 


of me, or any of mj attribiites, whenever 
you have neecy* I will be all to jou that yoa 
can wish; I will be a friend to you/ Mr 
secrets shall be with you,' and you ^hail 
have all freedom and access to me,, and lib- 
erty to pour out all your hearts into mj 
bosom. ^ 

3. Our physician* 

I will be a physician to you. I will heaT 
your backslidings, and cure all your dis* 
eases.* Fear not; never did soul miscarry^ 
that left itself in my hands, and would but 
follow my prescriptions. 

4. Our shepherd. 

I will be a shepherd to you.i Be not 
afraid of evil tidings, for I am with you; 
my rod and my staff shall comfort you. You 
shall not want, for I will feed you; you shall 
not wander (to be lost,) for 1 will restore 
you. 1 will cause you to lie down in green 
pastures, and lead you beside the still wa- 
ters.^ 1 will gather you with mine arm, and 
carr}^ you in my boaom; and will lead on 
softly, as the flock and the children be able 
to eudure.^ If officers be careless, 1 will 

• Psalm 1.15. Jer. zlix. 11. Psalm cxW. 18^ 
risa. xU. 8. James ii. 23. (T PssJm xxv. 14. Joha 
XV. 15. ^ Eph. iii. 12. Heb. iv. 16. i Hos. xiv. 
4. Psalm ciii.3. J Psalm xxiii. 1. Ixxx. 1. k Psafaa 
xaiik 1 isa. xl. 11. Genu »xiiL 13» 14^ 


do the work myself. I will judge between 
cattle and cattle. I will seek that which was 
lost, and bring again that which was driven 
away; and bind np that which was broken, 
and strengthen that which was sick: but I 
will destroy the fat and the strong, and will 
feed them with judsfment.* I will watch 
over my flock by night.^ Behold, I have ap- 
pointed mj ministers as your watchmen, 
and overseers that watch for your souls. 
Yea, mine angels shall be your watchers, 
and shall keep a constant guard upon my 
flock. *^ And if, perad venture, .the servants 
should sleep.*' mine own* eyes sh^l keep a 
perpetual watch over you, by night and by 
day.f The keeper of Israel neither slumber- 
eth nor sleepeth, f nor withdraweth his eyes 
from the righteous.^ [ will guide you with 
mine eye, I will never trust you out of 
mine own sight. ^ 

5. Our sovereign, * 

. I will be a sovereign to you. The Lord 
is your judge, the Lord is your lawgiver, 
the Lord is your king.i Fear not the un- 
righteousness of men; I will judge your 

«Ezek. xzxiv. 3, 3, 4, 16, 17. ^Isa. xxvii 3. 
^ Heb. xiii. 17^. Acts xx. 28. ^ Daniel iii. 28. vL 
22. • Psalm xxxiv. 7 Mat xiii. 25, 27. f Psalm 
XXXV 15 xxxiii. 18 2 Chron xvi. 9 ff Psalm 
€xxii. 3, 4. h Job xxxri. 7. ^ Psalm xxxii. 8. J Ifta. 
*xxxii. 23. 


cause, i will defend your rights.* Yovt 
shall not stand at man's bar, you shall not 
be cast at their vote^ let them curse, I 
will bless^ let them condemn, I will jus- 

When yoU" come upon trial for your 
lives, to liave your eternal state decided^ 
you shall see your friend, your father, ^ip« 
on the bench.^ Into my hands shall your 
cause be cast, and you shall surely stand 
in judgment, and be found at the ri^ht 
hand among the sheep, and hear the king 
say, ^^Come, ye blessed, inhexit the kilig* 

6. Our husband, 

I will be a husband to you.^ In loving* 
kindness and in mercies will I betroth you 
unto me for ever.* I will espouse your inter- 
est, and will be as one with you, and yoa 
with me:^ You shall be for me, and not for 
another; and I also will be for vou.s^ Though 
I foQnd you as an helpless infant, exposed 
in its blood, all your unworthiness doth not 
discourage me. Lo, I have looked upon you^ 
and spread my skirt over you, and put liiy 
comeliness upon you. Moreover, I swear 
unto you, ana enter into covenant with you, 

ft Deat. xxxii. 36. Psalm cxl 12. ix. 4. ^ Psalm 
1. 6. Eccl. ill. 16, 17. «lifat. zxv. 33, 34, x. 32. 
<l Isa. liv. 5. e Uos. ii. 19, 24. ^ John zviL 11, 
22, 23. 1 John iv. 15, 16b Rev. uL 3. f Hos. iU. X 


and you shall be mine.<^ Behold, I do here 
solemnly, in this my marriage-covenant, 
make away myself to you;^ and, with 
myself, all thin^s;<^ For I have said and I 
change not. He that overcometh shall in- 
herit all things, and I will be his God and 
he shall be my son. I will be an everlast- 
ing portion to you.* Lift up now your eyes 
eastward, and westward, and northward, 
and southward: Have ye not a worthy por- 
tion, a goodly heritage? Can you cast up 
your riches« or count your own happiness? 
Can you fathom immensity, or reach omnip- 
otency, or compreliend eternity? All this is 
yours. I will set open all my treasures to 
you, I will keep back nothing from you. 


Se maketh over himae^ to ns in all his es- 
sential P£AF£CTIONS Ond PERSONAL R£- * 

All the attributes in the Godhead, and 
all the persons in the Godhead, do I hereby 
nlake over to you. I will be yours in all my 
essential perfections^ and in ail my person- 
al relations* 

•Exek. xvi.'4 to 10. ^ Jer. xziv..7. xxx. 31, SSL 
UxL 33) 34^ <B Romans viii. 32. Rev. xxi. 7. 
^ Etek. zUv. 28. Jer, li..l9» Psslm cziz. 57. 


/. In all mint essjintial perfegtioi^s. 
1. His eternity as the date of our happiness. 

My eternity shall be the date of jour 

I am the eternal 6od$ and while I am, I 
will be life and blessedness to you.* I will 
be a never-failing fountain of joy, and peace, 
and bliss unto you.^ I am tne>first and the 
last, that was, and is, and is to come; and 
mine eternal power and Godhead shall be 
bound to you.'^ 

I will be your Gk)d, your Father, your 
friend, while I have any being,<^ my choice 
of you, my children, who keep my cove- 
nant and my testimony. 

Fear not, for the eternal God is your refuge; 
and underneath are the everlasting arms.® 
My durable riches and righteousness shall 
•be yours;^ though all should forsake you, 
jet will not I ft^rsake you. Whfen the 
world, and all that is therein, shall be burnt 
up, I will be a standing portion for you* 
W hen you are forgotten among the dead, 
with everlasting loving-kindness will I re- 
member you. 8^ 

•Psalm xxix. 10, 11. cxlvi. 10. 1 Tiro. i. 17, 
1 Pet. V. 10. b Psalm xxxvi. 7, 8, 9. xvi. 11. 
« Isa. XXXV. 10. Jep. xxxii. 40. ^ Isa. ix.^ 6. Jer. 
xxxi.9. b Psalm cxxxii. 12. 14, Ho8.u.l9.'eDciit. 
xxxiii. 27. fPro. viii. 10. VHeb. xiii. 5. Psaln 
^ixxvii. 10. Isa. lir. 10. 


5. His unclumgeableness^ as the rock of 

our rest. 

Mine uncHangeablenes», as the rock of 
your rest,* When all the world is like the 
troubled ocean round about you, here you 
may ^x and settle; I am your resting- 

The immutability of my nature, and of 
ray counsel, and of my covenant, are foot- 
ing for your faith, and a firm foundation 
for your strong and everlasting consola- 
1ioii.<^ When you are afflicted, tossed with 
tempests, and not comforted,^ put into me; 
I am a haven of hope, I am a harbour of 
rest for you; here cast your anchors, and 
you shall never be moved,® 

3. His omnipotency for our guard* 

Mine omnipotency shall be your guard. 
I am God Almighty, your Almighty Pro- 
tector, your Almighty Benefactor.^ 

What! though yoiir enemies are many^g 
More are they that are with you, than they 
that are against you; for I am with you.^ 
What! though they are mighty? They ar^ 
not almighty. Your Father is greater than 

a BfaL iii. 6. Psalm Ixii. 6, 7. xcii. 15. b Jer. L 

6. 2 Chron. xiv. 11. c2 Tim. ii. 19. Heb. vi. If, 
18* d laa. liv. 11. « Jer. xvii. 13, 17. Psalm xWw 
1. 2. 5. cxxv. I. f Gen. xv. 1. xvii. t, t Psalm 
XXV. 19. >2 CkroR. xxii. 7, 8. 2 Kings vi. 16. 

6 • 


all, and none shall pluck yon (pluck while 
they will) out of my hands.^ Who can hin- 
der my power, or obstruct my salvation?*^ 
Who is like unto the God of Jeshurun, wba 
rideth on the heaven for your help, and in 
his excellency on the sky? I am tne sword 
of your defence, and the shield of your ex- 
cellency .« I am your rock and your fortress,, 
your deliverer, your strength, the horn of 
your salvatioii, and your high tower.?* I will 
maintain you against all the power of the 
enemy: you shall never sink, iromnipotency 
can support you.® The gates of hell shall 
not prevail against you :^ your enemies shall 
find hard work of jt. They shall overcome, 
victory, or enervate omnipoteney, or corrupt 
fidelity; or change iramutability, or else 
they cannot finally prevail against you; ei- 
ther they shall bow or break, s Though they 
should exalt themselves as the eagle, though 
ihey should set their nest amons the stars, 
ei^n there will I bring them down, saitl» 
4jie Lord.^ 


4. HisfaithfijilneaSyforoursecudty, 

My faithfulness shall be your security.i^ 
My truths yea, my oath shall fail> if ever 

I John X. 28. HssL. xliii. 13. Dan. iv.. 35. 2. 
Pik u. 9. c Deut xxxiii. 26, 29, <i Psalm xsiii. 2. 
e 1 Pet. i. 5. Exo<L xxviii. 12. Heh. vii. 25. ix. 2*.. 
f Mat xvi. 18. 8 Rev. iii.. 9. Isa. Ixvi. 4. b Qba(L 
4. Jer. xlix. 16. i Psalm Ixxxix. 33^ 34^ 35. 


yon come off losers by me.* I will make yoit 
to confess, when you see the issue and 
upshot of all my providences, that I was a 
God worthy to oe trusted, worthy to be be- 
lieved, worthy to be rested in and relied 
upon> If jou walk not in my judgments, 
you must look for my threats and frowns; 
yea, and blows too; and you shall see that 
1 am not in jest with you, nor will indulge 
you in your sins.'' Nevertheless, if you re- 
pent, and again turn unto me, 1 will receive 
you; my loving kindi^ess will I never take 
irom you nor suffer my faithfulness to fail,, 
whilst you continue in my word. My cov- 
enant ¥rill I not break, nor alter the thing, 
that is gon^ out of my lips. 

5. ZKs mercie9, (xs our store. 

My mercies shall be your store*** I am 
the Father of mercies; and such a Father 
I will be to you.<^ I am the Fountain of 
mercies; and this Fountain shall be ever 
open to you.^ My mercies are very many,, 
and they shall be multiplied towards you;ir 
very great, and they shall be magnified 

»Isa. Hv 9,10. Mark JE. 29, 30. l» Psalm :^xiv.. 
4, 5, 6, 8 Ixxxiv, 121 cxlvi. 5. Jer. xvii. /,' 8. 
Psalm xxii 4, 5. c Psalm Ixxxix. 30,31, 3^^&c^ 
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xlvii. 7. Ixiii. 7. Psakn cxix. 41. « 2 Cor. 1. 3.. 
f Psalm zxKvi. 9^ Rev. zxi. 6. fi Nelu ix» 17. Isa.. 



upon ^ou;" very sure, and thej shall be 
for ever sure to you;^ very tender, and 
they shall be infinitely tender of you.« 
Though the fig-tree do not blossom, nor the 
vine bear, nor the flock bring forth; fear 
not, for my coropassiois fail not^ Surely 
goodness and mercy shall follow you all the 
days of yonr lives.* Even to your old age 
I am he, and even to hoary hairs will I car- 
ry you. I have made« and I will bear; 
even I will carry and deliver you/ I will 
make an everlasting covenant with you» 
that I will not turn away from you to do 
y;OU good. K I swear that I will shew you 
the kindness of 6od> I can as soon for- 
get to be God, as forget to be gracious.^ 
While mv name is **JKHoviVH, merciful, 
gracious, lon^.suffering, abundant in good- 
ness and truth,'' I will never forget to shew 
mercy to you J All my ways towards you 
shall be mercy and truth.^ 1 have sworn 
that I would not be wroth with you, nor re- 
buke you; for the mountains shall depart, 
and the i^lls be moved; but my kindness 
shall not depart from you; neither shall the 

alChron. xxi. 13» Gen. xix. 19. bisa. xxii. 
23. c Psalm cxix. 156. ciii. 4. <» Hab. iii. 17.' 
Xam. ill. 32. « Psalm xxiii. 6. ^Isa idvL 4. ffJer. 
xxxii. 40. fc 1 Sam. xx. 14, 15, 17. xxv. 9, 10. 
i Psalm Ixvii. 9. J Psalm ciii. 17. xxziv. 6| 7. ^ Ps. 
xxy. 10. 


•ovenant of mj peace be removed, sai& 
ihe Lord that hath mercy on you. 

6. IRa omniscimcyf as our overseer. 

Mine omnisctency shall be your over- 
seer. Mine eyes shall be ever open, ob* 
serving your wants, to relieve them, and 
your wrongs, ^o avenge them.* Mine eaps 
shall be ever open, to hear the prayers of 
my poor, the cries of mine oppressed, the 
•lamours, the calumnies, and reproaches of 
your enemies.^ Surely 1 have seen your 
afiSiction, and known your sorrows: and 
shall not God avenee hid own elect? I will 
avenge them speedily.® 1 see the secret 
plots and designs of your enemies against 
you,' and willdi^annul their counsels;® I 
see your secret integrity, and the upright- 
ness of your heart towards me, while the 
carnal and censorious world condemns you 
as hypocrites.^ Your secret prayers, fasts, 
and tears, which the world knoweth not of, 
I observe them, and 1 record Your 
secret care to please me, your secret pains^ 
with your own hearts, vour secret self- 
searching and self- d6nia!,;r-l8j6etb4Hn all; 

• 1 Pet iii. 12. Exod. iii. 7> «> fsahuxxxiv. 1^ 
Exad. ii. 34, 25. Zeph. ii. 8, 9, 10. c LukfluxTi|i.. 
S, 7, 8. d Psalm xzxvii. 12. Ixxxiii. 3, 4. xxxiil. 
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f J«b i. 8, 9, 10, 11. 2 Chron. xr, 17. f Mat. iv. 
^ 18. Acto«.4« 


itid your Father, which iseeth in secret, 
ihall reward them openly.* 

7. His Wisdom^ as our counsellor* 

My wisdom shall be your counsellor. If 
iny want wisdom, let him ask of me, and it 
hall be given him. *> I will be your deliver- 
;r. When you are in darkness, I will be a 
ight to you;° I will make your way plain 
lefore you** You are but short -si^n ted » 
mt I will be eyes to you.® 1 will watch over 
rou, to bring upon you all the good I have 
)romi8ed,^ and to keep off all the evil you 
ear; or to turn it into good.fl^ You shall 
lave your food in its season, and your phys- 
c in its season; mercies, afflictions, all 
uitable and in their season.*^ 

1 will outwit your enemies, and make 
heir oracles to speak but folly.^ The old 
erpeut shall not deceive you, I will ac- 
[uaint you with his devices.J Ihe deceit- 
ul hearts you fear, shall not undo you; I 
i^ill discover their wiles. 

I know how to deliver the godly out of 
emptation, and to reserve the unjust to the 
lay of judgment to be punished> Trust 

• Mat XXV. ^, 35, 36. 2 Chron. xxxlv. 27. 

James i. 5. « Micali vii. 8. ^laau xlii. 16. Ivii. 
4. « Isa. xlii. 6, 7. xlix. 6. ^ Jer. xxxi. 28. xxxii. 
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xiii. 2, 3. 1 Pet. i. 6. Isa. xxvi. 7, 8, 9. 4ia.. 
a^ 3 to 15. J 2 Cor. ii. 11. ^2 Pet ii. 9. 


in me with all your hearts, and lean not to 
jour own understaDding;a I am Grod that 
performeth all things for you.^ I will for- 
feit the reputation of my wisdom, if I make 
you not to acknowledge, when you see the 
end of the Lord,c (though at present you 
wonder, and reach not the meaning of my 
proceedings,*) that all my works are in 
weight, and in number, and in time, and in 
'Order;® if I force you not to cry out, "Man- 
ifold are thy works; in wisdom hast thou 
made them all.^' 

^. His justice, as our avenger md rewarder. 

My justice shall be your avenger and re- 
warcier.* Fear not to approach; fury is not 
in me.^ My justice is not only appeased 
towards you, but engaged for you.* I am 
so fully satisfied in the sacrifice of my Be- 
loved, that justice itself, that was as a flam- 
ing sword drawn against you, doth now 
greatly befriend you; and that which was 
an amaxing, confounding terror, shall now 
become your relief and consolation J Un- 
der all your oppressions, here sliall your re- 
fuge be> Let me know your grievances, 

A Pro. ill. 5. b Psalm IviL 2. c James v. 11. 
^ Jer. xii. 1. . « Eccl. iii. 1, 14. ^ Psalm xxxiii. 4. 
c;dv. 10. civ. 24. g2 Thes. i. 6. 2 Tim. iv. 8. 
^ Isa. xxvii, 4. ilssu xii. 1 JEccl. iii. 17- v. & 
Psalm ix. 1, 9, to 14. xcviL'l. xcir, 1. 1^ Psalm 


my jnstice shall right your wrongs, and re* 
ward your aeryices.* You may conclude 
upon your pardon, conclude upon your 
crowns, conclude upon reparation for all 
your injuries; and all from the sweet con- 
sidiration of my justice;** the thought of 
which, to others, is as the horrors of the 
shadow of death. If you sin, despair not; 
remember, I am just to forgive you. If you 
pe at any pains or cost for me, do not count 
it lost, fur I am not unrighteous to forget 
Tou. I am the Righteous Judge, that have 
laid up for you, and will set on you, the 
orown of righteousness. Are you reviled^ 
persecuted, defamed? Forget not that I am 
righteous to render tribulation to them that 
trouble you; and to you that are troubled* 
vest with me. Though all your services and 
•ufierings deserve not the least good at my 
iMds, yet as I have freely passed my pro- 
mise to reward them« so I will ^ justly 
keep it. 

^i'iRs omnipreaeneej m eompany for us. 

Mine omnipresence shall be company for 
you.<^ Surely I will be with you, to bless 
you.*' No bolts, no bars, nor bonds, nor 
banishment, shall remove you from me, nor 

a Psalm clxvi. 7, Ueb. vi. 10. ^1 Jo|m L 9, 
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23. c 1 Chran. zxii. 18. Joab. 1. 5, 9. Isa. xli. 10« 
^ Gen. «xvL 24 



ft«ep mj presence and the infkienees of heav^ 
en irom Vou." [ am always with you:** in 
your darkest ni^ht, in jour deepest dangers, I 
I am at hand with you, a very present nelp 
in the time of trouble. <^ I am not a God afar 
off, or a^eep, or in a journey, when you 
need my counsel, mine ear, or aid. I am 
always nigh unto them that fear me.<^ 

No Patmos, no prison shall hinder the 
presence of my grace from you.* My pre- 
sence shall perfume the noisomest wards, 
and lighten the darkest dungeon where you 
can be thrust' 

10. His holiness as afourUinh of grace to ^us. 

My holiness shall be a fountain of grace 
to you.«r I am the God of hope, ^ the God of 
love,^ the Godof patience,J the Author and 
Finisher of faith. ^ the God of all erace;> 
and. i will give ^race to you ^^ My design 
is to make you partakers of my holiness. ^^ 

I will be a constant spring ot spiritual 
life to<you.<> The water that I shall give 
jou, snail be in you as a well of water, 

a Gen, xxxix. 21. 33. b Mat. xxviii. 20. cpsalm 
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2:. U.Pet V* 10. « Paalm . Ixxxiv. 11. "Heb. 
sL.lO. oGaL.ii* 20..Jolui^xiv.-19. viiL 1^. x. 
10«.xiv..&- * § 

sprineiBg up into everlasting life. 1 he seed 
oil lii^ that I shall put into you, shall be so 
fed, and cherished, and maintained by my 
power, that it shall be immortal.* The 
unction that you shall receive from the Holy 
one, shall abide in you, and teadh you all 
things necessary for you; and, as^it hath 
taught you, you shall abide in him.** Keep 
but the pipes open, and ply the means which 
I have prescribed, and you shall flourish in 
the courts of your God.<^ Yea, I will satis* 
fy your soul in drought, and make fat your 
bones, and ye shall be like a watered gar- 
den.^i Lo, 1 will be as the dew unto you,* 
and you shall grow as the lily, and cast forth 
your roots as Xebanon; and your branches 
shall spread, and your beauty shall be as the 
olive tree;* you shall still bring forth fruit 
in old age, you shall be fat and nourishing/ 

11. Bis sovereignty^ to be, as it were, com* 

manded by us. 

My sovereignty shall be commanded by 
you.' You shall be my favourites, men of 
power to prevail with me.^ All mine attri« 
butes shall be at the command of your pray* 

a John ir. 14. 1 John iii. 9. 1 Pet i. 23. CoL 
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1^. His aU'SiMciency. to he the lot of our 


In sum, mine all-sufficiency shall be th^ 
lot of jour inheritance.^ My fulness is your 
treasure;^ my house is your home.<^ You 
may come as freely to my store* as to your 
own cupboard $^ you may have your hand as 
freely in my treasures, as in your own 

You cannot ask too much, you cannot 
look for too much, from me.® i will give 
you comforts, or be myself to you instead 
tof all comforts.'' You shall have children, 
or I will be better to you than ten children;? 
yoi| shall have riches, or I will be more to 
you than all riches.^ 

You shall have friends, if best for you; or 
else I will be your comforter in your soli- 
tude;' your counsellor in your distress^ If 
you leave fathet or mpther, or houses, or 
lands, for my sake, you shall have a hund- 
red fold in me, even in this time> When 
your enemies shall remove your comforts, 
it shall be but as letting the cistern run, and 
opening my fountain; or putting out the can* 

ft Gen. viii. 1. Psalm xvi 5, 6. b Numb, xviii. 
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18. 2Cor.i.3,4. J Psalm Ixziii. 25, 26. ^Mai^- 
A 30. 


dies, and letting in the sun. The swellit^ 
of the waters shall raise higher the ark of 
your comfort^ 1 mil be the staff of bread 
to you, your life and the strength of your 
days> 1 will be the house and home to 
you; you shall dwell with me; yea, dwell 
m me, and I in you«<^ I will stand and fall 
with you.<^ 1 will repair your losses, and re- 
lieve your n^eds.« Can you burn out the 
lamp of heaven, or lave out the Donndless 
ocean with i^our handsP Why, the sun shall 
be dark, and the sea be dry, before the Fa- 
ther of lights, the fountain of mercies shall 
be exhausted. Behold, though the world * 
hath been spending upon the stock of my 
mercy, ever since 1 created man upon the 
earth, yet it runs with full stream; still my 
sun doth diffuse its rays, and disburse its 
light, and yet shines as bright as ever; much 
more can I dispense of my .goodness, and 
£11 my creatures brimful and running over, 
aiid yet have never the less in myself: &nd 
till this all-sufficiency be spent, you shall 
never be undone. I am the Gud of Abra- 
ham, and of Isaac, and of Jacob;^ and what- 
ever 1 waste them, 1 will be to you. 

• Rom. y. 3. Heb. x. 34. Acts v. 41. bBeut. 
xxz. 20. Isa. xxxiii. 16. c Deut. xxxiii. 12. Joha 
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Ivi. 4.18a. xli. 10. «PbiL iv. 19. Miffk viii.35. 
mLjiJL.^t2^29. f£zod.m. 6.* 


Arc you in vyantr You know whither to 
go: I am ever at home; you shall not go 
away empty from my door; Never distract 
youi^el:ves witli. cares and fears, but make 
known your requests by prayer and suppli- 
cation unto me;^ i will help when all do 
fail.*» When friends fail, and heart fails,* 
when your eye-strings crack, and your heart- 
strings crack, when your acquaintance 
leaves you, and your soul leaves you, my 
bosom shall be open to you;^ I will lock up 
your dust, 1 will receive your souls. 

13. His infiniteness, to be the extent of our 


And mine infinitene^s shall be the extent 
of your inheritance. * Can yoti, by starch- 
ins, find out God? Can you find out the 
Almighty to perfection? It i« as high as 
heaven; what can you do? Deeper thaa 
hell; what can you know?® Thisheightin- 
eomprebensible, this deep unfathomable, 
^hall be all yours, for ever yours. 

I am your inheritance, which no line caA 
measure, no arithmetic can value, no sur« 
veyor can describe.^ 

• Phil. iv. 6. ^Psafm Ixs. iii. 26. Isa. Ixiii. S. 
Psalm cii. 17. « Psalm hudii. 26. <l Psahn xliz. 

14. 2 Cor. V. 1 Luke xv. 22. ejob xi. r, 8. 
Psalm i. 7. f Ezek. xliv. 28. £ph. iii. 8. 1 Tim, 
vi« 16. Psalm czlv. 3. 


Lift up now your eyes to the ancient 
mountains, and to the outmost bounds of 
the everlasting hills; all that you can dee is 
yours .A But your short sight cannot ken the 
moiety of what I give you; and when yott 
see and know most, you are no less than 
infinitely short of the discovery of your owa 

II. In all his personal relations. 

Yea, further, I will be yours in all my 
personal relations. 

First. Crod the Father ^ to he a Father to ub. 

I am the everlasting Father, and I will be 
2l Father to youS I take you for my sons 
and daughters.<^ Behold I receive you, not 
as servants, but as sons, to abide in my 
house for ever.® Whatever love or care 
children may look for from their father, that 
may you expect from me;^ and much more, 
as I am wiser, and greater, and better tlian 
any earthly parents. If earthly fathers will 
give good tnings to their children, much 
more will I give to you.s If such cannot 
forget their children, much less will I forget 
Tou.*^. What would my children have? Your 
father's heart, and your father's house; your 
father's care, and your father's ear; your 

• Gen. xlix. 35, d6. b £ph. iii. 8. Rom. xL 33. 
John xvii. 22, 34. c jol^ xx. 17. d 3 Cor. vi. 18. 
« John viii. 35, ti6. f Mat vi. 3l» 33. « Luke xi. 
13. hiML xlix. 15i 


father's bread, and jour father's rod;— naB 

these shall be yours.* 

1, ffe promiseth his fatherly affection. 
You shall have mj fatherly afiection. My 

heart I share among you, my tenderest love 

I bestow upon you.*> 

2. His fatherly compassion* 
My fatherly compassion. . As a father pi» 
tieth his children, so will I pity you. ^^ I will 
consider your frame, and remember that 
you are but djust. For my mercy is from 
everlasting to everlasting upon there that 
fear me and that keep my covenant and re- 
member my commandments to do them.^ 

S. His fatherly instruction* 

My fatherly instruction. I will cause you 
to hear the sweet voice behind you saying 
**This is the way." I will tender your weak- 
ness, and inculcate mine admonitions, line 
upon line;* and feed you with milk, when 
you cannot digest stronger meat.^ I will 
instruct you, and guide you with mine eye.f 

4. His fatherly protection. 

My fatherly protection. In my fear is 
strong confidence^ and my children shall 

* Job vii. 17, John nv. 2. 1 Pet v« 7. Mat. vii. 
9. Luke xii. SO, 31, 32. Heb. xii. 7. b l John iii. 
1. J«r. zxzi. 3. Isk. L 8. o Psalm ciii. 13, 17« 
d Psftlm Ixxviii. 39. • Isa. xzz* 21. f Isa. xxvilx. 
13. 1 Cor. iii, 2. c Palm xziuU 8. 


have a place of refuge.* Mynatne shall be 
your strong tower; to which you may at all 
times fly, and be safe.^ To your strong hold, 
ye prisoners of hope! I aman open refuge, 
a aear and inviolable refuge for you*^ 

5. Hia fatherli/ provision^ 

My fatherly provision. Be not afraid of 
want; in your lather's house there is bread 
enouu;h.^ I will care for your bodies. Care 
not for what you shall eat, drink, or put on:, 
let it suffice you, that your Heavenly Fath- 
er knoweth that you have need: of all these 
things.^ I will provide for your souls;, meat 
for mem, mansions for them, and portion&v 
ibr them.* 

Behold,. I have spread the table of mysos* 
pel for you, with privileges and coiu^rts^ 
that no man taketh.from you.^ I have set 
before you- the breadof life, and the tree of 
life, and the water, of life:' eat, O friends! 
Drink abundantly, O beloved! 

But all this is but a ta8teH>f what. I have 

Prepared You must have but smiles aad 
iuts now; and. be contented, with glimpses • 
and glances, here:., but you^ shall be shortly 

•^PltMT. juvj 25; *'Pfov..xviii< 10.. c.Z«ch. ixv 
IZ <i Psalm xlviii, 3. Deut iv, 7. Job zi, 18, 19. 
• Pwlm xu:kv,.9. Luke 2v, 17. f Mat vi, .25 to^ 
tibieend.-Lukexii,22.to34. g John vi, 30 to 59k 
FsaUiLCilvi^ t54 P&ilm xvi, 5, 6. Lam. iv,, 24. 
^ laa^ xiSj 6. Blat^ »:frvu> 4^ i*n>v^ iz, ^, Uobnvv, 
46k.Hev. ii» 7. zxii»17«. 


taken up into jour Father's bosom, and li^e 
fqr ever in the fullest viewaofhis glory.* 

6. Hia faiherly-ptobation. 

Mj fatherly probation. I will chasten 
you, because I ktve you; that you may not 
oe condemned with the world.*> 

Sdly. €hd the Son, to beahiuubandto m. 

My Son I give unto you, in a marriage- 
covenant for ever^.^^ I make him over to 
you, as wisdom, for your illumination; righ- 
teousnes's, for your justification; sanctifica- 
tioD, for the curing of your corruptions; re- 
demption, for your deliverance fro^ your 
enemies. <> I bestow him upon you witn all 
his fulness, all his merits, and all his graces. 

He shall be yours in all his offices. I 
have anointed him for a prophet. Are you 
ignorant? He shall teach you; He shall be 
eye-salve to you.^' 1 have sent him to preach 
the gospel to the poor, to recover sight to 
the blind, and to set at liberty them that 
are bruised .^ 

I have established him, by oath, as h priest 
for ever.c If any sin, he shall be ^our ad- 
vocate; he shall expiate your guilt, and 
lOake the atonement.^ Have you any sacri- 


ficeand service to offer? Bring it unto him, 
and you shall receive an answer of peace. ^ 
Present jour petitions by his hand; hira. 
will 1 accepts Having such an high priest 
over 'the house of Gou,« you may come and 
welcome; come with boldness. 

Him have I set up as a king upon my ho>- 
]y hill of Sion. He shall rule you, he shall 
defend you.** He is the king of righteous- 
ness, king of peace; and such a king shall 
he be to you.^ I will set up his standard 
for you;^ I will set up his throne. in you. » 
He shall reign in righteousness, and rule 
in jud;^ment. He sliall be a hiding-place 
from tiie wind, and a covert from the tem- 
pest, and the shadow of a great rock in a wea- 
ry land.!* He shall he^r your causes, judge 
your enemies, > and reign till he hatn put 
all under his feet;i yea, and under your 
feet: for thev shall be as ashes under you, 
and you shall tread them, saith the Lord of 
hosts.^ Yea, I will undo them that afflict 
you; and all they that despised you, shall 
DOW themselves down at the soles of your 
feet.1 And you bhall go forth, and behold 
the carcases of the men that have trespass^ 

« 1 Pet ii, 5. Heb. xiii, 15. b John xiv, 13, 14 
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* Isa. XI, 3, 4, 5. J Psalm ex, 1. 1 Cor. zv« 25< 
k BfaL iv, 3. Iba. Iz, 14. Zepkiii, 19« 


«d agaio^t tne? their worm shall not die, 
neither shall their fire be quenched; and 
thej shall be an abhorring to all flesh.'^ 

Thirdly. God the Spirit to be counsellor and 

comforter to us. 
My Spirit do 1 give unto you, for your 
counsellor and comforter.^ He shall be a 
constant inmate with you, and shall dwell 
in you, and abide v ith you for ever,® I con*- 
secrate you as temples to his holiness.*' He 
shall be your guide, he shall lead you into 
all truth. <» He shall be your advocate, to in- 
dite your prayers and make intercession 
for you, and shall till your mouths with the 
arguments that he knows will prevail witti 
me.^ He shall be oil to your wheels, and 
strength to your ancles; wine to )our hearts, 
marrow to your bones, and wind to your 
sails. He shall witness your adoption.? 
He shall seal you up to the day of redemp- 
tion, and be to you the earnest of your in- 
heritance, until the redemption of the pur- 
chased possession.^ 


JSegiveth all things with Himself both pre- 
SKMT and to oom£. 
And as I give you myself, so much more 

• Isa. Ixvi, 24. b John svi, 7. Rom. viii, 14» 
« Ezek. Mxvi,27.John xiv,16,17. <*! Cor.iii,16,17. 
VI, 19. « Gal. V, 18, John xiv, 26. f Rom viii, 26, 
27, « Bom. viii* 16 b£ph, i, 14, iii| 14. 2 Coiy 


all things with myself;* earth and heayen; 
life and death; things present, and things 
to come> 


Things present are yours. Lo,I giveyoa 
Caleb's blessing, — ^the upper springs and the 
nether springs. I will bless you with alt 
spiritual blessings, in heavenly places, ia 
Chris t.c 

First The Upper Springs^ or bkasingt 
spirihud: as 1. Moption^ access^ audi* 
ence, peace perseverance. 

To you pertaineth the adoption, and the 
slory, the covenants, and tne service of 
&od, and Uie promises.^ To you will I 
give the white stone and the new name, • 
access into ,my presence,'' the acceptation 
of your persons,' the audience of your 

reace I leave with you; my peace I give 
unto you.^ I will undertake for your per- 
severance, and keep you to the end; and 
then will crown mine own gift with eternal 
iife.i I have made you heirs of God, and 
co-heirs with vour Lord Jesus Christ: and 
you stiall inherit all things.^^ 

"Rom. Yui,32. 1 Cor. iii, 22. ^John xvi, 13. 
e Eph.i. 13. <iRom.iy, 4. eRey. ii, 17. <* Eph. 
iii. 12, gEph. i, 6. 1^ 1 John v, 14t 15, James y, 
14, 15, 16. i John xiv, 27. J Jer. xszii, 40» Johft 
if> 28, Phil, •^ 6. k Rom. viii, 17, Rev. 31, r.- 


2. The protection of his angels. 
1 have granted you mine ansels for your 
guardians. The courtiers of heaven shall 
attend upon you^ they shall all be minister- 
ing spirits for your good.* Behold, I have 
fiven them charge over you, upon their 
delity to look after you; and> as the ten- 
der nurses, to bear you in their arms, and 
to keep you from coming to any hurt! *» 
These shall be as the careful shepherd, to 
vratch over my flock by night, and to en- 
camp round about my told.<^ 

S. 7 Ae inspection of his ministers. 
My ministers I give for your guides. * 
Paul, Apollos, Cephas, — all are yours.* lam 
^ways with them, and they shall be always 
with you, to the end of the world.*" You 
shall nave pastors after mine own heart; s 
and this shall by my covenant with you, 
that my Spirit, which is upon you, and my 
words, which I have put into your mouth, 
shall not depart out of your mouth, nor the 
mouth of your seed, nor of your seed's seed, 
saith the liord, from henceforth and for 

4. TAc rod of his discipline. 

In short, all my officers shall be for the 
profiting and perfecting of you :^ all mine 

•2 Hebi, 14. bpsalm xci, 11,12. cpsalmxxxir, 
7 dEph.iT, 11 el Cor. iii, 22. %iat. Kviii, 20. 
Eph iv, 13 sJer. ui> 15, xxiii* 4. bisa Uz> 21. 
2 Eph. iv« 12. 


ordinances shall be for the edifying and sav- 
ing of jou .* The very severities of my 
house, admonitions, censures, &c. and the 
whole discipline of my family, shall be f^r 
the preventing of your infection, the curing 
of corruption, the procuring of your salva- 
tion. ^ 

My word have I ordained for converting 
your souls, enlightening your eyes, rejojce- 
mg your hearts, cautioning you of dangers, 
cleansing your defilements, and conform- 
ing you to mine image. '^ To you I commit 
the oracles of God'A here you shall be fur- 
nished against temptations;^ hence you 
shall be comforted under distresses and af- 
flictions;^ here you shall find my whole 
counsel.^ This shall instruct you in your 
way, correct you in your wanderings, di- 
rect you into the truths to be believed, de- 
tect to you the errors to be rejected .« 

5. The pledges of his sacraments* 

My sacraments I give you as the pledges 
of my love. You shall freely claim them; 
they are children's bread. Lo, I have given 
them as seals, to certify all that I have here 
promised you;^ and when these sacred 

«2 Cor, xii, 19» Rom. i, 16 *>1 Cor v, 5^6, Tp 
Mat xviii, 15, James v, 20 cPsahn xix, 7, 8» 9^ 
11, £ph. V, 26, 2 Cor lii, 18. <iRom. iii, 2. ^Mat 
iv»4, Eph vi, li, 17. f Psalm cxix, 92, 93- §Act« 
,27. h2 Tim. iii, 16, Psalm czix, 105 iRomav^U. 


signs are delivered unto you, then know and 
remember, and consider in your hearts^ 
that 1 therein plight jou my troth, and set 
to my hand, and do thereby ratify and con- 
firm every article of these indentures, and 
do actually deliver into your own hands 
this glorious charter, with all its immuni- 
ties and privileges, as your own for ever.» 

Secondly. 77ic Nether Springs^ or mercies 
temporal: 1. The supply of his creatures. 

And having sowed to you so largely in 
spiritual blessings, shall you not much more 
reap the temporal? Be you not of doubtful 
nind; — all these things shall be added unto 
you.^ My creatures I grant for your ser- 
vants and supplies.^^ Heaven and earth 
shall minister to you: all the »tars in their 
courses shall serve you, and (if need be) 
shall fight for you^'^ And I will make my 
covenant for you with the beasts of the 
field, and witn the fowls of heaven; and 
you shall be in league with the stones of 
the field; and all shall be at peace with 
you.® 1 will undertake for ail your neces- 
sities. Do I feed the fowls, and clothe the 
grassland do you think that I will neglect my 
children?^ I hear ttie young ravens when 
they cryf shall 1 not much more fulfil the 

*1 Cor xi, 25. Geib xvii, 10. b^uke xii, 29^ 
l\. c Psalm vui»3totke end. djudgpes v, 20. 
• Job v» 23. Hos. u» 18. ^ Mat. vi» 25 to the end* 



diesire of them that fear meP^ Fear not; toti 
shall be sure to want no good thing.** You 
would not jonrselves desire riches, plea- 
sures, or preferment, to your hurt, i will 
give meat to them that rear me; I will be 
ever mindful of mjf covenant <^ 

2. The eo-aperation of his providences. 

My providences shall co-operate te jour 
good.<^ The cross wind shall blow you the 
sooner and swifter into your harbour. You 
shall be preferred, when yon seem most de- 
based; ahd then be greatest gainers, when 
you seem to be deepest losers; and roost ef- 
fectually promote your good, when you 
seem most to deny it.® 

//. Things to «ome ours. 

Things to come are yours: the perfecting 
of your souls, the redemption of your bo- 
dies, the consummation of your bliss. 

1 . M dea$h^ in glorification initiate* 

When you have glorified me for a while 
on earth, and finished the work I have given 
you to do, you shall be caught up into para- 
dise, and rest from your labours, and your 
works shall follow you.^ 

a Psalm cxlv, 19. cxlvii, 9. bpsalm utxivy 10. 
ePsalmcxi, 5. 4 Rom. viu, 28- «2 Gor ix. 17. 
Hark x. 29 Phil, i, 29. ^ Rev. xiv, 13. Luke xxiii. 


2. TTie convoy of angels. 

1 will send of mine own lifeguard to con- 
duct home your departing souls, 1^ and re- 
ceive jou among the spirits of just men 
made perfect;^ and jou snalUook back upon 
Pharaoh, and all his host, and see joar ene- 
mies dead upon the shores 

Si Redemption from oil c^Rcliorw* 

Then shall be jour Fedemption from all 
jonr afflictions. 

4. 7%c thorn m the flesh taken out. 

The thorn in the flesh shall be pulled outr 
and the hour of temptation shall be oy«r^ 
and the tempter- foe ever out of woFk. 

5. 7%€ sweat wiped off from our brows. 

The sweat shall be wiped off from, your- 
hrowSy and the day of cooling and refresh- 
ing shall come; and you shall sit you dowiXi 
Ibr ever under my shadow. For the Lamb» 
thatifrin the midst of the throne^ shall feed: 
yottv and lead you to. the living fountainsL«£* 

6. TIU tears tviped away frdmjour eyes.. 

The teacs shall be wiped away from. your* 
•yes^ and there shall be no.more^sorrQW.nor* 

» fiuket xvi}. 221. b Hebi. xii;,23i . <^ Acts iiij. \^ 


cr^Dg9 neither shall there be any more 
pam; for the former things are passed awa^, 
and behold I make all tnings new.<^ I will 
change Marah into Naomi, and the cup of 
sorrow into the cup of salyation; and the 
bread and water of affliction, into the wine 
of eternal consolation, ^ You shall take 
down your harps from the willows, and I 
will turn your tears into pearls, and jour 
penitential psalms into songs of deliverance* 
You shall change your Ichabods* into ffO' 
sannaha, and your EjaM of sorrow into 
BaUelujaha of joy.« 

7. TTie cross taken off from our backs* 

The cross shall be taken off from your 
backs, and you shall come out of your great 
tribulations, and wash your robes, and 
make them white in the blood of the Lamb; 
and you shall be before the throne of God, 
and serve him night and day in his temple. 
And he that sitteth on the throne shall 
dwell among you; and you shall hunger no 

* Rev. xxi, 4, 5. b John xvi, 20, 22. Luke vi, 
21. c Rev. xix, 1, 4, 6. 

* Where i$ the Glory? or There is no GIorif—An expression 
used by Eli's daug hteMU-law, as a name for tiit son of 
whom she wa« delivered a Utde before her death, wheu she 
had heard of Uie tidings that the ark of God was taken, and 
that her father-in>law and her husband were dead. 1 Sam. 
iV. 19—21. 

t Ejdi, an cixelamation of grief. 


more, nor thirst any more; neither shall 
the sun light upon you, nor any heat.^ 

8. 77ie souths admission into the chamber 
of presence^ and vision of God. 

Thus shall you be brought to the King, 
all glorious, m raiment of needlework, 
and clothing of gold; with eladness and 
rejoicing shall you be brought, and enter 
into the King's palace ^ So shall the be- 
loved of the Lord dwell safely by him; 
and you shall stand continually before him, 
and behold the beauty of the Lord, and 
hear his wisdom.^^ Then will I open in 
you an everlasting spring of joy, and you 
shall break forth into singing, and never 
cease more, nor rest day or night, saying, 
"Holy, holy, holy.''^ 

Thus shall the power of the tempter to 
distress you expire with your breatn, and 
the day of your death shall be the birth- 
day 01 your glory.® 

9- Jit the resurrection^ in glorification con- 
summatet redemption complete. There- 
turn of the Redeemer. The raising of the 

Have faith in God-f Wait but a little, 
and sorrow shall cease, your last enemy 

■ Rev. vii, 14, 15, 16. bPsahn xlv,9. 13, 14, 15. 
«1 Cor. xiii, 12. d Rev. iv, 8. .Psalmxvi, 11. ^2 Cop. 
V, 6, 8. Phil, i, 20, 23. Luke Jtxiii, 43. f Marie 
si. 22. 

shall be destroyed, your victory comptete^^ 
and death shall be no inore.^ Yet a little 
ivhile^ and he that shall come« will come, 
and you also shall appear with him in glo- 
ry .*> This same Jesus which is taken up 
from you into heaven,^ shall so come as he 
went up into heaven; and when he cometfa^ 
he will receive you to himself; that where 
he iSy there you may be also.<^ Behold bis 
si^n, he cometh in the clouds of heaven, 
with power and great glory; find every eye 
shall see him, and all the tribes of the earth 
shall mourn because of him.* But you 
shall lift up your heads, because the day 
of your redemption draweth nigh. ^ Then 
shall he sound his trump, ff and make you 
to hear his voice in your dust;i> and shall 
send his mighty angels to gather jiSa from, 
the four winds of heaven fv who shall carry 
you in the triumphant chariot of the clouds,, 
to meet yoor Lord: ^ and you shall be pre*^ 
pared for him, and presented to Uia> as a 
Bride adorned for her husbands 

10. Fuli amfomuhfj both in body^and aotdf^l 
to ourghfified Saviour i I 

And as you have borne the image of the.: 
earthly^ so shall you bear the image of the& 

« Rev xz, t4. zxi, 4 ^ Heb. z, 37. ed. ill, 4.^' 
• Acts i» II. 'Jolm xiy» 3.. ^Rev. i, 7. MaU 
zxiV, 30. f Luke xxi,. 28. John v, 28. g 1 Cor^ 
XV, 52. itiThes. iv. 16« i Hat. xxiv» 3U i]| 
Thes. iv» IT. kBer^ui* z. 1 


msLvevXji land you shall be fully eonform* 
«d» both in body and spirit, to your glorious 
head .a 

11. PubRc approbation and absolution. 

Then shall he confess you before his an- 
gels,^ and you shall receive your open ab- 
solution before all flesh; and be owned, 
approved and applauded in the public au- 
dience, of the general assembly.^ 

\SL Solemn espousals. 

And you shall be, with all royal solemni- 
ties, espoused unto the King of glory, in 
the presence of all his shining courtiers; ^ 
to the envy, and gnashing, and terror of 
your adversaries.* 

13. The coronation and enthronement oj the 
smnts: their sitting, in judgment upon the 

So shall your Lord, with his own hand, 
crown you, f and set you in thrones;^^ and 
you shall judge men and angels,^ and you 
shall have power over the nations,* and you 
shall set your feet upon the necks of your 
enemies. J 

Lo, I have set the verv day for your in- 
stalment;^ I have provided your crowns, 

•FhSL ill, 31. Heb. xii, 33. b Rev. iii, 5. c Mat. 
X, 33. zzv, 33, 34, 35. 'Rev. xix, 7, 8. 3 Cor. 
ir, 14. Mat XXV, 31. «lAike xiii, 38. fRev. it* 
10. f fiev. iii, 31. Hat ux, 38. i^l Cor. vi, 3, 3. 
^Scf.jui, 36,37. iPsstanxMx, 14. i^Actixvii, 3^. 


it have prepared the kingdom.* \^hereforft 
do you doubt, O ye of little faith? These 
are the true sayings of God ^ Are you sure 
that you are now on earth? So surely shall 
you be shortly with me in heaven. Are 
you sure that you shall die? So surely 
you shall rise again in glory. Lo, I have 
said it; and who shall reverse it? You shall 
see me, face to face« and be with me where 
I am, and behold my glory;<^ for I will be 
glorified in my saints, and admired in all 
uiera that believe.^' And all flesh shall know 
that 1 have loved yon;® for I will make you 
the instances of my ffrace;' in whom the 
whole World shall see, now unutterably the 
Almighty God can advance the poor worms- 
meat and dust of the grouncl. And the 
despisers shall behold, and wonder^ and 
pehshjfl^ for they shall be witnesses to the 
riches of my magnificence, and exceeding 
gt*eatness of my power .*> These shall go 
away into everlasting punishment, but you 
into life eternal.* 

14. Our triumphant a8cen9ion into heaven* 

For no sooner shall their doom be past, 
but the bench shall rise,i and the jtidge shall 

■ 3 Tun, iv, 8. Mat zxV) 34 ^Rev. idXf 9* 
c 1 Cor. xiii, 13. Jokn ivii, 34. dSTiuiB. i, 10. 
•Rev. ui, 9. f£ph. i. 5, 6. ii, T. tAcUSm, 

41. hLuketri, 33. iMat» )cxn4^ iBtttxxvt 
41,46. . ^ 


return with all his elorious train; with 
. sound of trumpet, and shouts incredible, 
shall he ascend, and shall lead you to jour 
Father's house. ^ Then shall the triamphal 
arches lift up their heads,^ and the everlast- 
ing ^ates stand open, and the heavens shall 
receive jou all; and so shall jou be ever 
with the Lord.© 

And now will I rejoice over you with 
singing:, and rest in my love; and heaven 
shall ring with joys and acclamations, be- 
cause I have received you safeand sound .^ 

And in that day you shall know that I am 
a rewiirder of tnem that diligently seek 
me;B and that I did record your words,^ and 
bottle your tears, and tell your wander- 
ing8;ff and kept an account, even to a cup 
of coid water, of whatever you said or did 
for my name.^ 

15. Blessed eternity. 

You shall surely find, that nothing 
is lost,i but you shall have full measure, 
pressed down and running over;i thousands 
of years in paradise fbr the least §ood 
thought, and thousands of thousands for the 
least good word; and then the reckoning 
shall ^egin i^gain, till ajl arithmetic be non* 

* Psalm xlv, 14, 15. Mat xxv, 43. John siv, 2. 
with 3 Cor. y, 1. b Psalm xxiv, 7. 2 Pet i, 11. 
c Jphnyu, 26. 1 Thes. iv, 17. ^IfoX^ xv. ^. 
« Heb. xi, 6. ^ Mai. iii, 16: ff Psahnlvi, 8. ^mu 
x,.42. >1 Cot. :^v. ^8. iL\3);eT^39. 


plust: fpr you shall be swallowed up in a 
blessed eternity, and the doors of heaven 
shall be shut upon you, and there shall be 
no more going out.* 

16. Glorious company. 

The glorious choir of mine holy angels, 
the goodly fellowship of my blessed pro- 
phets, the happy society of triumphant 
apostles, the royal hosts of victorious mar- 
tyrs,— -these shall be your companions for 
ever.b And you shall come in white robes, 
with palms in your hands, every one having 
the harps of God, and golden vials iiill of 
odours; and shall cast your crowns before 
me, and strike in with the multitude of the 
heavenly hosts, glorifying God, and saying, 
^^Hallelujah! the Lord God omnipotent 
reigneth!® Blessing, honour, glory, and 
power, be unto Him that sitteth upon the 
throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and 
for ever!"<* 

17« BeaHfieal vision. 

In short, I will make you equal to the 
angels of God;^ and you shall be the ever- 
lasting trumpets of my praise.^ You shall 
be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of 
my house, and I will make you drink of 

A Dan. zii, 2, 3. Rev. iii, 12. Luke xvi, 26. 
b Mot viii, 11, 12. Heb. xii, 22, 23. c Rev. vii, 
9, 10, 11, 12, ziz, 5, 6. dRev. v, 13^ ^Luke 
XJ^ 36. f Bev. vii, 10^ IK ^i ^•^ 


the rivers of ir.y pleasures.** You shall be 
an eternal excellency:^ and if God* can die, 
and eternity run out, then, and not else, 
shall your joys expire. For you shall see 
me as I am,<^ and know me as you are 
kiiown;^ and shall behold my face in righte- 
ousness, and be satisfied with my like- 
ness.® And you shall be the vessels of my 
glory; whose blessed use shall be, to receive 
Sie overflowings of my goodness, and to have 
mine infinite love and glory poured out into 
yqu, brimful and running over, for ever- 

And blessed is he that hath believed; for 
there shall be a performance of the things 
that have been told him.s^ The Lord hath 
spoken it, ^^You shall see my face, and my 
name shall be written in your foreheads; 
and you shall no more need the sun, or the 
moon; for the Lord God shall give you light, 
and you shall reign for ever and ever, " ^ 

18. He taketh us J or his people. 
And as I give myself to you for your God, 
and all things with myseff; so I take you 
for my covenant people ;» and you shall be 
mine in the day when I make up my jewels, 
saith the Lord of hosts; and I will spare 

• Psalm xxxvi, 8. ^ Isa. Ix. 15. c l John iii, 2. 
^ 1 Cor. xiii, 12. •Psalm xvii, 15. fRom. ix, 
23. 2 Tim. li, 20. Rev. xxii, 1. fLuke i, 45. 
h Kev. xxii, 3, 4, 5. » Heb. viii, 10, Isa. xliii, 1. 

yoQt as a man spareth his own son ttiafc 
aerveth him.<^ The Lord shalF eount when- 
he writeth up the people,--*sureljr tftej are 
mj children.** 

I do not only require you to be inine,«^ if 
you would' have me to be for you; but I do^ 
promise to make you mine, and to work ia 
you the conditions which I require of your 
I will circumcise your hearts to love raej *- 
I will take out the heart of stone;* my htws 
win I write within you. ^' 

Yet you mu«t know that I will be sought 
unto for these thing8;«f and as ever you ex*- 
pect to partake of the mercies, I* charge- 
you to lie at the pod^ and wait for ray Spi- 
rit, and bediligent in the use of my means^ 

The teems 1 propose to you, are not rigor- 
ous: I shal^ not stand upon satis&ctibu ai^ 
your hands; I have received a ransom,, and' 
do only propose him fof your acceptance. 
Believe in him with a foving and' oDedientv 
heart, perfecting holiness in mj fear. 

I require you tov accept of my Son by^be-^ 
lieving; but I will ^ive you a hand^ to. take 
faim,i and to submit to and obey him: but 
I must and will guide your hand to write^. 
after him^ and cause y^u to walk in mj 

^MBl.m,l7. b psialiB Ui(xvii,, 6. «Lev. xx,^ 
26. ISzek. xiLxvi, 28. <iPeat xxx. 6. e£zek» 
zjLvn^ 26. f Jer. xxxi^ 33» SB^ek. xxxvi, 37^. 
^ Prov^ ii. 3, 4, S. Luke xL 13. HPhii. k 29. Joha 

iftatatea.* I will takeyou by the armg, and 
teach you t6 g&;*> I wiVl order your steps. « 
Yea, those things wiU I accept of you as 
the condition of life, which, viewed in the 
strictness of my justice, would deserve 
eternal death.<^ Grace! grace! Amm* 


^The Foiee of the Redeemed, after ihe TMhrnatum- 

AMENl Halleli^ah! Be it to thy ser- 
vanf s according to thy word4 But who are 
we, and what is our father's house, that 
thou hast brought us hitherto? And now, 
O Lord God, wiiat shall thy servants say 
unto thee? For we are silenced with won- 
der, and must ^it down in astonishment; 
for we cannot utter the least tittle of thj 
praises What meaneth the height of thm 
strange love? And whence is this unto 
us, that the Lord of heav«n and earth 
should condescend td enter into covenant 
with dust? We are net worthy to be as 
the hand-maids, to wash the feet of die 
aervaats t>f oiir Lord; how much less to 

'«£zek. zxxvi, 27.l»Hos. n, 3» 4. c Psalm 
sxxvii» 23» 31. ^Zph. ii% 8. 1 Thes. iu, 10. Heb. 
tf 9. Eedes. w. 3a 


be thj sons and heirs, and to be made par« 
takers of all these blessed liberties and pri- 
vileges which thou hast settled upon us! 
But for thy goodness' sak6, and according 
to thine own heart, hast thou done all these 
great things. Even so, father, because it 
seemed good in thy sight. 

"Wherefore thou art great, O God, for 
there is none like thee; neither is there any 
God besides thee.^ And what nation on 
earth is like thy people, whom God went 
to redeem for a people to himself, and to 
make him a name, and to do for them great 
things and terrible; for thou hast confirmed 
them to thyself, to be a people unto thee 
for ever; and thou, Lord, art become their 

Wonder, heavens, and be moved, 
earth, at this great thing I^ For behold, the 
tabernacle of God is with men, and he will 
dwell with them, and they shall be his peo- 
ple; aiid God himself shall be with them, 
and be their God. Be astonished and rav- 
ished with wonder, for the infinite breach 
is made up; the offender is received, and 
God and man reconciled^ and a covenant 
of peace entered, and heaven and earth are 
all agreed upon ihe terms, and have struck 
their hands, and sealed the indentures. 
happv conclusion! O blessed conjunction! 
Shall the stars dwell with the dust? Or the 

«2SuihVii. 18.totlieeiid. ARev.sod^ 4. 


wide distant poles be brought to mutual em- 
braces aud cohabitationP 

But here the distance of the terms is in- 
finitely greater. Rejoice, Oausels; shout^ 
O seraphims; O all ye friends of the bride- 
groom, prepare an epithalamium^* be ready 
ivith the marriage song. Lo, here is the 
\vonder of wonders; for Jehovah hath be- 
trothed himself for ever to his hopeless cap- 
tives, and owns the marriage beiore all the 
worlds and is become one with us, and wt 
with him. . He hath bequeathed to us the 
precious things of the heaven above, and 
the precious things of the earth beneath, 
with the fulness thereof, and hath kept back 
nothing fil'om us. 

And now, O Lord, thou art thkt God, 
and thy words be true; and thou hast pro- 
mised this goodness to thy servants,*^ and 
has left us nothing to ask at thy hands, but 
what thou hast already freely granted. Only 
the word which thou hast spoken concerning 
thy servants, establish it for ever, and do 
as thou hast said; and let thy name be mag- 
nified for ever, saying, ''The Lord of hosts, 
he is the God ot Israel." Jlmm, HaUe- 

aSSom. vii>25,28. 

*A song or ode compoeed or sung in honoitf of the mari^ 


Jl SoUloquyy representing ihe beUeDBf^s triumph m 

God's Covenant, and the various conflicts and 

glorious conquests offceith over umdirf* 


The Sold taketh hold oh Ood^s covenarU* 

YEA, hath God said, "I will be a God 
unto thee?" Is it true indeed? Will the 
Lord be mine? Will he lay aside the con- 
troversy^ and conclude a peace? Will he 
receive the rebel to mercy^ and open his 
doors to his prodigal? 1 will surely go un- 
to my Father: I will take unto me words, 
and bow myself before his foot stool; and 
say, *'0 Lord, I have heard thy words, and 
do here lay hold on thy covenant;* I accept 
the kindness of God, ahd will adventure 
myself upon thy fidelity, and trust my 
whole happiness, here and hereafter, upoH 
these thy promises." 

Farewell, deceitful world! Get thee un- 
der my feet. Too long have I feared thy 
vain threats; too long have I been deluded 
with thy flattering promises. Canst thou 
promise me or deny me such things as God 
nath covenanted to give me? I know thou 
canst not; and therefore I renounce thee 
for ev€r from being the object of my faitb 

•I«u Ivi, 4. 


«r fear. No longer will I lean to this rot^ 
ten reed, no longer mil I trust to this broken 
idol. Avoid,* satan with thy tempting 
baits* In vain dost thou dress the harlot 
in her paint and bravery, ^nd tell me, 
♦*AI1 this will I give thee."* Canst thou 
shew me such a crown, such a kingdom* 
as God hath promised to settled upon me? 
or that which will balance the loss of an 
infinite God^ who here gives himself unto 
meP Away, deceitful lusts and pleasures^ 
get you hence! 1 have enough m Christ 
and his })romises, to give my soul fill I con«- 
tent: these have I lodged in my heart, and 
there is no longer room for such guests as> 
you* Never shall jou have quiet enters 
tainment more within these doors* 

Thou God of truth, I here take thee^ 
at thy word; thou requirest but my accep- 
tance and consent, and here thou hast it. 
Good is the word of the Lord which he 
kath spoken; and, as my Lord hath said». 
BC^ will thy servant do: My soul catchetk 
bold of thy promises; these have I takea 
aa my heritage for even Let others carry 
the preferments and possessions of this 
world; it shall be enough for me, to be an 
heir of thy promises. 

She mdkefh her boast m God. . 

happy aou)^ bow rich art thou! What 

• Hat iv. 8, 9. ^^ 

* An old acceptation of tb» word^ sijpfyiBg^retwe* 


a booty have I gotten! It is all mine own; 
I have the pomises of this life, and of that 
which is to come.^ Oh, what can I wish 
more? How full a character is here! Now 
my doubting soul may boldly and believ- 
ingly say, with Thomas, "My Lord and 
my God!" What need we any further wit- 
nesses? We have heard his words; he hath 
^worn by his holiness, that his decree may , 
not be cnanged; and hath signed it with 
his own signet. 

Rejoice, ye heavens; strike up, ye celes- 
tial choirs; help, heaven and eariji. Sing 
unto the Lord, O ye saints of his! Bless 
the Lord, O my soul ! Oh, had I the tongue 
of men and angels, all were too little for 
my single turn. Had I as many tonnes 
as hairs, the whole choir were not sufficient 
to utter my Creator's praises. 

My beloved is mine, and I am hisAThe 
grant is clear, and my claim is firm. Who 
durst deny it, when 6od himself doth own 
it? Is it a hard adventure to speak after 
Christ himself? Why, this is the message 
that he has sent me, "I ascend to my la- 
ther, and your Father; my God, and your 
God ° He hath put words into my mouth, 
and bid me to say, *'Our Father." 

I believe; Lord, help mine unbelief. 
my God and my Father, I accept thee with 
all humble thankfulness, and am bold to 

»lTim»iv, 8. b Cant. iiy 16. 


take hold of thee* O my King and my 
God, I subject my soul, and all its pow- 
ers, to thee. O my glory, in thee will I 
boast all the day. O my rock, on thee 
vrill I build all my confidence and my 
hopes. O staft* of my life and strength of 
inj heart, the life of my joys and joy of my 
lite, I will sit and sing under tliy shadow, 
and glory in thy holy nauie.^ 

O my soul, arise, and take possession: 
inherit thy blessedness, and cast up thy 
riches: thine is the kingdom, thine is the 
glorjr, and thine is the victory. The whole 
Trinity is thine: all the persons in the God- 
head, all the attributes in the Godhead, 
are thine. And behold here is the evi* 
dence, and these are the writings, by which 
all is made sure to thee for ever. 

She quelleth discontent, and reasoneth dotvn 
unbelief i in the foUomng. 


And now return to thy rest^ O my soul, 
for the Lord hath dealt bountifully with 
thee. Say, if thy lines be not fallen to 
thee in a pleasant place, and if this be not 
a goodly heritage.*^ Oh blasphemous dis- 
content! how id^surd and unreasonable 
an evil art thou, whom all the fulness 
of the Godhead cannot satisfy, because 
thou art denied in a petty comfort, orcrost 
iji thy vain expectations from the worldi 

^ «CMit,ii,3. bPMOiBXvis^S^i 

mogt unthankful soul ! shall not a Trin- 
ity content thee? Shall not all sufficiency 
suffice thee? Silence your murmuring 
thoughts forever: I have enough; I abound, 
and am full. . Infiniteness and eternity ia 
mine, and what more can I ask? 


TTie assaults of xmbdief It questions 1 . the 
truth of the promise. 

But methinks I feel some secret damps 
upon my joy; and when I would soar aloft, 
and triumph in the riches of my portion, a 
secret dimdence plucks me back, as the 
string doth the bird; and unbelief whis- 
pers in mine ear, <^Sure this is too good to 
be true." 

The triumph of faith in the certainty of 

Go(Ps truth. 

But who art thou that disputest against 
God? The Lord hath spoken it, ana shall 
not I believe him? Will he be angry, if I 
give my assent, and speak it confidently 
upon the credit of his woi*d? 

Oh my Lord, suffer me to spread the 
writing before thee. Hast not tnou said, 
**Thy Maker is thy httsband,^ I will betroth 
thee unto me;^ thou shalt call me, Ahf Fa^ 
ther?^ '' I pray thee, Lord, was not thi» 

«lBa.nv,5. >>Ii^ivl9* <Jer. ujr^ iV. 


thj Mying, "I am God, even thy God; I 
will be a father unto you, and ye shall be 
my sons and daughters?^ Why then should 
I doubtr Is not uie truth of the lining God 
sure footing for my faith? 

Silence then, O quarrelling unbelief! I 
know in whom I have believed: — not in 
friends, though numerous and potent; for 
they are men,and not God :^ — not in riches; 
for they make themselves wings: ^ — ^not in 
princes; for their breath is in their nostrils* ^ 
but let God be true, and every man a liar* 
Itf God have I put my trust, in his word do 
I hope. O sure word ! Heaven and earth 
shall pass away, but not one jot or tittle of 
this. I have not built upon the sand of 
mortality: let the rain descend^ and the 
floods come, and the winds blow, neverthe- 
less the foundation of God standeth sure.« 
His everlasting counsel, and everlasting 
covenant, are my stay. I am built upon 
his promises; and let hell and earth do their 
worst to blow up this foundation. 

Now shall my faith triumph, and my heart 
be glad, and my glory rejoice. 1 win shout 
with the exulting multitude, "The Lord^— 
he is the God! "f And he is not ashamed 
to be called my God.' He is not ashamed 
of my rags nor poverty, of my parentage or 

■2 Cor. vi, 18. ^lasu xiid, 3. oprov. zxiii, 5. 
d Psalm cxlvi, 3, 4. • Mttt. vii^ 25. 2 Tim. ii, 19. 
^1 Kings xviii, 39. CHeb.xi,16. 

pedigree; and since his infinite condescen* 
sion will own me, will he take it ill if I 
own him? Though I have nothing of my 
own to glorj in,* (unless I should glorj in 
mj shame.) yet I will glory in the Lord, 
and bless myself in him. 

For who is like unto the God of Jeshu* 
run?^ Bring forth your gods, O ye na- 
tions: lift up your eyes and behold: who 
hath created all these things? Can any do 
for their favourites, as the Lord can? Or» 
if he be angry, who is that God that shall 
deliver out of his hands? Will you set Da- 
gon before the ark? Or shall Mammon 
contend with the holy One! O ambitious 
Haman, where is now thine idol honour? 
O rich glutton, that madest a god of plea- 
sure, where is now the God whom thou hast 
served? O sensual worldling, that knowest 
not where nor how to bestow thy goods,-* 
do riches profit thee? Could Mammon save 
thee? Deceived souls! Go now to the gods 
that you have chosen. Alas! they cannot 
for ever adLminister a drop of water to cool 
your tongues. 

But the portion of Jacob is not like them* 
From everlasting to everlasting he is Qod.^ 
His power is my confidence, his goodness 
is my maintenance^ his truth is my shield 
and my buckler.^ 

•ICor. i,29,31. bDeut ZiJEiii» 36. eJcf^ 



M tonfmndi the soul S. vnth the amazing 
greatness and difficulty, of the things. 

But my clamorous unbelief hath many 
wiles, and afresh assaults me with the dif- 
ficulty of the things promised; and labours^ 
to nonplus and confound me with their 
amazing greatness. 

The triumph of faith %n God^s omnipotence. 


But why should I stagger at the promise 
throuffh unbelief), robbing at once my. Mas- 
ter of his glory> and ray soul of her com- 
fort? It is my great sm to doubt and dis-^ 
pute; and yet shall I be afraid to believe? 
O my souU it is the highest honour ihou 
canst put upon thy Lord,, to. believe against 
di^GUities; and tOi. look tor,, and reckon^ 
upon great things and wonderful, passing: ' 
all created power and human £iith. 

Let not the- ^eatness, nor the strange- 
ness of the benefits bequeathed unto thee, 
put thee to a stand.. It is with a Qod thou; 
hast to do,^ and therefore thou must not 
look foe little things^ that were tOv darken 
the glory o£ his munificence,^ and the infi- 
Biteuess of his po^ec and ^odness.. Know- 
est thou not„ that it ia. his design to make> 
his name g^lorious,. and to make thee know 
ke i& able t& do forthee abare all that thom 
eanat ask or tiunk£* Surel^thej cannntbfe 


any small or ordinary things that shall be 
done for thee, when the Lord shall shew m 
thee what a God can do, and shall carry 
thee in triumph before the world, and make 

Erojlamation before thee,— -"Thus shall it 
e done to the man "whom the Lord de- 
lighteth to honouri" What wonder, if thou 
canst not comprehend these things, if they 
exceed ail thy apprehensions and concep- 
tions? This is a good argument for thy 
faith: for this is that which the Lord hath 
said — "that it hath not entered into the 
heart of man, to conceive what thin^ he 
hath prepared for them that love him." 
Now, if thoii couldest conceive and com- 
prehend them, how should this word be 
made good? It is enough for thee, that the 
Lord hath spoken it. Is not the word nigU 
theer Hath God said, "I will receive you; 
you shall be kings and priests unto God« 
and inherit all things; and shall sit on 
thrones, and judge angels, and be ever with 
the Lord?" And sh,all I dare to say him 
nay? Unreasonable unbelief! What! never 
satisfied? Still contradicting and blas- 
pheming? False whisperer, no more of thy 
tales! I believe in God, that it shall be as 
he hath told me.' 

And now thanks be to Gt)d, who always 
causeth us to triumph in Christ;^ therefore 
my lips shall praise thee, antl my soul 

» Acts xxvii, 25. ^ 2 Cor.. ii» 14. 


which thou hast redeemed. <» For thou hast 
made me glad through thy word, and I will 
triumph in the works of tby hands .^ I will 
praise the Lord whilst I live, I will sing 
praises to my God whilst I have any being.<^ 

O my S0UI9 if thou couldest wear out thy 
fingers upon the harp, and wear thy tongue 
to the roots, thou eouldest yet never sufiGi- 
ciently praise thy Redeemer. 

O mine enemies, where is now your con*, 
fidence, and where is your armour, where- 
in you trusted? I will set Christ alone 
against all your multitudes, and all the 
powers, and malice, and policy, wherewith 
they are armed. The field is already won, 
and the captain of our salvation returned 
with the spoils of his enemies; having made 
a shew of them openly triumphing over 
them in his cross. <* And thanks be to God, 
who hath given us the victory, through our 
Lord Jesus Christ.*^ 

Of whom then shall I he afraid? Behold 
he is near that justifieth me; who shall plead 
with me? 

O ye powers of hell, you are but chaiaed 
captives; and we have a sure word, that the 
gates of hell shall not prevail against us.^ 
1 hough the world be in arms against us, and 
the devil in the head of them, as^ their cham- 
pion; yet who is this uncircumcised Philis- 

a Psalm Ixxi, 23. > Psalm xcii, 4. c Psalm civ, 
33. d Col. ii, 15. e 1 Cor. xv, 57* f Mat xvi,. 18. 


ifine, that he should defy the armies of the 
HviDg God? Behold I come out to thee, a» 
the stripling against Goliah^ not with sword 
and witn spear, but in the name of the Lord 
of hosts,. in whose strength I am more than 
a conqueror.^ 

O grave, where i« now thy victory? Christ 
Is risen, and hath broken up thy pnson, and 
rolled away the stonej so that all thy pris- 
oners have made an escape. Rejmee not 
against me, O mine enemy f though I fall, I 
shall rise again; though I lie in darkness, 
the Lord shall be a light unta me> En- 
large not thy desires, O Tophet, but shut 
up thy flaming mouth; for there is now no 
condemnation to them that are ia Christ 

O deceitful world, thoir art already over- 
come,<^ and the conouered enemy is- become^ 
my servant;* and I am fed with; honey 
taken out of the carcase of the slain^lion.. 
I fear not thy threats, nor the enchantmeats 
of thy syren songs; being kept by the pow- 
er of God, through a victorious fiuth, unto* 

O my sittSi you. are alneady huriedy. never* j 
to hav.» any resurrection; and the remem- 
brance of you shall be no more.s 1 see my^, 
sins^^ nailed ta the ccoss^ and theic dominions 

•^t Sam. T^4£^4S^4r.. »• Mic;. vu».&:. ^ BXunJ 
yak^ t.> Joha^3Xr n Cociiite22i.t ItBelU^M 
Muiir4,4». c: Heb«.viii;3k2;. ^ 



is taken a\v*ay." Awake, therefore, O my 
glory; awake, psaltery and harp, and meet 
the Deliverer with triumph; for his right 
hand, and his holy arm, have gotten us the 
victory;^ and all the ends of tl^e earth have 
seen the salvation of our God. 


// upbraids the trembling soul 3. with its 


Yet, methinks my unworthiness flies in 
my face, and I hear a cavilling unbelief thus 
upbraiding me, and cring out, **0 proud pre- 
sumption! That thou, who art conscious to 
thyself of thy great unworthiness shnuldest 
pretend a claim to God and glory ! Shgill dar- 
mg dust think to share witn the Almighty, 
and say of his endless perfections. They are 
my right} Bold sinner, stand off, and trem- 
ble at thy presumptuous arrogance!" 

Faith subscribes the charge^ and triumphs in 

God^sfree gruce^ 

O my God, I lay my hand upon my mouth; 
Iiconfess the charge of /mine unworthiness. 
My guilt and tslmme are such a»^ I cannot 
cover; but thou canst and dost. Thou hast 
cast a mantle upon my nakedneiss; ^nd hast 
promised,^ my v transgressions' shall not be 
mentioned,^ and- tnat thoa wiU multiply par- 
dons - And shall! take up what thou hast 
bi>rled»'rand affright myselt with the ghosts 

Psalm xGviii, 1,'2« 



that infidelity hath raised? Is it presump- 
tion, to take the pardon that thou dost offer, 
or to receive and claim thee as mine, when it 
is but what thou hast promised? I durst not 
have pretended a title, but upon thy grant. 
I should have thought it diabolical pride, to 
have pleaded an interest in thee, and claim- 
ed kindred to thee, but that thou hast shewed 
me the way. 

And thou, my soul, art thou ignorant of 
God's great design? Knowest thou not, that 
it is his purpose to glorify free grace? And 
how should grace appear to be grace indeed, 
were there any worthiness in the subject? 
Thine unworthiness is but a foil, to set off* 
the beauty and riches of free grace and 


It questions the believer^a title 4. to God's 
gruce and interest in the promise. 

But I pannot shake off these doubts? Alas! 
what a cavilling sophister is unbelief; and 
will never be answered! Now it is ready to 
tell me, *< What! if the promise should be a 
sure foundation? yet thou mayest not build 
upon another man's ground. What! though 
the grace and mercies of God are infinite? 
yet dogs may not catch at the children's 
bread; thoii hast no right nor title to the^ro- 
mise, therefore cease thy pretended claim." 


97ie triumph offaith^ in the clearness of 
the believer^s evidences. 

But, O my soul; wherefore shouldest thou 
doubt? Whose image and superscription is 
this? Dost thou not bear upon thee the marks 
of the Lord Jesus? I have given up my 
name to him, and taken hold of his cove- 
nant;'^ and therefore may claim an interest. 

I have accepted the matter, and closed 
with the Meaiator, and subscribed to the 
conditions of the covenant; and therefore 
cannot question but it is mine. 

The Lord hath offered to be my God, and 
I have taken hold of his offer; I Have taken 
him as God, and given him the supremacy. 
my soul, look round about thee, in heaven 
and earth; is there any thou dost esteem or 
value in companson of God?*> Is there any 
thou dost love like him; or take that content 
or felicity in, that thf)u dost in him? Are 
not thy chief desires and designs to glorify 
and enjoy him? Thou canst not deny but it 
is truly thus. I am sure, nothing but God 
will content me. I am never so well in all 
the world, as in his xoinpany. My soul 
seeketh him above all, and rests in him 
alone, as my satisfactory portion. He offer- 
eth to take me as one of his people; and I , 
have resigned myself accordingly to him, as 
his; and have put both my inward and out- 

• Isa. Iri. 4. b Psalm Ixziii, 25, 26. 



ward man under his government, and hare 
given up all to his disposal, and am resolved 
to be content with him, as my all-sufficient 

Besides, I have taken him in his own way 
through Christ, whom he hath tendered to 
me as my head and husband; and I have ac- 
cordingly, solemnly and deliberately, takea- 
him. O my soul, dost thou not know thjr 
often debatesPb Hast thou not put Christ, 
and all the world, into the balance? Hast 
thou not cast up the cost, and reckoned 
upon the cross; and willingly put thy neck 
under Christ's yoke,^ and ventured thy sal- 
vation upon Christ alone;<> and trusted him^ 
with all thy happiness and all thy hopes? * 
I^st thou not, over and over, resolved to take 
him with what comes; and that he shall be 
enough though iti the loss of all things?'' Thou 
canst but know, that these have been the 
transactions between Christ and thee; and 
therefore He is^thine, and all the promisea 
YEA AND AMEN, to thee through him. 

And for the terms of the covenant, I love 
and like them; my soul embraceth thera: 
neither do I desire to be saved in any other 

•Phil, iii, 8. Pha . i, 26. Psahn Ixxxvi. «, 
Ixxxiv, 1, 2f 3. Paalm xxvii, 4, cxix, 5T, Psalm 
cxxiv» 8. 2 Cor. v. Acts xxiv> 16. with Rom. Ti» 
19. Luke xivy 33. Psalm xvi> 5, 6. John i, 12. 
>> Luke xiv, 26 to the end. ^Mat. xi, 29. (^PiuL 
iii, 9^ 02 Tim. i> 12. fPhiL3,& 


^ way, than by repentance towards God, and 

faith towards our Lord Jesus Christ,* and 

sincere obedience to his gospel.^ 

t I am willing to go out of my flesh, and 

I do look unto Jesus for righteousness and 

' strength, and trust my salvation wholly on 

this bottom. I am content to deal upon 

. trust; and venture all in hopes of what is to 

I come J and to tarry till the next world for 

my preferment; t am willing to wait till 

the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and 

have laid up my happiness on the other side 

the grave. <^ 

And though my sins be many, yet I should 
belie my own knowledge if I should say 
they were not my constant trouble and bur- 
then, and the enemies against which [ daily 
watch, and with whom my soul hath no 
peace. Mine own heart knoweth that I hate 
them, and desire and endeavour their utter 
destruction; and do resolve against them all, 
and am willing to use all God's n!ieans (that 

1 know) to mortify them. It is too true, 
that I often fall, and fail; yet my conscience 
beareth me witness, that I confess and be- 
wail it, and do not ordinarily aiid deliberate- 
ly allow myself in any sin whatsoever 
aeaiBBt my knowledge. And though my 
wedience be miserably lame; yet O Lord, 

• Acts XX, 21. bRpm. ii, 7. «PhU. iii, 3 to 10. 

2 Cor. V, 7. 2 Cor. iv, 18. 1 Tbes. 1, 9, 10. Tit. ii, 
13«Heb. x»34,andxi«35. 



thou knawest,that I have respect unto all thjr 
commandments, and do strive to corae up-to 
what thou requirest. The Holy Ghost i» 
witness, and my conscience also, that I first 
seek the kingdom of God, and the righte- 
ousness thereof ;» and that is my chief care 
to please God, and keep from sin. Speak, 

my soul, is not holiness thy design? Dost 
thou not thirst for it, and follow after itB 
Dost thou not, in thy settled choice, prefer 
the holy ways of God before all the plea- 
sures and delights of sin? Thou knowest it 
is thus, and therefore no disputing! Thou 
hast sincerely taken hold of God's covenant; 
and without controversy, itmust bethine> 

O my God, I see thou hast been at work 
with my soul^ I find the prints, I see the 
footsteps. Surely this is the finger of God* 

1 am thy servant, Lord j truly, I am thy 
servant: ^ and my soul had said unto thee 
Lord, "Thou art my Lord.<* '^ It must be 
so. Wouldst thou ever set thy mark upoa 
another's goods? Or simll God disown his^ 
own workmanship? My name is written in 
heaven. Thou hast written thy name upon ; 
my heart; and therefore I cannot question : 
but thou hast my name on thine l^art. I I 

» Ifcfat. vi, 33. bRom. vii, 24. Gal. v, 17. Paalm, 
xxxix, 1. xvii, 3r. Psalm cxlz, 5, 6, 14, 15, 16, 3(\ ! 
101, 104^ 111, 112, 133, 173. Rom. vii, 15, 16. &c 
1 Cor. ix, 26, 27. 1 John i, 9. Rom. vi, 16. 2 Cor.. 
V, 9. Psalm xviii, 23. six, 13. Mat. v, 6. « Pralm 
o^pri, 10. d Psalm xri, 2» 


&ave chosen thee, O Lord, asr my happineasr 
and heritage; and therefore I am sure thou 
hast chosen me; for I could not have loved 
thee, except thou hadst loved me first. O 
my Lord, discern, I pray thee, whose are 
these — the signet, the bracelets, and the 
staff? I know thou wilt acknowledge them. 
And how blessed be God, and the Father 
•f our Lord Jesus Christ, who, of his abun- 
dant mercy, hath begotten me again to a* 
lively hope.. 


Faith makes tia claim to ail the benefits of 
the covenent^ and stirs up the soul to joy 
and tJiankfulnesa, in thefolhuHng. 

And thou, my soul, believe and wait, 
took through the window, and cry through 
the lattice, and rejoice in the hope of the 
glory of God, The vision is for an appoint- 
ed time, wait for it. It will come m the 
end, and will not tarry .^ Behold the hus- 
bandman waiteth for the precious fruits of 
the earth^^ be thou also patient. He hath 
long patience, and wilt not ih6vL have a lit- 
tle patience? He for the fruits of the earth, 
but thou for the joys of heaven: he upon 
mere probabilities, but thou upon infallible 
certainties: He for a crop of corn, but thou 

•1 John iv, 19. *>Hab. ii, 3. «James v, 7* 1, 


for a cfown of glorj, *' Were he but surt 
that every corn would bear a crown, how 
plentifully would he sow, how joyfully 
would he wait! Why, such is thy harvest: 
As sure as the summer's delights do follow 
the winter's severities; assure as the wish- 
ed-for harvest doth follow the toilsome and 
costly seeds time, so sure shall thy Lord 
return, and bring thy reward with him, • 
Therefore, my soul, love and long for the 
approaching jubilee; and wait all the days 
of my appointed time, until my change shall 

O blessed state that my Lord hath transla- 
ed me into! happy change that he hath 
made! I was a stranger, ana he took me in, 
and made me an heir; and preferred me 
from the dunghill to the throne; and from a 
hewer of wood, and drawer of water, to at- 
tend his court, and know his councils, and 
do his pleasure. Happy am I that ever I 
was lH>rn to partake of this endless dignity. 
O my Lord, it is no little thing thou hast 
given me in hand. I am already come to 
mount Zion, and the city of the living God, 
the heavenly Jerusalem, and to the innu- 
merable company of angels, to the general 
Sissembly and church of the firstborn, and 
to God the Judge of all, and unto the spirits 
of just men made perfect, and unto Jesus 
di% Mediator of the new covenant, and 

; . «B|^v. itaii, 12. 


unto the blood of sprinkling.* My heart 
reviveth, as Jacob's, when I behoW the to- 
kens which thott hast sent me; the Spirit of 
adoption,^ the pardon of my sins^ ^mj pa- 
tent for heaven, the chain of thy graces, 
the Son of thy bosom, and the new testa- 
ment , in his blood, and the letters of his 
love. My Lord hath said, that he will love 
me, and manifest himself unto me; and that 
the father will love me, and both will come 
unto me, and make their abode in me. But 
is it true indeed? Will the Lord dwell on 
earth? Or, if he Will, shall so foul a stable, 
80 unclean a stye as my heart hath been,—* 
shall this be the place that the Lord of life 
will take up his lodging, and keep his court 
in? Will he indeed come with all his train 
of graces, and live .and walk in me? How 
can these things be? But he hath said it; 
and I do, and I will believe it.<i 

Yet all this is but the earnest of what is 
to come. O how great is thy goodness, laid 
up for them that fear thee!^ Yet a little while 
and my warfare shall be accomplished, and 
the heavens must receive me, till the time 
of the restitution of all things. It is but for 
a short term that I shall dwell in this dirty 
flesh, in an earthen tabernacle.^ My Lord 
hath shewed me, that wher^ he is, there 

aHeb. xii, 22, 23, 24. bGal. iv, 6. cLuke y, 20. 
d 1 Cor. xi, 25. Luke, xji, 32. Cant, i, 10. John 
iU, 16. John xiv, 21, 23. epsalm va^ 19. ^ Pet. 
1. 14. 10 


shall his servant be.^ Now the living i» 
tied to the dead; and my soul is a stage oF 
strife, and a field of war. But it is but a little 
moment, and that which is perfect shaU 
come;^ perfect holiness, and perfect peace;: 
eternal serenity, and a serene eternity,^ 

my sinSy I am going where you cannot 
come; where no unclean thing shall enter, <^ . 
or any thing that defileth. Methinks I see 
all my afflictions and temptations, all mine 
infirmities and corruptions falling off me,. 
as Elijah's mantle at his translation. 

my soul, dost thou not see the chariots, 
of fire, and the horses of fire, come to take 
thee up? Be tbou as poor as Lazarus, <^ yet 
God will not disdain to send a party of an- 

Sels to conduct thee home. How canst thou 
oubt of ready reception, who hapt such a 
friend in couirt, who will lead thee with 
boldness into his Father's presenceE If there 
were joy in Pharoah's court, when it wa& 
said ^ ^Joseph's brethren are come;^ " sure* 
]y it will be welcome news in heaven, whea 
it is told '^Jesus his brethren are come.'^ . 
My soul, fear not to enter, though the Lord 
be clothed with terror and majesty: for 
thy Redeemer will procure thee favour, and 
plead thy right. 1 am sure of welcome, for 
the Father himself lovetb me/ 1 have tasted 
and tried his love; and when 1 had played 

•John xii, 26. bl Cor. xiii, 10. cRev. xxl 4. 
t iMkt xvi»22. eQen. xlv> 16. Johnxvi, 27. 

the wicked prodigal* yet he despised not my 
rags, but fell on vaj ndck, and kissed me; and 
heaven itself made -merry over me. Much 
more will he receive me gladly, and let out 
his love upon me, when presented to him 
t>y his Son, in his perfect likeness, as a fit 
■object for his everlasting delight Fear not, 
i) my soul, as if thou wert going to a 
strange place. Why, heaven is thy coun- 
try, and thy home. Wilt thou doubt of 
leave, or fear of welcpme, when it is thine 
own home? Why, my soul, thou wast born 
from above, and theie is thy kindred, and 
thy Father's house; and therefore thou shalt 
purely be admitted. And then I shall see 
the glorious prepai^tions of eternal love, and 
the blissfal mansions of the heavenly inha- 

Doubtless it shall be thus. These are 
not sick men's dreams, or children's hopes. 
The living God cannot deceive me. \nd 
may not 1 certainly promise myself what the 
Lord hath promised me? I will sooner think 
that all my senses are deluded, and what I 
«ee, and feel, and taste, is but a fancy; than 
thinkithat the living God will deceive me, or 
that his unchangeable covenant will fail. 
Now I am a son of Gpd, but it doth not yet 
appear what I shall be: but this I know, I 
shall be like him, and see him as he is ^ 

I know it shall be thus. Why, what se- 


curity should I ask of God? He hath given 
me all the assurance in the world* And 
though the word of God be enough; yet he, 
willing to show more abundantly, to the 
heirs of promise, the immutability of his 
counsel, confirmed it by an oath; that by 
two immutable things, in which it was iin- 
possibie for God to lie, I might have strong 
consolation.* O unreasonable unbelief! 
'What! shall not the oath of a God put an 
end to thy strife! 

O my God, I am satisfied; it is enough! 
Now I may be bold without presumption, 
and boast without pride; and will no more 
call my duty "arrogance," nor my faith **a 

O my soul, there is but a short life be- 
twixt thee and glory; where holy angels, and 
glorified saints, shall be mine associates; 
and love and praise mine only employment. 
Methinks I hear already how the morning- 
stars sing together, and all the sons of God 
shout for joy*^ O that I could come in for 
one! But it wajs said unto me, I should rest 
yet for a little season, but 1 shall stand in 
the lot at the end of the days. » 

It is well. Lord — ^thy word is enough; 
thy bond is as good as ready payment. Ibe 
Holy Ghost tells me, that life and glory 
abide me; that look what day I loose from 
the body, the sam.e day I sb^ll be landed in 

* Reb. vi, 17, 10. bJob. 3uczviii» Y* . «Dsm aEiJ,13. 


paradise. AracnJa It is as I would have if. 
But this is not all: when my body hath 
slept a short time in the dust, Christ will call 
toit»— "Come up hither." Ah true yoke-fel- 
low! it will be hard parting, but welcome 
meeting. I could not leave thee, but to 
live with Christ. But he will raise thee to 
a glorious temple; and when he shall appear, 
will bring me with himself in glory, ^ and 
then 1 shall re-enter thee as a royal man- 
sion, wherein I shall abide with ^e Lord 
for ever. For as we have served our Re- 
deemer together, so we must be glorified to- 
gether with him. And when the Lord hath 
married us both together again, then will he 
marry us both unto himself. . For I know 
that my Redeemer liveth, and that he shall 
stand at the last day upon the earth: and 
though, after my skin, worms destroy this 
hody, yet in my flesh I shall see God; whom I 
see for myself, and mine eyes shall behold, 
and not another, though my reins be con- 
sumed within me,*' My Lord haih already 
told me, how it shall be; he hath set down 
the time, and shewed me the robes of im- 
mortality, and the crown of life, that I must 
put on: and the throne of glory, and the 
seat of judgment, that 1 must set in. He 
hath told me the manner in which I shall be 
presented t^ him, and espoused by him: be 
nath told me where he will set me, and 

« Luke zxiii, 43. bCoL iii, 4. «Job. six, 35. 


what he will say to me 5 and how he will 
^ckno.wledge my mean services, and re* 
member what I have forgotten:* How he 
will praise the works tnat I have been 
ashamed of, and reward me openly, for 
what 1 have buried in secrecy;** and not for- 
get the poorest alms tliat I have given 
for his name. Then will he confess me 
before his Father, and before the angels 
of God. Thus saith the true and faithful 
witness; and we know that his testimony 
is true. 

Ah, my soul, see that thou make not God 
a liar.« 

O, my God, I have believed thy report; 
and do look for all these things, according 
to thy promise. I know thou intendest me 
but a very little while in this lower region. 
This world is but the house my pilgrimage, 
and ray soul now is but like a bird in the 
shell; but when the shell is cracked, then 
shall she ta:ke wings like a dove, and soar 
aloft to thee, and nee away, and be at rest. 

Yet I doubt not thy care for my despic- 
able dust. I know that nothing will be 
lost. I know not where they will Jay me, 
but thy wakeful eye observeth, and will 
not be to seek at what door to knock; nor 
at what grave to call for me,^ 1 believe, and 
am sure, that I shall come a glorious piece 
out of thy hands; fair as the moon, clear as 

• Mat. XXV, 35, 2Z* ^Mat. vi, 4. «John v, 10- 


the sun, crowned with honour and glorj. 
And when my absolution is read, and sen- 
tence passed upoiv the world, then must I 
be taken up to dwell with thee. 

Jjet not roy Lord be angry, that thy dust 
and ashes speaketh thus unto thee. Thou,. 
Lord, hast raised my expectations; and hast 
made me to look for all these great thinga 
from thee. In vain hast thou written all 
these great things unto me, if I should not 
believe them; and a distrustful diffidence 
would put a high dishonour upon thy truth. 

O Lord, it repenteth me, it repenteth me 
of my jealousies and m^ doubtful thoughts 
about thee. I know thou lovet^t a humble 
confidence, and delightest in nathing more 
than to see thy children trust thee. 1 know 
the building of my hopes lies not a hair's 
breadth over the foundation of thy prom- 
ises; yea, it is sure, my expectations are 
infinitely short of what I shall find. 

O my God, my heart trusteth safely in 
thee; and I here set to my seat, that thou 
art true.* Christ is my vessel in which I 
venture,'^ and the corner atone on which I 
build j^'* and therefore my freight* is insur- 
ed, and my building shall challenge the 
winds and noods« 

And now, Q Lord,, what wait I forp My 

♦ John Hi, 33. «> Eph. ii, 2a c Mat. vii, 25. 
*A ««rg'o or ladvn^^ 


hope is in thee.^ O my blessedness, let me 
enjoy thee: my life, let me possess thee: 
O desire of mine eyes, let me see thy face 
and hear thy voice; for thy voice is sweet, 
and thy countenance is comely.** I ask but 
what thou hast promised: for thou hast told. 
tne, that I shall see God, and thou wilt speak 
to me mouth to mouth|« even apparently, 
and not in dark speeches; and the similitude 

So shall my knowledge be perfected; ** 
and I shall see the inaccessible light, and 
my tender eye shall not water, nor my sight 
dazzle: but I shall, with open face, look 
steadfastly on the Sun of righteousness, and 
behold his glory. Then shall faith be turn- 
ed into fruition, and hope into possession, 
and love shall arise like the full moon in 
her brightness, and never wax nor wane 

O thou God of my hopes, T do look for a 
new body and a new soul, for new heavens 
and for a new earth, according to thy pro- 
mise: when my whole soul shall be wholly 
taken up with thee, and all my affections 
strainetf to the highest pitch; and all the 
wheels of my raised powers set in most vi- 
gorous and perpetual motion towards thee; 
still letting m, and still laying out; and thus 
there shall be an everlasting communication 

• Psalm xxxix, 7". t>Cftnt ii, 14. cjiat,, v, 8. 
* 1 Cor. xiii, 9, 10. 


of joy and glory from thee, and of love and 
praise ^rom me. 

O my soul, thou art rich indeed, and in- 
creased in goods. Thou hast no reason to 
envy the glory, nor grandeur, of the mighti- 
est on earth; for their glory shall not des- 
cend after them: like sheep shall they be 
laid m their graves,^ and death shall feed 
upon them, and there is an eternal end of 
aU their pomp and excellency. But my 
kingdom is an everlasting kingdom: my 
robes shall never wear, my crown shall ne- 
ver totter, my throne shall never be vacant, 
my bread shall ntver muuld, my garland 
shall never wither, my house shall never 
moulder, ipv wine shall never sour; but 
everlasting joy shall be upon my bead, and 
sorrow and sighing shall fly away. 

O my God, how happy hast thou made me ! 
It is better than I could have wished; thoa 
hast done all things well: thou hast settled 
them for ever. The whole earth cannot 
shew any such heritage or tenure. The 
world can stake out her possessions but for 
years; nor can she make a good title for that, 
neithsr: but mine inheritance is for ever, and 
none can put me out of possession. The 
thing is established in heaven, and in the 
volume of the book it is written of me. My 
evidence cannot be lost; it is recorded in 
tbe court above, and enrolled in the sacred 

• PMbn xliz, 14. 

leaves of the word, and entered upon the 
book of my conscience; and herein i do and 
will rejoice. 

Now, my soul, wipe up thine eyes; and 
eo away, with Hannah, ana be no more sad. 
what! though mine house be not so with 
God, so happy, so prosperous, as I could 
wish? What! though they be increased that 
trouble me, and my temptations and afflic- 
tions be like the roaring billows, riding on 
one another's backs for haste? Yet shallmy 
soul be as a rock unmoved, and sit down sa- 
tisfied in the security and amplitude of my 
portion: for God hath made with me an* 
everlasting covenant, ordered in all things^ 
and sure; and herein is ail my salvation, and 
all my desire. 

And now what remaineth, O Lord, but 
that I should spend the remainder of mj 
days in loving, praising, and admiring thee? 
But wherewith shall I come before the Lord, 
or bow myself to the most high God? What 
shall I give thee to express my thankful- 
ness, tm)ugh not to requite thy bounty? 
Alas^ my poor little soul! Alas, that thou 
art so little ! How narrow are thy capacities! 
How disproportionate are thy powers! Alas, 
that my voice can reach to no highei a notel 
But shall I do nothing, because 1 cannot 
do all? 

Lord, I resign to thee. With the poor 
widow, I cast my two mites (my soul and 


body) 4nto thy treasury. All my powers 
shall love and serve thee: all my members 
shall be weapons of righteousness for thee. 
Here is my good wilU Behold, my sub* 
stance is thy stock; mine interest is for thy 
service: I lay all at thy feet. There thou 
hast them^ they are thine. My children I 
enter as thy servants; my possessions I re- 
sign as thy right. I will call nothing mine 
but thee. All mine are thine. I can sa^y 
**My Lord, and my God," and that is 
enough; I thankfully quit my claim to all 
things else* I will no more say, * ^My house 
is mine," or '*My estate mine;" I myself 
am not mine own: Yet it is infinitely better 
for me to be thine, than if I were mine own. 
This is my happiness, that I can say, ^^My 
own God, my own Father." And what a 
blessed exchange hast thou made with me! 
—to give me myself, who art an infinite 
sum, for myself, who am but an insignificant 

And now. Lord, do thou accept and own 
my claim. 1 am not worthy of any thing of 
thine, much less of thee. But since I have 
a deed to shew, i bring thy word in my 
hand, and am bold to take possession. Dost 
thou not know this faandt Wilt thou not 
own this name? Wilt thou not confirm thine 
own grant? It were infidelity to doubt it. 
I will not disparage the faithfulness of my 
Lord, nor be afiVaid to aver, and stand to 


\vhat he hath said and sworn. Hast thou 
said, thou art my God; and shall I fear thou 
art mine enemy? Hast thou told me, thou 
art ray Father; and shall I stand aloof, as 
if I were a stranger? 1 will believe. liOrd, 
silence my fears; and as thou hast given me 
the claim and title of a child, so give me the 
confidence of a child. Let my heart be 
daily ke^pt alive by thy promises, and with 
this Stan let me pass over Jordan. May 
these be my undivided companions and 
comforters; when I go, let them lead me; 
when i sleep, let them keep me; when 
awake, let them talk with me. And do 
thou keep these things for ever upon the 
imaginations of the thoughts of the hearts 
of tny people, ;and prepare their hearts unto 
thee. And let the heart of thy servant be 
the ark pf thy testament; wherein the sa- 
cred records of what hath passed between 
thee and my -soul, may forever be preser- 
ved. Amen. 

CH\P. V. 

A Treasure of Gospel Pfomises, left in Legacy by 
Jesus Christ; for the strength and encotiragement 
of beUevers in their jowmey to the heavenly Ca- 



MAN, who at the beginning was created 
happj,* having now lost God and his image, 

» Gen. i, 26. £ph. ii. 10. 


is, of all earthly creatures, become most 
miserable: no less than a slave of the devil, 
a child of vt'rath, and an heir of eternal 
damnation. * lliis is not the estate of a 
few only, but of all mankind out of Christ;^ 
for we are all by nature under the curse. ^ 
Th e best, before their conversion were, by 
nature, children of wrath, even as others, « 
for eveiy woman's child did fall equally in 
Adam. Hence it comes to pass, that no 
man, by nature, is now in better esteem 
with God than another. Cain and Abel, as 
children of the iirst Adam only, were equal* 
iy miserable; the like may be said of us all; 
tor both Jews and Gentiles are come under . 
sin;<> and, as the Psalmist saith, <*We are 
all gone out of the way, we are all together 
become filthy^ there is none righteous, no 
not .one. ^^^ that men and women had 
their eyes enlightened » and their judgments 
convinced of that woful plight in which na- 
turally they are! Oh, were their hearts thor- ' 
oughly loaden herewith!— surely they would 
not long content themselves therein. 

The truth is, most in the world are spir- 
itually blind, and cannot discern their own 
misery; and spiritually dead too, ^ and can- 
not be affected with it. The Holy Ghost 
saith thus of them,*-*<'I'hey walk in the 
vanity of their mind, having their under- * 

« Eph. li, 2, 3. ^ 2 Cor. iv, 4. Rom. r, 19. Gal. i 
iii, lu. c£ph, ii, 3. Rom. \, 12. ^^Rom. iii» 9. 
• Faahaziv^S. 'IJohnv, 19. Eph.u,l>5* 


standing darkened; and are strangers from 
the life of God, through the ignorance which 
is in them, because of the hardness of their 
hearts: who, being past feeling, have given 
themselves unto virantonness, to work all 
uncleanness with greediness .» " Such as 
these, are so far from having any right to 
God^s promises, that for the present they 
are under the curse; and consequently in 
the power of all the plagues and threaten- 
ines in God's book.** 

Wherefore, let not such, as yet, challenge 
any comfort from the promises; but let them 
rather labour, to the utmost of their power 
in using all good means to be made 4!apable 
and fit subjects for mercy revealed in the 
promises. Is it not pity so many sweet pro- 
mises of life should be macle, and yet thou 
die and be damned notwithstanding? Pray 
fervently to God, that he would touch thy 
heart with grief for all thy sins, and work 
in thee a clear apprehension of thine own 
unworthiness;<^ and that he would bestow 
faith on thee; that by it thou mayest be 
able to £0 wl^lly out of thyself to God, 
throui^h Jesus Christ, for salvation. 

We having departed from him who is the 
God of all grace and consolation, are fallen 
into an estate of all baseness, desolation, 

a£ph. iv, 18, 19. bDeut xxTiJi, 27« 56, ^. 
« Acts ii, 37. Luke xr, 19. 


and mercy^ and cannot be recovered agaim 
into the former estate of spiritual life 
and happiness, uDless we be brought again 
to him who is the foundation of life and 
happiness, even the living God. And 
brought to him we can never be, but by 
faith,* which nothing else but the going out 
of the soul to God, tnrough Christ, to fetch 
a new principle of spiritual life and grace; 
which once in Adam we lost, and now need. 
The which work of faith is not wrought 
but bj the promises; and being wrought in 
our heartd, gives us a most sure right and in- 
terest unto all the promises of grace.^ Thus 
we, through faith and patience, are said "to 
inhei4t the promises;" therefore we are cal- 
led *'The heirs of the promise:" the promis- 
es are as well ours who truly believe, as 
heaven itself is. " Now, by these heavenly 
promises, God our Father hath engagecl 
himself as a debtor to us, his poor children 
for all things needful to life and godliness; ^ 
until that blessed time comes, when we shall 
be put into full possession of all things which 
we have now only in promise. At that time, 
faith shall end in fruition, and promises in 

As the soul is the life of the body, and 
iaith the life of the soul, so are God's prom- 

» Heb. xi, 6. bRom. x» 8, 17. Heb. ri, 12, 17. 


ises the life of £iith. For from whence hath 
faith this efl&cacj, but because it lays hold 
on the free promises? But from whence have 
the promises their strength? Even from the 
constant nature of Jehovah,* who always 
gives a being to his word. Desirest thou 
faith? Then take notice of God's promises. 
Wouldst thou have thy faith, like the light 
in the Lord's sanctuary, — ^never to go out? 
Then acquaint thyself with God's promises; 
know them well, meditate on them, confer 
about them: let them be continually in thy 
mind, memory, heart, and tongue. Satan 
laboureth in nothing more than to keep us in 
unbelief, especially of particular promises; 
for he knows if we believe them, we shall in 
all things have the victory, come before God 
with boldness, carry peace in our own bo- 
soms to our graves, and do and suffer any 
thing for God.*> Oh the abundance of sweet 
cordial comfort, which all humble believers 
draw by faith out of every promise! 

Now, beloved, these precious promises, 
(our breasts of consolation,) whereupon our 
happiness so much depends, lie hid in the - 
holy scripture, as veins of gold on earth. ^ 
Surely those that searched tnose mines, to * 
bring to light these treasures, are worthy of 
great coramendution. Wherefbre.- 1 doubt 
Bot, but the good pains of this blessed and i 

> 2 Cor. i, 20. H John t.^ Eph^^ii*. Booi^^zv:^ 
Heb. zL eisa. Ixvi^ Il« 12, 


faithful servant of God, will find good enter- 
tainment of all the children of the promises; 
who hope to entertain them that have, with 
great care and ^od evidence of spiritual 
understanding, discovered and compiled the 
variety and use of all the promises^ in mat- 
ters temporal, spiritual, and eternal. So 
that here is a medicine for every disease, 
and a salve for every sore. Read them care- 
fully, and ponder them seriously, and apply 
theu) faithfully. And I beseech the good 
Lord, who is the Author of them, that, by 
his Holy Spirit, he would make them pow- 
erful and effectual in us. 

Consider what is said, and the Lord give 
us understanding in all things.* 


Ih be observed m reading of Promises, 

1 . Whatsoever promise is made in general 
to all the faithful, every one must particu- 
larly apply it to themselves; as the Messiah 
is promised to all, every one must apply 
him to themselves.^ 

2. Whatever promise is made to ai^ one 
of the faithful, (if there be not some parti- 
cular reason which ties it to his person; as 
was to Abraham for a son, and his seed to 
inherit the land of Canaan,) every child of 

a Tim.ii,7. bG€n.iii,15. 



God hath right to it: as» '^I will not leave 
thee, nor forsake thee,*" This every oac 
nay apply to themselves, as we know jfche 
Holy Grnost applies it; for he hath said, "I 
will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.^" 
Which teacheth us to do the like in all the 
rest of the promises. 

3. Under temporal promises to the Jews, 
are set forth the excellent promised graces 
which God will give to his people after the 
coming of Christ.^ 

4. When we read the conditions of the 
promises^ they are not like to the duties of 
the law«—- made to the perfect fulfiUers of 
them; the promises are evangelical, made 
to those which endeavour to keep them; and 
the main conditions of them are faith. 

5. In all the promises for increase of 
grace, or means of grace, or for any earthly 
wings, we must kbow we shall have them 
so far performed to us as the Lord seeth 
good for us. 

6. In our weak endeavourings to keep 
the promises, we must believe the perform- 
ance to us, is in, by, and through Christ; 
in whom all the promises of God are, tea 
and AMBir:*' that is, as I conceive,'*confirmed 
and made good to us in him." When we can 
see nothing in ourselves whv they should 
be performed to m^ even tnen we are to- 

• Jodiua i, 5. ^Heb. zuj^ 5 c£ggek. xzxiv, 25, 
36, 2r. '2Cor.i,Sa 


claim their, for Christ's sake, if thou be in 
Christ. For if thou be not in him, no pro- 
mise belongs to thee; but threatenings and 
judgments are thy portion; and nothing 
else can we claim as our due. Sorrow, 
weeping, and howling, is that which God 
requireth of us; and not laying upon the 
comfortable promises, till we hunger after 
Christ: which God grant we may do more 
and more, till we come to be satisfied with 
his image in the life to come.* 



T^hete Promiaea are appUcabk to BeHeven on the 
foBounng occasions. 


If thou fndest nothing in thysdf that may 
move the Lord to have mercy. 

^% EVBN I, am he that blotted out thr 
transgressions for mine own sake, and will 
not remember thy sins.^ I have blotted out, 
as a thick cloud, thy transgressions, and as 
a cloud thy sins: return unto me, for I haye 
redeemed thee.<^ 

*^I will forgive their iniquity, and remem- 
bjsr their sin no more^' 

**I will sprinkle «lean water upon you, 

and ye shall be clean from all your filthi- 


» Psalm xvii, 15. bisa.xliii,35. ei8a.x]ir,22. 
A'Jer. iji9!,34. «£sek. xaivi, 25«^ 


^^I have seen his ways, and will heai hint;: 
I wilt lead him |ilso, and restore comfort 
unto him, and to his mourners.* " 

These promises are free| made by the 
Lord, not for any thing that is in man; for 
the Lord saith,^ They had not called upon 
him^ but wearied the Lord; brought him na 
offering) yea wearied him with their sins; 
and yet, for his own sake, he 'would forgive 
their sins. 

These promises we shall have alwaja 
need of; as at our conversion, so after-' 
wards, many times, we shall, in our owa 
feeling, find nothing in ourselves to per- 
suade us of the pardon of our sins; then we 
must fly to these free promises^ When 
thou seest nothing in thyself why the Lord 
should pardon thy sins, and therefore doubt* 
est of tne pardon of them, apply, <*I am he 
that puts away thy sins for my own sdke.^ 

When thy sins rise up as a cloud, that 
thou canst see nothing but them, apply» ^^I 
have put away thy sins as a cloud.^^ 

When thoii fearest the multitude of thy 
gins, apply, '^ You shall be clean fromoS 
your sins.'' 

ff you fear God tviU remember your svns 6«- 
fire-committed^ to punish you for them. ' 

^<I will remember his sin no more.<» His 
• Isa. Ivii, 18. b Isa. zliii,23to 25. cJer xzxi»34. 


transgressions ^vvhich he hath coniTnitted 
shall Dot be mentioned to him; but in the 
righteousness which he hath done, shall he 
live." " 

'*Nonc of hisr sins that he hath committed 
shall be mentioned to hira.*» " 

If often-sinning cause thee to doubt of 


He *'looketh upon men, and if anj say, 
/ have sinned and perverfed that which was 
rights anditprqfiteth me not^ he will deliver 
his soul froih going into the pit, and his lif^ 
shall see the light Lo all these things 
worketh God oftentimes with man.*" • 

Wherefore, believe not Satan that per- 
suades the contrary: nor let thy corruptions 
make thee bold to presume of pardon; for 
though God promise pardon, yet it is to the 
penitent, not to the presumptuous. 

ff thou despair. 

When thou art at the pit's brink of des- 
pair, and art dried up with sorrow, then go 
to some faithful preacher that is able to 
preach Christ unto thee and apply, "Then 
ne is gracious unto him, und sfaith, deliver 
him from going down to the pit; I have 
found a ransom. His flesh shall be fresher 
than a child's; he shall return to the days of 

• Ezek. zviii, 23. ^ Ezek. xxziii, 16. c Job 
xxxiiit 3r, 28, 29. 


iiis TOtttli. He shall pray unto God, and 
he shall be favourable unto him, and he shall 
see his face with joj: for he will render 
vnto man his righteousness.* 

**I create the fruit of the lins; peace, 
peace^to him that is afar offhand to nim that is 
near, saith the Lord, and I will heal him»> '* 

When thou comest to the uttermost eX" 
tremitj for sin, apply, " I will have mercy 
on him, and deliver him, that he go not 
down to thepit?^ 

When thou fearest that God. or his min- 
isters will not speak peace unto thee, apply, 
^ I have received a reconciliation; I create 
the fruit of the lips, to he peace to them 
that are far off, and to them that are near." 

When thy sorrows have withered thee up, 
apply, ^^ He shall return as in the days of 
his yotUhi and his flesh shall be as the flesh 
•fa child.'' 

If in this estate thou fearest God will not 
hear prayers for thee> apply/^ He shall prar 
to God, and he wUl be faoourabU to him.'' 

When thou fearest thou shalt not be aUe 
to look upon the Lord with joy, apply/ ^ He 
shall see his face wUh joy. 

When thou seest not any thing in thyself, 
that should cause thee not to believe this, 
apply, '*He will render to man his right- 
eousness:'' which is (I think) Christ's right- 
.eousness, (or whose sake he will do it 

• Job xxziii, 34^ 35, 36. ^Iialyii,19. 


If thou findest sin a heaoy burden, and 

Satan pursuing. 

When thou feelest sin a heavy burden, 
and Satan pursuing thee with many fears by 
reason of the same, fly to Christ, and ap- 
ply/^ Come unto me, all ye that labour and 
are heavy laden, and I will give you rest* 
He shall save his people from their sins.^ 

«'And the God of peace shall bruise satan 
under ygur feet shortly.® 
"And a man shall be as a hiding-|>lace from 
the wind, and a covert from me tempest; 
as rivers of water in a dry place, as the sha- 
dow of a great rock in a weary land.^ " 

Thus dothChrist to the soul thatflies to him . 

It satan pursue thee, apply, ^He is a 

Uding'pUtce.^^ , ^. . 

If storms of temptations and afflictions 
do arise, apply^ '*He is a refuge against the 

If thy soul be ready to faint with weak- 
ness, apply, '*He is a river of water in 
a dry place," to revive thy spirits; "and as 
the shadow of a great rock,**— under which 
thou mayest safely repose thyself. 

When thou findest thy sms very heavy, 
apply, '*I will ease you." 

When ihou Rast no rest in thy soul be- 
cause of sin, apply, "You shall find restixi 
your souls. He snail save his people from 

• ICaL xi, 28, 39. ^Mat. i, 31. leRon. Xfi» :^0 
4 Isa. zxxii, 3. 


theinsins,'' — ^both from the punishment and 
the power. 

It thou fearest length of time in tempta- 
tions, apply, '*The God of peace shall bruise 
satan under your feet shortly. ^^ 

If thou turn from «iw, and yet doubt ofpar* 


**Though your sins be as scarlet, they 
shall be as white as snow; though they hie 
red like crimson, they shall be as wool.* 

*/Let the wicked i^rsake his way, and 
the unrighteous man his thoughts; and let 
him return unto the Lord, and he will have 
mercy on himj and to our God, for he will 
abundantly pardon.^ 

"W ho is* a God like unto thee, that par- 
doneth iniquity, and passeth by the trans- 
gression of the remnant of his herHager 
He retaineth not his anger for ever, because 
he deHghteth in mercy. He will turn again, 
he will have compassion upon us; he will 
subdue our iniquities, and will cast our sins 
into the deptha of the sea.^ He that con- 
fesseth and forsaketn his sins, shall find 
mercy .<^ If we confess our sin9» he is faith- 
ful and just to forgive us our sins, and to 
cleanse us from all unrighteousness.® " 

When thou seest thy soul of a sinful 
colour, apply, ••Though they be red like 
crimson, they shall be white as wool.'' 

ft Isa. i* 18. bisa. ly, 7, cMicah vii, 18» 19. 
^ ProT. zxriii, IS. • 1 John i, 9. 


, If thou fearest God will hardly be intrea- 
ted, apply, "He will have mercy, for he is 
ready toforgive.^^ 

If we fear that our sins have taken such 
strong hold upon us, as we shall never get 
from them, apply, "He will cleanse us from 
attourunrighteousnesaJ^^ Seeing God pro- 
miseth to be the cleanser, fear not for the 
hardness of the work. 

jy thou wouldat have thy manifold rebellions 


When thou feelest many rebellions in 
thine heart and life, and wouldst have them 
not only pardoned, but subdued, apply, 
"I will heal their backaltdinss:^ *' Which 
promise (as I think) contains Ais much-that 
God will not onl v pardon; but heal us; and, 
instead of rebellious hearts and lives, 
will give us obedient hearts and lives* For 
as healing followeth the curing of sickness, 
so obedience doth the curing of rebel lion« 

"He will subdue our iniquities.^ " When 
thou feelest sm very strong, fly to his pro- 
mise; and hpply the strength of him that 
promiseth, against the streo^lkof sin. It 
IS the Lord that hath promised to subdue 
it* What though sin and satan join their 
force together? Yet the Lord is stronger 
than all their force, we need not.doubt 

<^Hofeaiiv,4. l>Mic. vii, 19. 12 



^ thy heart be hard, and ftdl of corrvption. 

"A new heart also will I give^ you, and a^ 
Bew spirit will I put within you; and I will 
take away the stony heart out of your flesh, 
and I will give you a heart of flesh»<^ 

"And the Lord thy God will circumcise 
thine heart, and the heart of thy seed^ to 
love the liord thy God with all thine hearty 
and with all thy soul that thou roayest live.^ " 

When thou feelest thine heart worldly 
carnaU apply* "I ^iH circumcise thy heartt 
a new heart will I give." 

When nothing will break thine heart, ap» 
ply the powers of Jehovah, who hath prooiis- 
to cure thee, in taking away thy stony 

IJ tmbridkd nature break out into vioknt 
passion and contention. 

**The wolf also shall dwell with thelaml^ 
and the leopard shall lie down with the kid; 
and the calf, and the young lion, and the 
fatling together; and alittle child shall lead 
theni.<^ "•^Such shall be the power of the 
gospel, tha^ those which are by nature like 
wolves and devouring beasts, shall dwell 
very peaceably. And if we find our nature 
sucn, we must apply, **The wolf shall dwell 
with the lamb.'' 

•Eceky zxxYiy 26. t>Deut xsz> 6. <^l3a. xi. 6, 


"He will subdae our iniquities, and will 
cast all our sins into the depth of the sea.* " 
That which is cast into the sea, as it appear- 
eth not in sight, so we cannot get it a^in, 
though we would: so will God do by your 
sins,'— -cast them out of his sight, so as we 
shall not return to them any more. Press 
him with his promise, and you shall find 
more than you think. 

If thou be in bandage to some sin. 

*'You shall know the truths and the truth 
shall make you free. ^ 

"Sin shall not have dominion over you.''^' 

When thou feelest thy bondage, that thou 
canst not do good, or keep thyself from evil, 
apply, **The truth shall make you /rcc" 

If thy sins often prevail against thec» 
applvt "Sin shall not have dominion over 

'<He shall redeem Israel from all his ini- 
qttities.d " 

i/* thou fearest the breaking out of sopie 

* strong iin^ to Chd^s dishonour and the 
blemishing of religion. 

"That your whole. spirit', soul, and body, 
may be preserved blameless unto the coming 
of our iiord Jesus Christ Faithful is he 
that calleth you, who also will do it.« " 

• )ficah.Tii, 19. bjohn viii. 33. c Rom« vi, 14. 
dPMlimcxxz,8. n The«. V, 33, 24. 


That God which hath called thee, will keep 
thee blameless unto the comiDg of Christ: 
therefore use the means, and rest upon the 
Lord's faithfulness, which never faileth 
them who trust in him. 

"But the Lord is faithful, who shall esta- 
blish you and keep you from evil.* If we 
confess our sins, he is faithful and just to 
forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from 
all unnghteousnes.b " By cleansing fron^ 
all unrighteousness, is meant not only^de- 
liverance from the guilt and power of sin* 
but from its indwelling remains. 

When sin pursues thee hard to make thee 
fall, do thou pursue the Lord with prayers 
for performance of this promise^ and doubt 
not of the issue. 

<*He will subdue our iniquities.^ '' And 
to those add the prayer of Christ, — "I pray 
not that thou shouldest take them out of 
the world, but that thou shouldest keep 
them from the evil.** " Now, what greater 
evil than sin? Therefore, though thy pray* 
ers be but weak against it, yet He hath 
prayed that was always heard; therefore 
fight, and be sure of victory. 

When thou art stayed Jrom sin by admoni- 

<'If thou warn the righteous man, that 

•3 Theft, ill, 3. bi j^n i, 9. ciHetdb ia}» 1^. 
^ John xv^ 15. ' 


the righteous sin not, and he doth not si«, 
he shall surely live because he is warned.* " 
When any admonish thee, obey, and it 
shall be life to thy soul; therefore receive 
the admonition^ and apply, ^^He shall live, 
because he is admonished." 

If thou fearcMt Chdwill destroy thee for thy 

^ **Turn yourselves from all your transgres- 
sions, so miqnity shall not be your ruin.^ 
He shall save his people from their sins.^^ " 
When thou fearest the greatness or multi- 
tude of thy sins will be thy destruction, 
apply, •^Iniquity shall not be yourruin.^^ 

\vhen thou seest no means of safety, 
apply, <*He (that i«, Christ) shaU save his 
people from tneir sins." 

If thou be tempted to uncieanness. 

"He shall deliver thee from the strange 
woman. <> 

Thy body shall be kept blameless until 
the coming of Christ. «" 

If thou canst not find out the sin for which 
God corrects thee^ 

^*If they be tied with the cords of afflic- 
tion, then will I shew them their work^ 
and their sins.'" 

A wise father will not correct his child^ 
but he will shew him wherefore: How else 

ft£zek. ill, 2i. t»Ezek. scvHi, 30. cMat i. SI. 
f Prov. ii, 16. n Tbe«. n ^^ ^ Job xuvii 8, 9. 



should he amend his faalt? Mach more will 
the Lord. But we enjoy not many promi- 
ses, because we sue not for them. 




If thou doubt of salvation. 

^*GoD so loved the worlds that he gave 
liis only begotten Son; that whosoever be- 
lieveth in him, should not perish > but have 
everlasting life.* 

'*He that heareth my word, and believeth 
on him that hath sent me, hath everlasting 
life, and shall not come into condemnation^ 
but is passed from death unto life. ^ 

*<If any man keep my saying, he shall 
never see death.<^ 

"He that believeth in me, though he were 
dead, yet shall he live: and whosoever be- 
lieveth in me, shall never see death.^ " 

If thou doubt that thou shalt perish and 
not be savied, apply, ^*He that believeth in 
Christ shall not perish, but shall have ever- 
lasting life, and shall not come into con<- 
demnation." Labour to believe tbese promi- 
ses, for that is required of thee for the ob- 
taining of what is promised. 

aJobn iii, 16. bjohn v» 24. c John viii 15. dJohi^ 





If tfnne heart be as a loildemess, barren of 


"The wilderness and the solitary place 
shall be glad for them : and the desert shall 
rejoice, and blossom as the rose; it shall 
blossom abundantly, and rejoice even with 
joy and singing.* '' 

This promise is made to the church, and 
every member of it may apply it to them- 
selves* Therefore? when thou feelest thine 
heart as a desert wilderness and waste 
ground, void of good, full of briers and 
thorns of sin, then Know thou shalt not only 
bring forth sweet smelling graces, like roses, 
but also all abundance of*tnem. 

**The righteous shall flourish as a branch.^ 
The soul of the diligent shall be made fat.<^ 

*^I will be as the dew to Israel; he shall 
grow as the lily, and cast forth his roots 
like Lebanon. His branches shall spread, 
and his beauty shall be as the olive-tree, and 
hit) smell as Lebanon.^ '' 

If we want means to make us fruitful, 
apply, *'The Lord will be as the dew to 

When we desire to flourish and grow la 
grate, apply, ^^He shall grow as the lily; 
^ bis brancnes shall spread." 

If thou wouldest shine forth in the beauty 
^ ef holiness, apply, ^^Uis beauty shall be as 

( «Isa. xzxv, h 2* ^Prov. zi, 28. cPror* ziii« 4. 

^ Hos. ziy, 5, 6. 


fhe olive-tree, and as the lilieat" whose glo- 
ry is greater than Solomon's in all his roy- 

If thou wouldest have thy graces send 
forth a sweet smell, apply, <<His smell shall 
be as Lebanon." If thou fearest the con- 
tinuance of this estajte, apply) ''He shall 
fasten his roots as the^ixees of Lebanon.'^ 

It matters not how great our barrenness 
be, when God will be a dew to us. It will 
auickly make us fruitful; we shall bring 
forth fruits dorious to the sight as the lily, 
and as the oTive-tree; and the scent of our 
graces shall be a sweet-smelling savour as- 
the trees of Lebanon. Therefore, thQugh 
thou feelest thy heart yet barren, and thou 
hast used means long, and yet art not 
fruitful, still use the means and believe; for 
therein did Abraham glorify God, that he 
believed above hope that Sarah should have 
a son, whose womb was barren,'and by years 
past child-bearing. So though thine heart 
remain barren in thine own feeling, after 
Ions use of means, yet still follow seeking 
in fte means, and believe; for we have as 
sure promises, and as faithful a performer 
as Abraham had, Jesus Christ, yesterday, 
to-day, and the same for ever. <'He that 
believeth on me, out of his belly shall flow 
nyers of water of life.4 

« John vii, ^ 



Jf thou wantest holiness, 

**You shall be a holy nation.* 

"And the Lord shall establish thee a holy 
people unto himself. *>" 

The Lord will make thee holy; therefore 
.neither sin. nor satan, nor wicked men, can 
hinder thy holiness. For he that maketh 
thee holy, is stronger than all, and doeth 
what he will. 

"The God of peace shall 'Sanctify you 
throughout, in spirit, soul, and body. Faith- 
ful is he that calleth you, who will also 
do it° ** 
When thou canst not offer up any sacrifice. 

When thou canst not oft'er up any sacri- 
fice to God, of prayer or praise, or thyself 
in ^crifice, apply, "Ye shall be unto me a 
kingdom of priests. ^'^ God promiseth that 
Vft shall be priests; that is, such as shall 
offer up sacrince unto him, for that was the 
priest's office. Therefore, when thou find- 
est thyself ijnable to pray* or praise the 
Lord, or to offer up thyself to God, soul and 
body, strive in faith, grounded on the pro- 
mises. He which commanded, hath also 
Eromised to make us able to do it^ for he 
ath said, we shall be priests. 

'*In every place incense shall be offered 
to aiy name, and a pure offering: ®" which 

«&xod. ziz» 6. ^eut zxviu, 9. e l ThesB v» 2St» 
24. d£xod. xiz, 6. e|faLi. U. 


is spoken of the believiDS Gentiles; there- 
fore thou being one of them, shall be able 
to offer np pure offerings. 

When thou feelest but Utile grace. 

When thou feelest but little grace, know- 
ledge, faith, love, repentance, all very little, 
apply, "Though thy beginning be small » yet 
thy latter end shall greatly increase.* '' 

"Whosoever hath, to him shall be given; 
and he shall have abundance^ " 
Therefore let not thy smaU beginnings dis- 
courage thee; but if thou canst prove thou 
hast some grace, then join faith and diligence 
together, and they will quickly make thee 

When all thy graces are weak. 

,When thott findest all thy graces rery 
weak, and thou hast no strength to perform 
any spiritual duty, either prayer, or fasting, 
or any other duty; then apply, "The Lord 
will give strength unto his people.* 

*^He ^veth power to the faint, and to 
them which have no might he increaseth 
strength. They that wait upon the Lord 
shall renew their strength; they shall mount 
up with wings as eagles; they shall run and 
not be weary, they shall walk and not 
ftint.* " 

When thou feelest thyself faint, stay 

<9*b V]ii» r. ^Mat^ xiii, 13. oPnlm xziz» 11. 

<iia. x^ 29, 3L 


thyself with this promise, "He gives 
strength to him that fainteth." 

Wnen thou feelest no power, apply, "To 
him that hath no strength he inereaseth pato^ 
er.'' If thou hast lost thy power; then stay 
thyself with this, "They shall renew their 

If thou art ready to give over through 
weariness, then gather strength from this, 
"They shall run and no^ he weary, and walk 
and not be faint, ^^ 

And if thou findest not these promises 
performed unto thee, either thou endea* 
▼ourest not to keep the conditions, or else 
thou art negligent in searching out the pro- 
mises, or cold in sueing for them. The 
Lord will be sought to for the performance. 

"I am thy God^ I will strengthen thee; 
yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee 
with the ri^ht hand of my righteousness. * 
Trust thou m the Lord for ever, for in the 
Lord Jehovah is everlasting strength.^ " 

To know there is strength in the Lord, is 
no comfort, unless we know it shall be for 
us. Therefore since it is pven for a com- 
f(M*t, it must include this promise. Thus 
the Lord's strength for evermore shall be 
employed for our good. Therefore when 
we want for either soul or body, we must 
fix our confidence in Him who will not fail 
ut if we seek unto him* 




fFhen thy heart is dried far want of grace. 

When thou feelest thy heart dried up for 
want of ^race, that thou canst not send forth 
any water of g;race in thy thoughts, words, 
or works, apply, **I will pour water upon 
him that is thirsty, end flood* upon the dry 

fround.a The Lord shall satisfy thy soul in 
rought, and make fat thy bones; and thou 
shalt be like a watered garden, and like a 
spring of waters, whose waters fail nol.*» 

**He shall be as a tree planted by the wa- 
ters, that spreadeth out her roots by the 
river, and shall not sec when heat cometh: 
but her leaf shall be green, and shall not be 
careful in the year of drought, neither shall 
cease from yieldlflg fruit.*^ 

"Their soul shall be as a watered gar- 

"God giveth grace unto the humble.* 

"In the wilderness shall waters break out, 
and streams in the desert; and the parched 
ground shall become a pool, and the thirsty 
land springs of waters/ ^' that is* the most 
barren heart sl||ll abound with grace, accor- 
ding to this promise, **Out of ttieir bellies 
shall flow rivers of the waters of life.^ 

•* When the poor and needy seek water, 
and there is none, and their tongues fail for 
thirst, I the Lord will hear them, 1 the God 

*l8ai. xliv, 3. b Isa. Iviii, 11. «Jer. xvii, 8. 4Jer. 
zxzi, 12. QJames ir, 6. 'Imi. xxxy, 6« 7. gjobn 


of Israel will not forsake them; I will open 
rivers in high places, and fountains in the 
midst of the vallevs. I will make the wil- 
derness a pool of water, and the dry lantl 
springs of water. I will plant in the wil- 
derness the eedar, the shittah-tree, and 
mjrtle, and the olive-tree; I will set in the 
desert the -fir-tree, and the pine, and the 
box- tree toeether.*" So, now though thou 
feeleftt thj heart barren, know that God will 
be the gardener to thy barren heart, to make 
|>ools, and plant pleasant, grapes of graces; 
therefore seeing he taketh upon himself the 
work, fear not the badness of the ground, 
for he will make it good as a fruitful garden. 

If thou wantest the Spirit of God. . 

'I will put my spirit' within you> 
If ye then being evil, know how to give 
good gifts unto your childreli; how much, 
more snail your Heavenly Father give . the 
Holy Spirit to them that ask kim!<^ 

**I will pour out my Spirit upon all flesh; 
and your sons and your daughters shall pro- 
phecy, your old men shall dream dreams> 
and your young men shall see visions.^ 
And also u^pon the servants, and upon the 
handmaids, in those days will I pour out my 
Spirit. * 

**And I will pray the Father, and he shall 
give you another comforter, that he may 

•Imu xH, 17, 18, 19. bEzek. xxxvi, 27. « Luk© 
zi,13. d Joel ii. 28, 29» 



abide with you for ever; ercii tiie Spirit of 
truth: He dwelleth with you, and shaill be 
in you. I will not leaye you comfortless, 
I will come to you.* " 

When thou canrt not pray thyself, stay 
thyself on these prayers, that Christ hath 
prayitd to the Father to give the Spirit, and 
he was heard in all he prajed for; therefore 
thou mayest claim it, though thy prayers 
be but weak. 

Jf^ looMns^on God^s love, thou eamtnot 
love Crod a^ain. 
When thou lookestu'pon the great love of 
God unto thee, and canst not find thine heart 
enlarged in loving God a^itf, apply this 
promise, ''I will circutncise thine heart, 
that thou mayest love the Lord thy God 
witli all thine heart, and with all thy soul.* '* 

ff thou canst not bring thine heart to delight 

in the Lord* 

"Thou shalt rejoice in the Lord, and 
glory in the Holy One of Israel.*^ 

*<In thy name shall they rejoice all the 
day; and in thy righteousness shall they be 

"For then shall thou have thy delist in 
the Almighty.® 

"For our heart shall rejoice in him, be^' 
cause we have trusted in Bi» holy'name.^ ^' 

^ohto adv, 16, 17, 18. ^Deut rtt, 6. « Isa. xi\, 
16. dpsalm Izxzix, 16. •Job xxii, 26. ' Psalm 


When thou geest cause of rejoicing in 
the Lord, and yet canst not move thine af* 
fections, apply, "They shall rejoice in him.^^ 

If, through many troubles and tempta- 
tions, thou findest thy-ioys often inter- 
rupted, apply, *<They shall rejoice corUirmal' 
ly in thy name.'* 

]ff thou feeleat not the fear of God in thine 


*•! will put my fear in their hearts.* '* 
If we would have a reverent fear of God 
when we perform any holy duty, or at other 
times as tnou feelest thy need, uree the Lord 
with this his promise, for he delights to be 
sued to upon nis promise, by his servants; 
"I will yet for this be enqtdred ^ by the 
house of Israel, to do it for them.^ " 
If thine heart will not praise the Lord* 

"This people have I formed f6r myself, 
they shall shew forth my praise.® 

"Ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied* 
and praise the nam^ of the Lord your 

"They shall praise the Lord that seek 
him.* " 

When thou seest what great tilings God* 
hath done for thee, and findest not thyself 
able to set fordi Ids praise^ Vf^t* '^Thej 
shall set forth mj praise. 

Uer. xxzii,40. b£zek. xxxvi, 37. «Isa. zfiu, 
21. djodlii, 26. ePManiizii>36. 

f H4 

AVhen fhou fiodest thj ungratefal heart ' 
not affected with the mercies thou enjojest, 
and thej stir thee not ap to praise the Lord, 
applj, "He shall eat and be satisfied, and 
praise the name of the Lord." 

^ thou waniest wisdom. 

When thou seest thy want of wtsdoai 
makes thee not walk like a Christian, so 
unblaraeable as thou ouehtest, applj» '*If 
any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God 
that giveth to all men liberally, and up- 
braideth not; and it shall be given him.* 

When thou findest, thou w^ntest wisdom 
to improve thine afflictions to the best ad- 
vanta^, or for the ordering of* thy actions^ 
occasions, and^rourse of life, to 6od's glo- 
ry, and the good of others and thyself, then 
fail not to ask wisdom^ and doubt not of 
the obtaining it 

If thou const not understand God^s voice* ^ 

When thou canst not understand the voice 
of Grod, in his word of works, not knowing 
what to learn by them, apply, "i'he ears or 
the deaf shall be- unstopped;>> " that is, 
those that were deaf, not understanding any- 
thing, shall be made to hear, that is, to un- 
derstand. "Other sheep I have, which are 
not of this fold, them also I must brings and 

*James i> 5. ^Isau xxxv* 5. 


they shall hear my voice. « " Which is a 
promise to the Gentiles, that they shall un- 
derstand the voice of God. 

If thou canst not see into the mysteries of 

the gospel, 

"The eyes of the blind shall be opened.** 
"He shall open the eyes of the blind.® 
"He hath sent me to recover sight to the 
blind.d « 

These places tell what Christ will do to 
his people, therefipre we need not fear our 
disease, seeing Cnrist is our physician. It 
every creaturfe do that for whicn it was or- 
dained, then He will surely do that which 
he was sent to do of the Father,— "to give 
sight to the blind." 

If thou seest a good way^ and hast no power 

to walk in it. 

When thou seest a good way and hast no 
power to walk in it, or art to perform any 
duty, ordinary or extraordinary, and feelest 
no strength to walk in that way, apply, 
"And I will put my Spirit within you, and 
cause you to walk in my statutes, and ve 
sfiaU keep my judgments and do them.® " 

When thou lookest at the greatness of 
the duty which God commands, look also at 

• John X, 16. ^Isa. xxxv, 5. cLuk zlii, 7. 
d Luke iv, 18. e £zek. xxxrif 27^ 



the largeness of his promises, for the keep- 
ing of them, and then thoa wilt not be dis- 
couraged at it. What matters it what h^ 
commands, seeing we have his promise? 

If ^ou fearest the strictness of thj ways, 
that thou shattnotbe able to walk in them, 
though thou step into then^ sometimes, 
stenglJben thj faith in this promise, **l will 
give thee m J Spirit to cause thee to walk in 
my ways." Can sin, or satan, th^n resist? 
May, surely, the Spirit is. stronger; and grea- 
ter is Be that is in us, tluai those that are 
against us. ^ 

And when we see great duties which God 
commands, and fear we shall want strength 
to do them, apply. He hath said, "You saalt 
keep my judgments and do them* 

••They shall run, and not be weary; they 
shall walk, and not be faint: »'^ that is, those 
which of themselves could not step one step, 
shall be able to run swiftly in the ways of 

^ thou wmUest memory 1o remember tht 

word of God, 

**But the Comforter, which is the Holy 
Ghost, whom the Father will send in my 
name. He shall teach you all things, and 
bring all things to your remembrance what- 
aoever I have said unto you, <»" 

•tta. xl, SI, )> John xiv» 20} 



PFhen thou seeai thine own ignorance^. 

When thou seest thine ignorance, and 
fearest thou shaltnotbe able to glorify God 
as thou mightest if tliou hadst more know- 
ledge, stir up thyself to desire, and appl^,. 
"Thus saith the Lord, I will put my law m 
theirinward parts,,and write it in their heartsjk 
and the J shall all know me, saith the Lord,, 
from the greatest to the least. «»^ 

"Thou shalt know the Lord.^ I will pour 
out my Spirit unto you, I wDl make knowa 
my words unto you.** 

"The meek will he guide in judgment,. 
and the meek will he teach his way. What 
man is he that feareth the Lord? Him shalk 
he teach in the way that he shall choose. The 
secret of the Lord is with thijm that feact 
him^ and he will shew them \m covenant^^ 

"If thou seekest her as silver, and search 
for her as treasures, then shalt thou under- 
stand righteousness, and judgment, and. 
equity, yea «Yerv good path.® Discretion 
shall preserve thee,, unaerstanding shall^ 
keep tnee» to deliver thee from the way of 
the evil man, from the man that speaketh fro- 
ward things; who leave the path of apright" 
ness, to walk in the ways of darkness. The 
eartb shall be full of tne knowledge of the. 

a Jer. xxsd,. 33, 34. ^ Hoa. 2, 20. •^Prov. i^ 23. 
a Pb»1. xxv^ 9, 12, 14L • Prov. ii, 4^9,11. X2^15, 
f Isa. zi, 9« 



"These that seek me early shall find 
me." The fool shall not err.*» If any man 
will do his will, he shall know of the doc- 
trine whether it be of God, or whether I 
speak of myself. The eyes of them that 
see shall not be dim, and the ears of them 
that hear shall hearken.^ TK^ heart also ot 
the rash shall understand knowledge/ " 

When thou thinkest of the great mystery 
of God manifest in the flesh, and of one 
divine essence, and three persons, and seest 
thy own inability to conceive of this great 
God, apply, **They shall all know the Lord; 
the heart of the fool shall understand.^^ 

When we fear God will not reveal his 

will to us, apply, "I will joowr out my mind 

to you. He will teach the humble his ways; 

r he will teach him the way he shall choose." 

If thou fearest that, though God reveal 

I his will, yet thy ignorance is such, as thou 

' shalt not be able to understand it, apply, 

**I will cause you to understand. Thou shalt 

understand jwd^ment, righteousness, equity, 

and every good path." 

If thou tearest men will draw thee away 
to error, apply, "Counsel shall preserve 
thee, and understanding shall keep theet and 
deliver thee from the evU way, and from the 
man that speaketh froward things, and from 
them that leave the ways of righteousness, 

\ '* Prov. viii, 17. *> Isa. xxxv, 8. c John viij If. 

^ Im. xzxii, 3, 4. 


to walk iiv the ways of darkness. The fooi 
ahaU not err: he shall know the doctrine 
whether jit be of God," 

Jf thou desirest grace, and thy desires are 

not satisfied. 

''Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he 
shall give thee the desires of thy heart.* 

"He will fulfil the desires of them that 
fear him.^ 

<<Open th J mouth wide and I will fill it.<^ 

''Blessed are they which do hunger and 
thirst after righteousness, for they shall be 

"The desire of the righteous shall be 

Dost thou desire grace? Fearest thou 
God will not grant thy desire? Apply, "He 
bhall giye thee thy hearths desire; he will 
fulfil thy desireJ^ v 

Fearest thou, that if he give grace, it will 
be but a little? Apply, "Open thy mouth 
wide, and I wiUfiUit. Thou ahalt be filU 
ed." "Blessed are all they which wait for 
him. He will certainly have mercy upon thee, 
at the voice of thy cry; when he heareth, he 
will answer." 

When thou beginnest to faint with wait* 
ing, applj, "He wiU certainly have tnercy 
upon thee." 

• Psalm xxxvii, 4. ^ Psalm cxlr, 19. « Psab 
Ixxzi, 10. ^ Matt v, &» eProY. z> 24. f Isa» 
XXX, 18, 19. 


If thy heart he dead, and wUl not itir to Ood 

or goodness* 
•*Your heart shall live for ever.* 
^<Reep sound wisdom and discretion; so 
«hall thejr be life unto thy 8oul> I dwell in 
the high and holy place, with him also that 
is of a contrite and humble spirit, to revive 
the spirit of the humble, ana to revive the 
heart of the contrite ones.® 

"Seek the Lord, and je shall live/'** 
When thou fearest thou shalt never over- 
come the deadness of thy heart, apply, 
*«your hearts shall liffeJ^^ 

When thou hast got some life, and fearest 
the losing of it, apply, **Yovir Marts shall 
Uvefor everJ^ 

If thou Nearest falling away ^ and beginnest 

to decline. 
^ ^'Christ shall also confirm you unto the 
end that ye may be blameless in the day of 
our Lord Jesus Christ.* I have set the 
liord always before me: because he is at 
my right hand, I shall not be moved.' The 
Lord upholdeth all that fall; and raiseth up 
all those that are bowed down.v The righte- 
ous shali'fiottrish like the palm-tree; he shall 
grow like a cedar in Lebaopn* They shall 
still bring forth fruit in old age; they shall 
be fat and flourishing.^ 
^<And he shall be like a tree planted by 

•Paakaxxii, 96. ^ Provw iii, 31, 39. cisa.lvii, 
15. <i Amos V, 4. • 1 Cor. 1, 8. 'PmL xvi, 8. 
ff PmObi oxlvrl4b I^Psala xcii, 13, 14. 


the rivers of water, that biingeth forth his 
fruit ia his season; his leaf also shall not 
wither.* He shall strengthen thine heart.** 
Thou shalt be steadfast, thine age shall be 
clearer than the noon-day; thou shalt shine 
forth, thou shalt be as the morning.® They 
that love the Lord, shall be as the sun when 
he goeth forth in his misht.^ 

Now we see that nothing; can hinder the 
san in nis might, but it chaseth away the 
darkness and clouds before it, and ceaseth 
not till be has run his race: So shall the 
child of God, for the Lord hath said it; we 
need not doubt of it. 

If thou fearest thine own weakness, and 
the power of temptation, with the subtilty 
of satan, apply. That Ood ^hose power 
and wisdom OTer-reacheth all other, hath 
said, "He will confirm you to the end. He 
shall establish thine hearty thy leaf shall not 
fade." Art thou hard pursued by sin and 
satan? Apply, That GodVhose power and 
wisdom over-reacheth all,— -He nath said, 
"He will establish thee." 

If thou be ready to fall and faii^, apply, 
<*The Lord upholdeth all them that fall, and 
iiftcth up all them that are ready to fall: 
tnou shalt not slide,^^ 

If thou fearest that though thou be kept 
from sin, yet thy graces shall decay, apply, 

« Psalm i, 3. ^ PsdliU xxxi, 24. c Jobxii 15, 17- 

^ Judg. V, 31. 



<*The righteous shall jflouriih as a palm- 
tree, and shall grow as a cedar in Lebanon. 
Thej shall bring forth fruit in their old age; 
they shall be fat and nourishing: thon shalt 
bring forth fruit in season; thou shalt be 
stable: thine age shall appear more clear than 
noon -day; thou shsAtihine as the morning." 

^ thou art falten, tmd fear tlie Lord wiU 
, leave thee so. 

*'Cast thy burden upon th^ Lora, and he 
shall sustain thee. He shall never suffer 
the righteous to be moved.* 

"Though he shall fall, he shall not be ut- 
terly cast down; for the Lord upholdeth 
him with his hand* For the Lord loveth 
judgment^ and forsaketh not his saints; 
they are preserved for ever.^ 

"I will put my fear in their hearts, that 
they shall not depart from me."^' 

When thou art fallen^ and feelest a great 
load of sin or misery upon thee, and no 
power to unload thyself; thy graces so weak 
that they will not help thee, and therefore 
thou thinkest thy state desperate, APply> 
''Though he fall, he shall not be ca^tojff^thr 
the Lord putteth under his hand." There- 
fore« though sin and misery be ever so 
heavy, to press thee down, yet the power- 
ful hand of God, when thou art at the low- 
est, being under thee^ shall easily lift Uiee 

•Paalm Iv, ^* ^ Psalm jxxvn, 24, 28. cJ^^ 


upc thou hast his promise, ^'He will not 
suffer thee to Jail for ever. 

TFhen thou fearest the Lord hath forsaken^ 
thee, and will not return again. 

''For a small moment have I forsaken 
thee; but with fifreat mercies will I gather 
thee, tn a littfe wrath I hid my face from 
thee for a moment; but with everlasting 
kindness will I have mercy on thee» saith 
the Lord th j Redeemer. For this is as the 
waters of Noah unto met for as I have 
sworn that the waters of Noah shall no more 
go over the earth; so have 1 sworn that I 
would nut be wroth with thee, nor rebuke 
thee. For the mountains shall depart, and 
the hills shall be moved; but my Kindness 
shall not depart from thee; neither shall tiie 
covenant of my peace be removed, saith 
the Lord that hath mercy on the6.» 

"I will establish my covenant betwixt 
thee and me, an everlasting covenant, to be 
a God unto thee.*> 

'<I Will be with thee, I will not fail thee, 
neither forsake thee;, tear not, neither be 
dismayed. '^ 

'I will not forsake my people.^ 

The liord is with you» while you^be with 


^hsu Ev. Ty 8, 9,. 10* * ©fen. xvii, T. «D«utk 
sxzi» 8. d 1 KinfA vi» 13» « Z Chron. xv. 2.. 



**Behold, God will not cast awaj a per- 
fect man.' 

^'Behold, God is mighty, and despiseth 
not any.*» 

"I will betroth thee unto me for ever; yea, 
I will betroth thee unto me in righteous- 
ness, and in judgment, and in loving kind- 
ness, and in mercies. I will even oetroth 
thee unto me in faithful ness."<^ 

ffhen thou feelest thy vileneas, andfearesi 
the Lord wili loath theejor it. 

"My soul shall not abhor you ^ 

"I will love tiiem freely, for mine anger 
is turned away from theni." 

•*I will love thee/ 

"He that loveth me, shall be loved of my 
Father; and I will love him, and manifest 
myself unto him; my Father will love him, 
and we will come unto him, and make our 
abode with him,« 

^•I will rejoice over them to do them 

When thou seest a multitude of sins, so 
that thou seemest most loathsome, apply, 
"My soul shall not loath youJ^ 

Vvhen tliou seest nothing in thyself that 
should move him to love thee, but all to the 
contrary, apply, **I will love them freely.'* 

«Job viii, 30. )» Job xxxyi, 5. cHos. ii, 19, 
20. ^l,evit xxvi. 11. «Hos. xiv, 4. fDeut 
vii, 13. fjohnxiv, 21, 23^ >» Jer. xxsi), 41. 


If thou fearest thy many sins will cause 
the Lord not to delight in thee, app]y» "1 
will delight in thee.'' 

If thou fearest thy sin will cause the 
Lord to hide himself from thee, apply, ^*l 
will shew my own self unto him." 

TFhenthoufeelest thy spiritual poverty* 

''Blessed are the poor in spirit^ for theirs 
is the kingdom of heaven." . 

<«To him will I look, saith the Lord, that 
is poor and of a contrite spirit, and trem- 
bleth at my words."^ 

When thou feelest thy sins many^ and 
thy graces are few, and therefore fearest 
that, such a miserable creature as thou art, 
shall not inherit heaven, apply, "Blessed 
are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the king- 
dom of heaveft." 

If thou fearest the Lord will not look up- 
on thee, apply, "To him will I look, saith 
the Lord, that is of a contrite spirilP 

When thou art in a straits 

When thou art in a strait, either in some 
truth, or something that is to be done, and 
thou knowest not what to choose, apply, 
"Htm shall he teach in the way that he snail 
ehouse; his soul shall dwell at ease.? 

"In all thy ways acknowledge him, and 
he shall direct thy paths:*' Commit thy 

« Mat. T, ill. bisa. Izvi, 2. e k^aalm V^t ^$ 13* 

dProv. iii, 6. 



works unto the Lord, and thj thoagkts 
shall be established.* 

^'And thine ear shall hear a word behind 
thee» saying, This U the way, walk ye in U, 
when ye turn to the right hand^ and when ye 
turn to the left>. 

"The Lord shall ^ide thee continually. <^ 

•*I will direct their work in truth.* 

*'l will cause them to walk by the rivers 
of water^ in a straight way, wherein they 
shall not stumble«"« 

When thou doubtest of some truth, ap- 
ply, '<He shall teach him the way that he 
shall choose, his soul shall dwell at easie. 
Thine ears shall hear a voice behind thee, 
saying, Tide is the way, walk in it i will 
direct thy way in truth." 

When thou art thinking what course to 
take, and fearest thou shalt not know what 
the Lord would have thee to do, apply, 
*'Thy thoughts shaU be directed, he shmdi- 
red thy ways.*' 

When thou fearest thy weakness will at 
some times carry thee astray, apply,. "The 
Lord will euide thee continually^ the Lord 
will lead thee in a straight way, that thou 
shalt not stumble." 

Jf thou fearest satan will came thee to faU, 
and art troubled unth his temptations. 
**Ue shall bruise his head:i"^ — Therefore 

« Prov. xn, 3. >» Isa. xxx, 31. e Uf^ iviii^ i|. 
<i to. Ixi, 9. • Jer. zxx]« 9. ^ Gen. iii» 15. 


fear not, for Christ hath overthrown all his 
power and subtiltj, that he cannot do us 
ADj harm. 

"Surelj he shall deliver thee from the 
snare of the fowler. He shall cover thee 
with his feathers; and under his wings shalt 
thou trust: his truth shall be thj shield and 

*'The God of peace shall bruise satan 
under jour feet shortly."^ 

Doth satan press thee with strong temp- 
tations, and fearest thou his power? Apply, 
*^Ht shu\\ bruise his head. He will cover 
thee under his wings, and thou shalt be safe 
under his feathers; his strength shall be thy 

Fearest thou his subtilty? Apply, "He 
shall deliver thee from the snare of thefowU 
er, and bruise his head,^^ wherein lie all his 
powers and plots. 

If thou canst not profit by the word of God, 
or by his works of mercy, or afflictions. 

**1 am the Lord thy God which teacheth 
thee to profit, who leadeth thee to the way 
that thou shouldest go.<^ 

"The kingdom of God shall be taken from 
you, and given to a nation bringing forth 
the fruits thereof."<i 

This is a promise that the Gentiles shall 

/« pMlm xci» 3, 4. i^){om. xvi. 20r «Isa; xlriii. 
If. <tHatxzi|43. 


bring forth the fruit of the gospel; therefore 
every believing Gentile may apply it. 
If thou findest thyself unlike God^a people^ 
either in heart or life. 
'*I will give them one heart and one 


When thou seest thine heart not like the 
people of God, either in liieir affection to 
God, or his people, or ordinances, or in their 
sorrowing for sin, apply, "I will give them 
9ne heart?^ 

When thou seest thy life and conversa- 
tion not so holy as the people of God, ap- 
ply, "I will give them omway."^^ 
If thou wouidest have God^s blessing rest 

upon thee. 

"The Lord will bless tlie righteous.* 

•'I will bless thee.« 

"Thy blessing is upon thy people.** 

"He shall receive the blessing from the 
Lord, and righteousness from the God of 
his salvation.® 

"The Lord will bless us, he will bless the 
house of Aaron. He will bless them that 
fear the Lord, both small and great. "^ 
ff thou wouidest be a blessing in thy place* 

H will bless thee, and thou shalt be a 
blessing.^' I will make them about my hill 
a blessing.^* 

» Jer. xxxii, 39. b Psalm V, 12. c Deut vii, 13- 
d Psalm iii, 8. ePsalm xxiv, 5. ^Psalm cxv$ 
*2» 13. s Gen. xii, 2. »» Ezek. xhqv, 26. 



If thou separatest thyself from the tvicked 
in their corrupt worship and manners, 
'*! will dwell in them and walk in them, 
and I will be their God, and they shall be 
my people: Wherefore come out from 
among them; and be ye separate, saith the 
Lord, and touch not the unclean thins; and 
I will receive you, and I will be a Father 
unto you, and ye shall be mj sons and 
daughters, saith the Lord Almighty.* 


.^ promise to be applied in every ordinance* 

With joy shall you draw wdter out of the 
wells of sal vation'."*» 

Now in that it is said, out of the 'wells^ 
of salvation^ and not 'well,^ I think we 
ought to apply it to every ordinance of God, 
so as we are to use them with a comfortable 
persuasion that we shall receive abundance 
of grace from them. As the Lord promis- 
eth we shall draw waters from out of them* 
we shall not only use them, but draw from 
them with joy. 

Therefore when we pray, meditate, hear, 
confer, fast, in every dutjf apply this pro- 
mise, and you shall find him faithful which 

• 2 Cor. vi, 16- 17, 18. b isa. zii| 3. 


When thou prayesL 

Apply these promises for the strengthen* 

ing of thy faith, and for thy hearing,— "Ask, 

and it shall be given you; seek, and yo» 

shall find; knock, and it shall be opened 

unto you.* . 

"Pray to thy Father which seeth. m se- 
cret; and thy Father which seeth in secret, 
shall reward thee openly.** 

"And all things whatsoever ye shall ask 
in prayer, believing, ye shall receive.«^ 

"W hatsoever ye shall a»k in ray name I 

will do it.* 

"Ask, and ye shall receive, that your joy 

may be full.* 

"Ask what^e will, and it shall be done 

unto you.^ 

"Before they call, I will aiiswer; an* 
while they are yet speaking, I will hear.* 

"Thou shalt make thy prayers unto him,, 
and he shall hear theef and if th»u seek 
him, he wiU be found ."^ - 

When thou medkatest. 

•^Mercy and truth shall be to theia that 
devise good.' 

<^The loving kindness o£ the Lord en* 
dureth for ever, to them which think upoa 
his commandments to. do them.l 

• Mat fii^ n *^Mat. id. 6^ «Mat. xxi,. 22- 
« John xiv, 13,. 14.. « Joha xvi^. 24» ^Joli» xf^ 
7. flsa^lxY, 24. kJol> xxii* 2?. i'FroT.xiy^ 
22. jP9alHiciii»17»ia. 


*'Ttiiiik on these things, which ye have 
both learned, and received, and heard, and 
seen in me, and the God of peace shall be 
with jou."« 

Jf thou desirest mercy, or the truth ol 
God, to be for thy good, or the loving-kind- 
ness of the Lord to be for ever towards 
thee, and that God which brings peace with 
him to be with thee; then meditate on good 
things^ and with such a meditation as may 
stir thee up to practice, and then all these 
promises shall surelj be performed to thee. 
And because meditation is a hard duty, 
therefore encourage thyself to it by the 
benefit it brings; and being a way of God, 
he will give thee his Spirit to cause thee to 
walk in it. 

In meditating, confering, and reading God's 


^^Let not this book of the law depart out 
of thy mouth, but meditate therein day and 
night, that thou may est observe to do ac- 
cording to all that IS written therein; for 
then thou sbalt make thy way prosperous^ 
and then thou shall have good success."^ 

In reading of the word, if thou understand- 

est not. 

*'I will pour out my Spirit unto you, t 
will make known my words to you. 

• Phil, iv, 8,9. b Josh* i, 8. cprpy. i, 23. 


''It gives sabtiUy to the simple, to the 
young man knowleage and discretion.* 

'^The commandment of the Lord is pure, 
enlightening the ejes.'^^ 

If thou canst not confer • 

When thou canst not speak in conference 
to edification, but feelest thy heart shut up, 
apply, "He that believeth on me, out of 
bis belly shall flow rivers of living waters.*^ 

^*^The mouth of the just bringeth forth 

^'A man shall be satisfied with good by 
the fruit of his mouth. 

*^The tongue of the stammerer shall be 
ready to speak plainly/ 

''The dumb man's tongue shall 8ing."ff 

When thou art with the people of Grod, 
that thou mayest receive gCK)d from them, 
and do them good, apply, "He that walketk 
with wise men, ahall be wise,^ His fruit 
shall be meat, and his leaves medicine."^ 

If thou findest thy soul stand in need of 
wisdom, keep company with the people of 
God, who are the only wise people, and 
then thou hast the only sure promises of 
the Lord, thou shalt be wise. If thoa 
hungerest after good, resort to the ri^te- 

«Prov. 1,4. t> Psalm xix, 8. eJobn vii, 38. 

d Prov. X, 31. •ProT. xii» 14. ^Isa. ipudi, 4 

9 ISA, xxzv. 6. bProv. xiii, 20. ^Prov. zii, 14 
Joba vii, 33. Ezek. xlvii, 12. 


end, and thou shalt be satisfied with good 

IF thou feel thyself dead^ ^PP^Jt **Out of 
hiiii shall flow rivers of water of /i/e," for 
th J qaickening. If thy soul l>e faint or sick, 
app]y,«"His iruit shall be meat, and his 
leaves medicine.'' ^ Let all this good which 
is gotten by their ^fellowship, cause thee to 
denght in tnem; and take heed of forsaking 
the fellowship of the saints. 

"When thou goest into company, apply 
these promises to thyself, that thou may est 
be so to others; and hinder not thyself by 

fThen thou art to go tothe assemhlies, to par- 
ticq>ate in the ordinances* 

. ''In places where I record my name, I 
will come to thee and bless thee. »'' If 
thou wantest die Lord or his blessing, go to 
his house, ana thou shalt find him. "They 
shall be abundantly satisfied with the fat- 
ness of thine house, and thou shalt make 
them drink of the river of thy pleasures; 
for with thee is the fountain of life, and in 
thy light shall we see light *» We shall be 
satisfied with the goodness of thy house, 
even of thine holy temple.^ 

*^The Lord God is a sun and shield; tho 

• fixed. 21, 24. bPsalxn xxxvi, 8, 9. ePMbn 

htv, 4. 


Lord will gire grace and glory, and no 
good thing will he withhold, a 

^^Those that he planted in the house of 
the Lord, shall flourish in the courts of our 
God. They shall bring forth fruit in their 
old age; they shall be fat ioid flourishing.^ 

<^The Lord shall bless thee out of Zion.« 
In this mountain shall the Lord of hostd 
make unto all people a feast of fat things, 
a feast of wines on the lees, of fat things 
full of marrow, of wines on the lees well 
refined. <*" 

Therefore when his ordinances are cor- 
rupted with men's inventions, then thou 
mayest press him witli this promise; that 
he will give us wine refined and putyied, 
even his purest ordinances, most comfort* 
able to Our hearts, as wine is. 

And when there is little nourishment, be- 
cause their gifts are weak, urge him with this, 
that he hath promised to mahe us afevat of 
fax things full of marrow; for I take this 
promise to be meant of the churches after 
Christ, ver. 7. *^And he will destroy' in 
this mountain the face of the covering cast 
over all people, and the vail that is spread 
over all nations." 

Thy sins that are too strong for thee, 
— ^bring them to the Lord in his ordinan- 
ces, and he will destroy them; though di^ou < 

• PflBlm Ixxxiv, 11. b psahn xcii, 13, 14. c Pnf 
cxxviii, 5. d Isa. xzy, ^ 


. 8cem to be covered with them, and they 
f spread as a vail upon thee, yet believe his 
promises^ and all things shail be possible 
unto thee. 

^^I will make them joyful in mine house 
of prayer, their sacrifices shall be accepted 
at mine altar. •" God will both give to 
them, and accept from them their sacrifi- 
ces, as pleasing to him. * ^Believe his pro- 
phets, so shall ye prosper.^ 

**A wise will hear, and will increase 
learning; and a man of understanding shall 
attain unto wise counsel".<^ 

Hear and receive my sayings, and the 
years of thy life shall be many; when thou 
goest, thy steps shall not be straitened; and 
when thou runnest, thou shalt not stum- 
ble. <i Unto you that he^ar, shall be roor& 

^'Incline your ears and come unto me; 
hear, and your souls shall live; and I will 
make bu everlasting covenant with yoa, 
even the sure mercies of David. My word 
shall accomplish that which I please, and 
it shall prosper in the thing whereto I send 
it. Therefore ye shall go forth with joy, 
and be led forth with peace; the mountains 
and the hills shall break. forth before you 
into singing, and the trees of the field shall 
clap their hands; instead of the thorn, shall 

• Yaa. Ivi, 7, »>2 Chron. xx, 20. cProv. i, 5. 
d Frov. iy, 10, 12. « Mark iv, 24. 


come up the fir-treej and instead of th« 
brier, shall come up the myrtle-tree. *"— 
This force shall the word have in thine 
heart, for planting' of grace and destroying 
of sin. 

^'They that dwell under his shadow shall 
return; they shall revive as the corn, and 
grow as the vine; the scent thereof shall be 
as the vine in Lebanon.*'** 

If thou wottldest return, apply this, "He 
shall return." If thou art decayed, APP|j 
this, "They shall revive as th? porn." If 
thou wouldest flourish in grace, apply, 
'♦They shall flourish as the vine." If tnoa 
wouldest be a sweet-smelling savour in all 
places, apply, "The scent thereof shall be 
as the vine of Lebanon." 

Seeing all these good things come from 
the powerful ordinances of the Lord, let 
us give him no rest till he bestow these 
blessings upon us. When the pastor of the 
people pronoun ceth the blessing, apply this 
promise, "I will bless thee,"« . 

WotddtBt thou eniay the ordinances of CM^ 
and a bieesing tqnm them? 

"I will satiate the souls of the priests 
with fatness, and mj people shall be satis- 
fied with goodness.^ 

• Isa* Ir, 3, 11, 23, 13. ^Hos. ziv, 7* ^ NoS' 
vi^27'« 'Jer. xzs, 14. 


•*I will give you pastors according to 
mine heart, which shall feed you with 
knowledge and understatiding.^ 

^'And I will make them, and the places 
round about my hill, a blessing; and i will 
cause the shower to come down in his sea- 
son; there shall be showers of blessing. 
And the tree of the field shall yield her in- 
crease, and the earth shall yield her fruit."^ 

These promises are both for pastor and 
people; the pastor shall be able to teach 
with knowledge and nnderstaridingj his soul 
shall be replenished with/a^9i^9»^* nis teach- 
ing shall be as a seasonable shower of bleas- 
ing, that shall make the people fruitful. 

The people - must apply these promises, 
that God would give tneui able teachers; 
and that they may find their ministry bless- 
ed unto them, according to these promises; 
tliat they may be fed with knowledge and 
understanding, that they may be satisfied 
with goodness, and that their teaching may 
be seasonable showers of blessing to make 
theii fruitful; as it is promised that the 
trees shall yield their fntit. How much 
are God's ordinances to be desired, by 
which he doth convey so many blessings 
unto his people! Let us give him no rest^ 
till he lurnish Jerusalem with her ordinan- 
ces and officers. 

•Jer. il^lS. l^J&zek. xxxiv» 26» 27. 


If thou enjoyesi gr«ce, or means of grace, 
and f Barest the losing of them* 

*'Upon all the ^ory shajl be a defence. 
And there shall be a tabernacle of a shadow 
in the day-time from the heat, and for a 
place of refuge, and for a covert from the 
storm and from the rain.* 

"I the Lord do keep it, I will water it 
every moment; lest any hurt it, 1 will keep 
it night and day.^ 

"His place of defence shall be the muni- i 
tion of rocks; bread shall be given him, his 
waters shall be sure."® 

Hast thou any glorious grace, or means 
of grace? Arm thyself with the power of 
God, in his promises; for the devil will use 
all his forces and subtil ty to deprive thee of 
them. Hast thou a glorious minister, and 
pure ordinancie? Do glorious graces begin 
to spring in thine heart, and thou seest no 
means to defend them? Apply, "Upon all 
thy glory he shall be a defence: his defence 
shall be a munition of rocks V 

Seest thou a heart of sin in thyself, or the 
rage of the wicked, thatcauseth thee to fear 
the loss of them? Apply, "There shall be 
a covering for a shadow in the day from 
the heat." Doth the devil raise up storma» 
or outward persecutions? Apply, *'7%e de- 
fence and covering shall be a place of re- 

alsa. ir. 5> 6. bisa. Xxzvii* 3. ciaa. xzxiii, 1& 


fiiTe, and covert For the storm and for the 

Fcarest thou the subtilties of thine ene- 
mies; that, unawares^ when thou thinkest 
not on them^ they will surprise' thee, and 
steal thy blessing from thee? Apply^ '*Itbe 
Lord will keep it night and day.^^ If thou 
fearest 6od will not coniimie thus to thee, 
applj, "I will water U every moment;^^ 
not one moment^ but be will be adding and 
nourishing; ''bread shall be givea him, and 
hisr waters shall be sui:^^" 

^henthou' art banished from God^s ordin- 
ances and dtsirest to return. 

"The ransomed, of tlie Lord shall return 
and come to Zion with songs, and everlast* 
ihg joy upon their heads: they shall obtain 
joy and- gladness^ and'Borxow and sighing 
»hall fly away.*' 

•*A:iid^ I wiil, bring you^ to Zion.^ If any 
of thine be dHven out to the outmost part»^ 
of heaven, from, thence will the Lord thy 
God gather thee,- audi from, thence will h&^ 
fetch thee.c; 

**BtjHold r^ even r^- will both search my 
sheep? and< seek them^ out. As a shepherd' 
seeketh out his flbck, in the day that he is 
among his sheep that are scattered, so will 
i seel& out my sheep,, and' dbliver them^ out 

■» Isa;. xxxt^ 10;- ^ Jer. iii>. 141 • <?Deut. ixx^ . 4 . 



of all places ivhere they have been seatteped 
in the cloudy and dark day. And I will 
bring them out from the people, and gather 
them from the coantries^ and will bring 
them to their own land, and feed then up- 
on the mountains of Israel, by the rivers, 
and in all the inhabited places of the coun- 
try, I will feed them m a good pasture, 
and upon the high mountains of Israel shall 
their lolil be: there shall thev lie in a good 
fold, and in a fat pasture shall they feed 
upon the mountains of Israel. I will feed 
my flock, and I will cause them to lie down, 
saitfa the iiord God. I will seek that which 
was lost, and bring again that which was 
driven away; and bind up that which was 
broken, and will strengthen that which was 
sick. »" 

If thou mournest for Ood*s ordinances, 
apply, ''Thou 3hait not only return to Zion^ 
but return withjay^ aiid sorrow shall fly 
away." If thou art but one amongst many 
which desire it, and fearest thou shalt be 
left amon^ them, apply, ^*I will take you 
one of a city, and two of a tribe. *»- ' Though 
thou art but one of a city that returneth to 
the Lord, he will bring thee to Zion from all 
(he rest. 

If thou art far removed from all means, 
and that the Lord hath done it for thy sin, 
apply, <*Though thou wert cast into the 

• Ezefe. zxxiv, 11, 13, 13, 14» 15, 16. b Jer. iii, 14, 

outmost part of heaven, thence will the 
Lord gather thee, and from thence will he 
take thee; he will deliver them from all pla- 
ces where thej have been scattered in tike 
cloudy and dark ^av, and will feed th^m 
in good pastures, and mil bring them to 

When thou ait banished from God^shouse^ 

*<I will be unto them as a little sanctuary 
in the country s where they shall come,* He 
shall feed his flock like a shepherd: he shall 
gather the lambs with his arm, and carry 
them in his bosom; and shall gently lead 
those that are with young> 

In thy banishment, at those hours when 
thy soul was wont to be refreshed in the 
sanctuary of God on the sabbath, and at 
other times when thou findest thyself to 
stand in need either of defence or nourish- 
ment, apply, ^'/ will be a sanctuary unto 
you. He shall feed his flock as a. shepherd ." 

**If in this time thou feelest thyself very 
weak, apply, **He shall gather his lambs in 
his arms, and carry them in his bosom; and 
guide them with young:'^ they cannot mis* 
carry that are shut up m the bodom of God; 
nor fear, who iLre guided by him. Therefore, 
though we be ever so weak in ourselves, 
yet here is our comfort,— we arc safe in our 
God. O happy people, saved by the Lordt 


HHen mcked aheplurda are over ns^ 
<^Thtis saith the Lord God, behold, I am 
against £he shcphei*ds, and £ ^ill require 
mjr ifock at their hands and ca^se them 
to cease from feeding the flock. Neither 
shall the shepherds feed themselTes anj 
more; for I will deliver mj flock from their 
mouth, that they may not be meat for them. 
Because je have thrust with side and with 
shoulder, and pushed all the diseased with 
your horns, till ye have scattered them a- 
Droad: therefore will I save my flock, and 
they shall no more be a, prey; and I wilt 
cause the wild beasts to cease out of the 

When the shepherds feed themselves, and 
are ready to devour us, apply, The shep- 
herds ahall not feed themselves any more; / 
will deliver m^ sheep from their mouths, 
they shall no more devour them.." 

When, through their greatness and our 
weakness, they push us^ so with their horns, 
that we are scattered, both shepherd from 
people, and one from another^ ^PP^7» ^^^ 
will help my sheep^ and they shall no more 
be spoiled; I will cause the wild beasts to 
cease out of the land.'^ 

fVhm^ thwough wicked sh^herd^, thoumtt 
come to great misery^. 

*4 Will seetthat which was^ lost, and bring 
«&^ nsLva 10» 21, 22> 2^. 



a^ain tot which was driven away; and will 
bind up that which was broken, and will 
dtren^then that which was sick.* Though 
the Lord give you the bread of adversitj^^ 
and the water of affliction, yet shall not thy 
teachers be removed into a corner any more; 
but thine eyes shall see thy teachers."^ 

When through evil shepherds thou art 
come to such ian estate, as thou feelest thy-^ 
«elf to have lost God and goodness, and 
art driven away from things that might help 
thee, apply, ♦*lw«7/5ee/: that which was loat^ 
I will bring again that which was drinen 

W hen thou art even broken with misery 
and grown very weak, apply, **I will bind 
up that which was broken^ and strength^ 
that which was weak.'' 

"When thy teachers, who should help thee 
in this estate, are forced to fly and hide thetn- 
selves, for the fear of the %vicked shepherd's, 
apply, ^^Thy teachers shall not be removed 
into a oomer any more, but thine eyes shall 
gee thy teachers." 

When thou setteet thyself to fan. 

••If thou fast in secret, thy Father which 
-seeth in secret will reward thee openly .<^ 

**Draw nigh unto God, and he will draw 
nieh unto you. Humble yourselves in the 
si^tof the Lord, and he snail lift you up.'^<> 

» Ezek. xxxiv, 16. b Isa. xxx, ?0. e Mat vi; 18, 




AUifuU wiUUve Bpdhfi miut aujferpa^aecuiiotL' then- 
fore strm^hen thyself unth these pronwea. 

If thou art railed upon for wdl4oing. 

•*If je be reproached for the name rf 
Christ, happy are ye; for the Spirit of Grod, 
and of glory, rested upon you.^, 

^'Blessedi areye when men revile you> and 
persecute you, and shall say all manner of 
evil against yon falsely for my sake. Re- 
joice and be exceeding glad, for great is your 
reward in heaven; &r so persecuted they 
the prophets which were before yott> 

If titou art persecuted any other ways even 

unto decufu 

"Re that loseth his life for my sake shall 
find it.<^ Blessed are they which are perse- 
cuted for righteousness' sake; for theirs is^ 
the kingdom of heaven. <^ 

When ye lose any earthly blessing for 
God's cause, apply, "Everyone that hath 
forsaken houses, or brethren, or sisters^ or 
father, or mother, or wife, or children, or 
lands, tor my name's sake* shall receive a 
hundredfold, and shall inherit everlasting 

^ t Pet. iVf 14. b Mat V, 11, 12. cMat ^ 39u. 
dMstt. v^ ip» e Mi^ xix, 29. 


This is the greatest, and yet lawful usury 
of all others, — ^to part with one outward 
blessing, and to receive a hundred for it; to 
Ipse a miserable life, and to eutoj eternal 
life; to suffer a short, tiaie> and to have a 
great reward in heaven; to be disgraced, and 
to have tlie spirit of glory rest upon us. 
Therefore when tliou art raded upon, apply. 
**Bles8ed am I; the spirit of glory rests 
upon me« therefore they cannot make me 

Art thou any way persecuted? Apply» 
"Theirs ia the Kingdom of heaven; great is 
your reward in heaven," 

Take they thy life? Apply, "He that 
bsetk his lije for my sake^ smill Jind itJ^ 
Take they away any earthl v bles|ing? ^^Thou 
ahalt receive an hundred fold at this pre- 
sent." Therefore if usurers gladly let out 
^ their money, that hope to receive but eight 
in the hundred; be ashamed of thyself, 
that thou shouldest not give one for a httn-r 
dred, when thou hast the promise of him 
that never failed topclrform* 

In partaking with Ood^speofd^in sujjlirihgf 
that thou may est be partaker of their com*- 

"As you are partakers of the sufferiajgs; 
so shall yie be also of the consolation.^ 

*2Cor.i, 7. 


Wkm thou art caUed forth to defend ikt 

truth. * 

"When they deliver you up, take no 
thought how or what you shall speak; for it 
shall be giteo you in that same nour what 
ye shall speak.* 

**I will give you a mouth and wtsdom, 
which all your adversaries shall not be able 
to gainsay or resist ** Whosoever confesseth 
me before men, him will I confess before my 
Father which is in h^ven.'' 

When thou fearest thou shalt not be able 
to speak in defence of the truth, apply » *'It 
shall be ^ven thee,"though thou hast it not 
before, "in that hour what thou shalt say." 

If thou fearest the learning of thy adver- 
saries, and thine own simpleness, apply, "I 
will give thee not only a mouth, but also^ 
. 2£yiWom, where ^against they shall not be able 
to speak." If thou want courage,, embolden 
thyself with this, — Christ will confess th^e 
before his Father.^ 

^ thou wouldet bring forth aeaaonabkfruU 
for every estate, aria for every duty. 

*^Thott shalt be as a tre« that ^bringeth 
forth bis fruit in season.^ He shall bring 
forth fruit according to his months.* 

If thou art to speak, or pray, or do any 
dutyi that thou mayest do it seasonably, and 

•Mat X, 19. l>Luke xxt, 15. eMat z, 33. 
<iPidmi,3. « fieek. zliaii» Id. 


have fitting words and thoughts* appltj 
"Thou shalt bring forth fruit in «tffl«on/'So 
in every estate, prosperity or adversity, that 
thou mayest bring forth the fruits of it, ap- 
ply,"'rhey shall bring forth fruit in season^ 
according to their months." 



As children are the most exeeltent^ I wiU begin Mnik 


If thou hast children. 

"His seed &haU be mightv upon earth: the 
generation of the just sbail be blessed.^ 

*'He will bless the truitof thv womb.*» 

<^I will estabiiish my covenant netween me 
and thee, and thy s<ed after thee in their 
generations, for an everlasting covenant, to 
be a God.unto thee, and to uiy seed after 
thee.« , 

^*\ will pour out my Spirit upon thy seed, 
and mine blessing upon thine offspring; ah^ 
they shall spring up as among the grass, as 
willows by the water-courses. <* 

If thou desirest grace and God's blessing 

» Psalm cxil, 2. •» Deut. vii, 13. « Gen. x?U^ 7. 

^Isa. xliv, 3, 4r 




for tbj chHdren, applj, <H[ wHl pour out wijr 
Sjpirit and hlesamg upoa thy seed,'^ 

If thou wouldest have them grow up in it» 
apply, '*The^ shallgrow as^among the grass,, 
aod as the Tviilows by the wiater^courses^" 

If thou wouldest have theia in covenant 
with thyself, thy God to be theirs, apply, "I 
will make an everla'sting covenant with thee,, 
to be a God to thee, and to thy seed after 
• thee,-' pesirest thou outward things for 
them? Apply, "His seed* shaU b€^ mighty 
upon carth/^ 

If ihou waritesi children^, 

^'Thou shalt be blessed above all people;:' 
there shall neither be male nor iemale Dar- 
ren among you.* 

**The liord $haW make thee plentiful ia 
the fruit of thy body> 

"Thy wife shall be as a fruiiM viwe by 
the side of thine house, thy children like 
olive plants round about thy table.. Lo^. 
thus shairtbe )Enan be blessed that feareth 
the Lord; thou shalt see ihj children's chil- 
> If thou hast conceiyed, ^pplythis promise 
fir keeping of it, ^^There shall none coat 
thuT jfoungt nor be batren m thy land. <>'^ 

This, and all other promises of earthly^ 
things, are tp be applied so far as is good 
fbr us: we are not tp dpubt of them* 

^ Beut vii, 14. ^Beut. xxviii, 11. <^Paa!m 
cxxviii, 3, 4^ 6. ^ £xod. xiuii, 26. 


7f the Lord deny ikee children. 
**To tlietn will I give, in mine house, and 
within mv walls, aplace^ and a name better 
ihan of sons and daughters^ I will give 
them an everlasting name that shall not be 
cut ofl[> " 

^ thou wouidesi fiave a comfortMe and ho- 
ly use ef thy habUation* 

^^Thou'shalt Jtnow that £hy tabernacle 
shall be in peace; and thoii shalt visit thjr 
habitation, and not sin.^ 

'*There shall no evil befall thee, neither 
shall any plagae come nigh thj dwelling.*^ 
The tabernacle of the upright shall flour- 
ish.^ The bouse of the righteous shall 

If thou wouldest prosper in thine house, 
apply, **Pettce shaa he in it$ no plague 
shall come near it: it shaU flourish?^ If 
thou wouldest have it continue so, apply* 
«^/r skaU stmdJ^ That they may not be a 
snare to thee, but that thou mayest use thy 
blessing, and not sin, apply, **Thou shalt 
visit thy habitation, and not sin." 

fFhen thou wotddesthave thy going-out and 
coming-in blessed, 
^^Blessed shalt thou be when thou comest 
in, and blessed shalt thou be when thou 
goest out/ 

« Ita. Ivi, 5. ^ Job v, 24. e Psalm xcii 10. ^ Prov. 
ziv, 11. e Prov. xil* 7. ^Deut. zinu, 6, 


^nrhe Lord shall preserve thf g»iD2 out, 
and thy coming in» from this time forth, and 
even for evermore, »" 

When thou goest ont» if thou wouldest 
have heaven ^ and earth, and all creatures 
blessed to thee, and be made able to make 
the spiritual use of them, apply, ^'Blessed 
shalt thou be when ihon goest oiit^ and when 
thou comeat in. The Lord shall preserve 
thy going but, and thy coming in.'^ If thou 
wouldest have the continuation of it, apply, 
^^From this time forth for evermore." 

When thou eateat or enjoyest any blessing^, 
that it may eaiisfy and be Ranct\fied. 

*^Ye shall eat in plenty 4ind be satisfied, 
and praise the name of the Lord our God. *>" 

That thy meat and outward blessings may 
give thee content, and satisfy thee, apply, 
*<Thou shalt eat and be aatisJUtU^ 

That thou mayest have the sanctified use 
of it, apply. Thou shalt praiae the Lord^ 

When thou takest thy rest at nighty ^c 

^^When thou liest Jown, thou shalt not 
be afraid. Yea, thou shalt lie down, and 
thy sleep shall be sweet <^ 

^'Also thou shalt lie down, and none shall 
make thee afraid, d't 

If thou be ti^ubled with fear9 of the night;, 
apply, ^^Thott shalt not be afraid.^^ 

«Psidm cxzi,. 8. >»jQel il, 3^. «Prov. if^ 24. 

4 Job »i 19«. 

Wlien thim takest thy rest, apply, "JK)«« 
shall make thee afrMfi 

If thou art troubled with any thing that 
breaks thy rest, apply, ^<Thy rest shall be 

Wh^n thou puttest thy hand to any work^ 
that it may be blessed. 

*^The Lord shall bless all the work of 
thine hand.» The Lord thy Grod will make 
thee plenteous in every work of thine 

The Lord will not only bless some of thy 
workS) but every one* Therefore in every 
work send up short prayers for the claiming 
of them; and so at your goine put, and 
coming in, or sleeping, renew these prpmi* 
ses upon thyself; by faith apply i^g.them, 
and by prayer suei^g for them« 

ff thou wouldest have thine outward bless- 
ingSf blessed of Qod, 

'^Blessed shall be the fruit of thy body, 
and the fruit of thy ground, and the fruit of 
thy cattle; the increase of thy kine^ and 
the flocks of thy sheep. Blessed shall be 
thy basket and thy store.® , 

<*The Lord will also bless the fruit of thy 
womb, and the fruit of thy land; thy corn, 
and thy wine, and thy oil; the incri^ase of 
thy kine, and the flocks of thy sheep. 

4k S. 


There shall be neither male nor female bar- 
ren among you, or among your cattl-e.* '* 

That tiiy goods and thine house may be 
blessed^ ^PP^J) **Ble§sed shall be thy 6iw- 
keisLni thy stortP If thou art in debt^ 
apply, ^Thou shalt /andf unto many, and 
shalt noi 6orroM;.*> " 

If thou desirest to enjoy the labours of thin^ 


'*They shall build houses, and inhabit 
them; they shall plant vineyards, and eat 
the fruit of them. They shall not build, 
and another inhabit; they shall not plant, 
and another eat: for as the days of a tree, 
are the days of my people; and mine elect 
shall long enjoy me works of their hands. 
They shall not labour in vain, nor bring 
forth for trouble.*^ 

<<Thou shalt eat the labour of thine 
hands.<> *' 

ff thou art diligent in thy calHng. 

'^The recompence of a man's hand shall 
be rendered unto him. The hand of the 
diligent shall bedr rnle.<» " 

When thou enjoyest that thoahast labour- 
ed for, apply, ^'Thou shalt eat the labour 
of thine hands; htggay shalt thou be, and it 
shalt be well with thee/ " 

•Beut vii, 13, 14. 
b Deut. xxm» 12. elmu Ixv, 21. 22, 23. <lPteL 
cxxi!jiii,2. «Frov. xii, 14, 24. fPsal. cxxriiiy 3« 


ffhm thou seest mcked men follow unmiu- 
■ fying things wilh reatless aesires, and thott 
desirest content. 

•*Thus saith the Lord, Behold my ser* 
yants shall eat, but ye shall be hungry; be- 
hold my servants shall drink, bat ye shaH 
be thirsty: behold my servants shall rejoice, 
but ye shall be ashamed: behold my ser- 
vants shall sing for joy of heart, but ye shall 
^y for sorrow of heart, and shall howl for 
vexatioa of spirit, «'* 

If thou fearest thou shaltloaehy following 

the Lord. 

^^Those that wait upon the Lord shall in- 
herit the earth; thieir inheritance shall be 
for ever: they shall not be ashamed in the 
evil time; thev shall inherit the earth, and 
delight themselves in the abundance of 
peace.'* . ,, 

^^Wealth and riches shall be in hi»house«e 
^*Thou shall be built up; thou shall lay up^ 
gold as dust, and the gold of Ophir as the 
stones of the brooksii Yea, the Almighty 
^hall be th^ defence, and thou shah have 
plenty of silver.* 
"I am thy eiceedbg great reward.* 
Fearest thou the loss of thy land? Appier 
^^Thou shalt inherit the earth; thine inheri* 

• Isa. lxv» 13,14. b Psalm xxxviii, 9, 19, 19, 11. 
e Piftlm cioi, 3. d Job uii, 23», 24, 25. « Qet. 
XV, .1*. . . 

iance shall be for ever. Thou shalt passesi 
the earthJ** Do others trouble thee? Apply, 
^^Tbej shall have their delight in the mul- 
titude of peace.*^ Art thou poor, or fearest 
the loss of thv soods? Apply, *' Riches and 
treasures shall be in his house. " Aft thou 
oppressed by the wicked? Apply, * 'The Al- 
mighty shall be thy defence^^ 

When thou hast lost blessings by sin, and 
wishest to recover them. 
<'The floors shall be full of wheat, and 
the fats shall overflow with wine and oil: and 
I will restore to you the years that the lo- 
cust hath eaten, the canker-worm, the cater- 
pillar, and the palmer-worm; and ye shall 
eat in plenty, and be satisfied, and praise 
the Lord.^ 
"I will multiply you above your fathers,''*^ 

Jf thou fearest thelpss of thy good name, 

^<Thou shalt be hid froiii the BcOurge of the 
tongue.<> Thou shalt lift up thy £ace with- 
out spot.^ 

**Ht shall brins forth thy righteousness 
as the light, and thy judgment as the noon- 
day •« The memory of the just is blessed.^ 

Fearest thpu the wicked Will take away 
thy good name? Apply; ^' Thou shalt be hid 
from the scourge of the tongue.^^ Cast they 
blots upon thee? Apply^ ^'Thou shalt lift up 

•Joelil 24, 35, 26. bpeut xxx, 5. ojob v, 
21. <i Job zi| 15. Psalm xxxB, 6. 'Pror. x, f • 


1^y face withota apoV^ Seek they to darken 
the light of thy holy lifer Apply, «*He shall 
bring forth th^ fighteousness aa the lights 
and thy JHdgment v&thenoQn-day?^ 

If the world despise thee^ ^c. 

Ye siutU be Ood's peculiar treasure above 
all people.*^ Those that honour me, will I 
honour* saith the Lord.** I will set him on 
hi^ht because he hath known my name. « 
H13 horn shall be exalted with honour.^ 

**Jf any man^ei-ve me, him will my Father 
honour. « Get wisdom, exalt her, and she 
ahaU promote thee$ she shall bring thee to 
honour when thou dost embrace her; she 
shall give to thine head an ornament of 
grace, a crown of glory shall she deliver to 

When the world counts thee as the off- 
scouring of the i^orld, vile,^ nought worthy 
apply, "Ye shall be God^s chief treasure 
above all people." 

Doth the world debase thee? Apply, 
*«The Lord will exalt thee^ the Father will 
honour him." 

When thou aft in any want for sold or body. 

^^There is no want to them that fear him. 
The young lions do lack and suffer hunger, 

•£xod'. xix, 5. M Sam. ii, 30. epaalm xci, 
14. d Psalm cxii, 9. • Jylm xii| 26. ^Prov. vr^ 


but they that seek the Lord shall not want 
any good thing.* 

'^No good thing will he with^-hold Arom 
them that walk uprightly.^ Seek ye first the 
kingdom of God and his righteousness, and 
all things shall be added unto you/^ ' 

Art tnou troubled with distracting cares 
for outward things? Apply, «*Seek the king- 
dom of heaven and his righteousness, and 
aU other things shaU be cast uponyou.^^ 

Fearedt thou that thou shalt be oVerpress* 
ed with wanti^ Apply, "Those that seek the 
Lord ghaU want no good thing. No good 
thing will he v>ithhold h-om them that walk 

In liberal giving. 

<^The liberal soul shall be made fat, ai|d 
he that watereth shall be watered also hiai- 

"He that hath pity on the poor, lendeth 
to the Lord: and that which he hath gi^en 
will he pay him again.* 

"Give in secret, and thy Father himself 
shall reward thee openly.^ He which sow- 
eth bountifully shall reap bountifully. He 
that ministereth seed to the tsower; doth 
minister bread for your food, and multiply 
your seed sown, and increase the fruits of 

•Padm ixxiv, 9^ 10. bP6aIm Ixxxiv, If. 
clfatvi, 33. dprov. xi. 25. «Pfov. acix, l?k 
If at. vi, 4. 

your righteousness, l^eing enriched in ere* 
Tj thine to all bountifniness.^ 

'*If tnou draw ont thy soul to the hungry^ 
and satisfy the aiSicted soul; then shall thy 
light rise iii obscurity* and thy darkness b« 
as the noon-day: and the Lord shall guide 
thee continually, and satisfy thy soul in 
drought, jand make fat thy bones; and thou 
shah be like a watered garden, and like a 
sprins; of waters whose waters fail not.** 

Wnen thou givest to the people of God, 
and treatest them kindly, apply, **He that 
receiveth a prophet in the name of a pro- 
phet, shall receive a jfrophet^s reward; and 
be that receivefth a righteous man, in the 
name of a righteous man, shall receive a 
righteous tnan^ 8 reward. And whosoever 
shall give to drink unto one of these little 
ones a cup of cold water only, in the name 
of a disciple, verily I say unto you, he shall 
in no wise lose his reward,^ 

If sickness be among lis* 

<<I will take sickness away from the midst 
of thee*'?* 

<^The Lord will strengthen him upon the 
bed of languishing; thou wilt make all his 
bed in his sickness.® 

** And the Lord will take away from thee 

ft 2 Cor. iz, 9, 10^ 11. ^isa. Ivfii, 10,li« c]|ati(, 
4^iy42.^ d Exod. zxiii, 35* « Psalm xli, 3, 


*&H «ic1cness, and will pnt none bf the evil 
•diseases of Egypt upon thee."» 

If the plagae $e amongtis, apply; "Surd jr 
he shall iidiver thee from the nois(Mie pestu 
knee. Thou shalt not he afraid of the peati- 
lence^hsit walketh in darkitess, nor for the 
destruction that wasteth at noon-day: a 
thousand fthail fall at thy side, and ten 
thousand at thy right hand; but it 8haU not 
^omc iHgk thee."** 

Art thou sick'? Apply, <*The Lord will 
strengthen him upon the bed of sorrow; thou 
wilt make all his bed in his sickness. " 

Art *thou where the sick are? Apply* "I 
will take away all sickness from the midst 
of thee." 

Fearest thon the pestilence? Apply, **I 
wiH deliver thee from the noisome pestik 

ff thou fearest death. 

«He shall enter into peace, they shall 
rest in their bed8«<^ "Nobe fear to go to bed, 
when they know they shall rest, bein^ wea- 
ly: this resting is more sui^e, and lasting for 

**He that raised up Christ from the dead, 
sliaM quicken yOur mortal bodies.''<^ There- 
fore we must not think of it but as a better 
life given by the Spirit of God. 

« Deut. TJiy 15. 1> Psalm xci, 3, 6» 7c «Ite. M!, 
2. <1 Ron. yiii, 11. 


J^ thou feanst untimely d^atfk 

"Thou shalt come to thy gravje in a full 
age^ like as a shock of corn cometh in hi» 
geason.» The numbec of tfaj d^ys will I 

•*Withlong life Willi satisfy him,, and 
sh6w him my salvation. The Lord will 
preserve him and keep him alive; and he. 
. shall be blessed upon tne earth ..« 

Hast thou many enemies,, and fearest the 
lo«8 of thy life by them? Apply, " The num- 
ber of thy days will I fuljui the Lord will 
preserve fiim and keep liimalive.^^ 

Pearest thou- that thou shalt either live toa 
long, or die too soon? Apply, •^^Thou shalt 
go to thy grave m a JnH age$ as a rick of 
corn cometh in the due season"' into thii 

]ff thou fearest kwrt by any of the creatures^ 

•*The fear of you, and the dread of: you,, 
shall be upon every beast of the earthy and 
upon every fowl of the air, upon all that 
moveth upon, the earthy upoa aiLthe fishes 
•f the sea; into your hana ace they deliver-- 
ed.^ Thou shalt be in league with the stonea 
of the field;, and the beasts oC the field shall 
be at peace with thee<^^ 

« Jobv, 26. b£xod. zxlii*; 26;. Psalm zci, 26;. 
^Paaha xli» 2. <i <2eik ]x», 2.^ • Job v» 23. 


ffhen ihoU haat a irmbkd hearty dlher for 

sotd or body. 

*'The peace of God, which passeth all ud- 
derstanding, shall keep your hearts and 
tnlndsJ^ The Lord will bless his people with 
peace,** " 

Is thine heart troubled with many temp- 
tations of satan, or with fears of sin and 
misery? Apply, '*The peace of God shall 
preserve your hearts." Hast thou many trou- 
bles oi^twardly? Apply, *<The Lord shall 
bless his people witn peace.^^ 
If tkou wouldest have thy purpose to prosper, 

^'Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it 
shall be established unto thee: and the light 
'shall shine upon thy ways.*^ 

"Whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.' 
Commit thy way unto the Lord: trust also 
in him, and he shall bring it to pa8s.<^ " 

When thou often purposest to do good 
both for thy soul and body, and yet lindest 
thy purposes broken, apply, '*Thou shalt 
decree a thing, and the Lord shall establish 
it unto thee; he shall brin^ it to passJ^ 
When thou art in doing of any thing, ap- 
ply, ** Whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.*** 
When thou art called to a great work^ wherein 
thou shalt have great opposition. 

<<The Lord — ^he it is that doth go before 
thee, he will be with thee; he will not fait 

• PhiL iv, r. l> Psalm zsix, 11. * Job xxii« 28. 
A Psalm iy 3. •Psalm xumi^ 5. 


thee, neither forsake thee: fear Dot» neither 
be dismayed.*^ The Lord will shew him" 
self strong in the behalf of them whose heart 
is perfect towards him;^ 

<*He shall ^ve his angels charge over tkee^ 
to keep thee m all thy ways: they shall bear 
thee up in their hands, lest thou dash thy 
foot against a stone. Thou shalt tread, upon 
the lion and the adder.; the youns lion and 
dragon shalt thou trample under foot."^' 

It matters not what be the lets that op- 
pose us, when the Lord goes before us; ne 
will easily beat them down: nor what 
strength resists such as he has promised to 
shew his strength for: nor how many be our 
dangers, when his angels have charge Over 
us to keep us. Theremre go on iri the work, 
and fear n6t the issue, being strengthened 
by the promises of Him that never faileth 

In times of danger. 

'*The Loid will keep the feet of his saint.d 
Whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safe- 
ly, and shall be quiet for fear of evil.*. 

•*Thou shalt be secure, because there is 
hope; yea, thou shalt dig about thee, and 
thou shalt take rest in safety; also, thou 
shalt lie down, and none shall make thee 
afraid/ They which trust in the Lord shall 

• Deut. xxxi, 8. ^2 Chron. zvi, 9. « Psalm 
zci, lU 13, 13. ^I 3am. ii, 9. eProv. i» 33. 
f job xi, 18, 19. 


tie as: ttioiint Zion, which cannot bts remorecF^ 
but abideth forever. As the mountains are 
round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round 
about his piE^ople, from henceforth^ even 
for ever.* 

**He will not suffer thy foot to be* moved: 
he that Iceepe^ thee will notsluniber. Be- 
held, he^at keepeth Israel will not slum- 
ber n&r sleep, the Lord is thy keeper^ the 
Lord is thy shade upon thy right nand. *»"' 
Seeing the Lord is our keeper^ we need not 
fear the danger. 

Hhmthou art in great trouble^ ^c* 
"When thou passeth through the watersj. 
I will he with thee^ and through the rivers^ 
thev shall not overfliow thee^ when, thou^ 
walkest through the fire» thou, shalt not be 
burnt, neither shall the flame kindle upoo/ 
thee. I will give waters in the wild)ertiesS|. 
and rivers inJbe desert,, to give* drink to mjr 
people, my chosen. 

* *Surely in: the floodk of great waters,, they 
shall not come nigh unto him. Thou art: 
my hiding place, thou, shalt preserve me 
from trouble: thou shalt compass me about 
with son|^ of deliverance*.^'' 

When. thou seest thyself compassed; with, 
many troubles, and beginne&t to fear, agplyt. 
^I will, be with; thee^ they shall not over^ 

'BmiiaLGSsrrlyfi:. bBBaknJcxxi,..3,.4,.5.. oifiu. 
zliii».2|^20.. <i £8aUQ.x£|ii,A.7:* 


4 • 

flow thee." In the fire of affliction, thou 
Shalt not only not be burnt^ but the flame 
shall not kindle upon thee; the greatest 
trouble shall do thee the least harm, for 
God being with thee will bring thee out, as 
he did Israel through the sea, and the three 
children out of the fire, with not so much 
as^^he savour of fire about them: so shall 
not so much as the savour of evil be upon 
his/> but he will compass them about with 
son^s of deliverance. 

m thou seemest to he forgotten in (tfflic- 


**TheLord will also be a refuge for the 
oppressed, a refuge in times of trouble. For 
the needy shall not always be forgotten, the 
expectation of the poor shall not perish for 

**Can a woman forget her sucking child, 
that she should not have compassion on the 
son of her womb? Yea, they might forget; 
yet will not I forget thee.*> 

**He will not always chide, neither will 
he keep his anger for ever.c The Lord will 
not cast off for ever. But though he cause 
erief^ yet will he have compassion, accord- 
ing to the multitude of his mercies.^ '' 

If^Aen thoufearest tJum shalt die in misery. 

*«They shall spend their days in prosperi- 
ty, and tlieir years in pleasures. • " 

aPaalm ix, 9, 18. bjga. xlix, 15. epsalm ciii, 9. 
d JjajsuvL 31, 32. «jobzzzvi, 11. 


JVhm thy sorrows grow great. 

*«Thou shaltforget thy misery, and remem- 
ber it as waters that pass awaj.^ Behold, 
God will not cast away a perfect man, till he 
fill his mouth with laughing, and his lips with 
rejoicing.^ Be of gooa courage, and he shall 
strengthen thy heart-V Unto the upi;ight 
there iriseth light in the darkness.'^ They 
that sow in tears, shall reap in joy. He that 
goeth forth and weepefh, bearing precious 
seed, shall doubtless come again with re- 
joicing, bringing his sheaves with him.® ' 

"The hope of the righteous shall be glad- 

''Blessed are tliey that mourn, for they 

shall be comforted.ff 

"Ye now have sorrow, but I will see you 
again, and your hearts shall rejoice, and your 
joy no wwn taketh from you."*» 

Hath sorrow taken deep root in thy soul, 
that thou fearestthou shall never find hearty 
joy? Apply, *'He shall comfort thine heart.'* 
Is such a cross upon thee, that tliou fearest 
thou shaltnever forget it? Apply, '*Tho\ishaU 
forget thy misery, as waters that pass away.N 

ffhen thou knowest no way out of misery f 
for soul or body* 

"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, 

• Job sd, 16. bJob viii, 20, 21. cpsalm xxyii, 14. 
^ Psahncxii, 4. epsalm cxxyi« 5, 6. f Prov. x, 28k 
k Mat T, 4. bJolyi xvi« 32. 


and &b€w thee great and migbtj things^ 
which thou know est not."^ 

If thou wouldest have deliverance out oftrou- 


"He will beautify the meek with salva- 
tion:" or, he wiltniaht the meek glorious by . 

The righteous crj, and the L*ord heareth, 
and delivereth them out of all their troubles. 
Many are the afflictions of the righteous, but 
the Lord delivereth him out of them all.<^ 

* 'Happy is the man whom God correct- 
eth; for hemakethsore, andbindeth up; he 
woundeth, and his hands make whole. He 
shall deliv-er thee in six troubles; vea, in 
seven there, shall no evil touch thee.«i Call 
upon me in the day of trouble 1 will de- 
liver thee, and thou sbalt glorify me, «" 

When thou art in many troubles, and' 
fearest thou shall never get out of all, apply, . 
"The Lord will deliver thee out of all, " iV 
the Lord hath delivered thee once or twice, 
and thou fearest thou wilt not continue so- 
still; as often as thou fallest into troubles^ 
agplj^ "He ^\M: deliver thee in six troubles; 
and the seventh shall not touch thee.'* 

I^ thine enemies prevaiL 

"The rod of the wicked shall not rest up- 
on the lot of the rigliteous; lest the right- - 

a Jer. xxxiii,j3. bPaalm cxlix, 4. cPsalm^xxiv* 
ir, 19. djobv,!?', 18, 19. epsalml,l5. 


eous put forth their hand unto iDiquitj. * 
I will call on the TiOrd, so shall I be saved 
from mine enemies. The adversaries of the 
Lord shall be broken to pieces, the eves of 
the wicked shall fail; their refage shall per. 
ish, their hope shall be sorrow of mind, b 
The Lord shall cause thine enemies, that 
rise up against thee, to be smitten before 
thy face. «" 

Seest thou many rise up to trouble thee? 
Apply, "Thine enemies that rise against 
thee, shall /a// before thy face^" Hope they 
to prevail against thee? Apply, **Their hope 
shall be sorrow of mind.^^ Have they great 
means to cause them to pros|Ser? Apply, 
"Their refuge %\\a\\ perish/^ Have they long 
oppressed thee? Apply, **The rod of the 
wicked shall not always rest upon the lot of 
the righteous." Seest thou no means to get 
froiivthem? Say with the prophet David, **I 
will call upon, the Lord, so shall 1 be safe 
from mine enemies* " 

Tliat thou may est be delivered^ and thine 
enemies afflicted. 

"The Lord thy God will put all these 
curses upon thine enemies, and on them that 
hate thee, which prosecute thee.* The wick- 
ed shall be a ransom for the righteous, and 
the transgressor for the upright. ^" 

Apsalm czxvy 3. ^Psalm zviii, 3. 1 Sam. ii, ijO. 
Job zi, 20. cDeut xxviii, 7. dDcuL xxx» T. 
• Prov. xxi, 18. 


Jffthou wouldest have thine enemies destroy ed> 

"They that hate thee shall be cloathed 
with shame, and the dwelling-place of the 
wicked shall come to noadit.^ 

"Behold all they which were incensed 
against thee, shall be ashamed and confound- 
ed; they shall be as nothing; and they that 
strive with thee shall perish; for I the Lord 
thy God will hold thy right hand, saying 
unto thee, Fear not, IwUlhelp thee. Thou 
shalt thresh the mountains and beat them 
small, and shalt make the hills as chaff: >*" 
by which mountains and hills is meant the 
-greatest enevi^ies, ' 

"They that despise me shall be lightly 
esteemed. «" These promises are to be ap- 
plied by us, as they are the enemies of God 
and of his gospel, and ours for his sake. 

If the tuicked plot against thee. 

"The wicked plot against the just; their 
sword shall enter into their own heart, their 
i>ow shall be broken: The Lord shall laugh 
at him.^i 

"The enemies shall surely gather them- 
selves together against thee, but not by me; 
whosoever shall gather themselves together 
against thee shall faiL«" . 

In the troubles of the church, 
'^Thou shalt see peace upon Israel, thou 

. "Job 1^,22. bi6a.xJi, 11,13,15. «! Sam. ii, 
30. dpsalmszxvu, 12, 15, 13. elaa. lir, 15. 


'fihalt see the good of Jerusalem ftirthe8ajr« 
'Of thy life.<^ Thou shalt come and sing in 
the height of Ziofn. *>" 

When thou hast applied the promises, and 
used all the means, and yet find est pot thy- 
self filled with God as thou desirest, then 
comfort thyself with this, '* Yet a litth while, 
-and when thou awakes t, thou shalt be satis* 
£ed with his image. ^ 

For the fall of Antichrist. 

Because the time draweth near of the fall 
of antichrist, we must stir qp ourselves to 
hasten the Lord by earnest prayers; and for 
the strengthening of our faith, apply these 
promises, ''And the ten horns which thou 
•sawest upon the beast, — these shall hate the 
whore, and shall make her desolate and na- 
ked, and shall eat her flesh and burn her 
with fire.** 

'^Therefore shall her plagues come in one 
day, death and mourning, and famine, and 
«he shall be utterly burnt with fire, tor strong 
is the Lord God who judgeth her. And a 
mighty ang<^l took up a stone, like a great 
mill -stone, and cast it into the, sea, saying, 
7%U3 with violence shall that great city 
Babylon be thrown down^ and shall be fourid 
no moreatalL o"Even so, come, Lord Jesus, 
and hasten this happy day. 

ftPsalm czxviiy ^ 5. ^jf r. zxxi, 12^ cpsalm xvti, 
tl5. dfiev. xvB« 16. oRer. xviii, 8| 21. 


Pot the caiiing ef the Jews, 


Seeing the Lord hath promised many glo- 
rious things to the Jews, with much grace 
and peace both to the Jews and Gentiles at 
'iheir conversion; when the ten tribes shall 
be re-united to the two, which never yet 
^as, let us never give him rest till he sit up 
,J«rusalem the praise of the world; and for 
the strengthening of us in prayer, apply 
thtse promises, "Thus saith tne Lord Grod, 
Bdiold, I will take the children of Israel 
fron among the heathen, whither they be 
gone, and will gather them on every side, 
and bring them into their own land: and 
I wiR Tsake them one nation, in the land 
upon the mountains of Israel: and one 
king shall be king to them all; and they 
shall b^ no more two nations, neither shall 
they be livided into two kingdoms anymore 
at all.*" 

**In th>se days the house of Judah shall 
walk witl the house of Israel, and they 
shall come together out of the land of the 
north, to tie land that I have given for an 
inheritance into your fathers.** 

"The Lore shall arise upon thee, and his 
glory shall be ^een upon thee: and the Gen- 
tiles shall cone to thy light, and kings to 
the brightness (f thy rising; thy sons shall 
come from afar, and thy daughters shall be 

« Ezek. xxx^Sl, 22. b jer. iii, 18. 


nursed at thy side: then thou shaltsee and 
flow together, and thine heart shall fear and 
be enlarged, because the sea shall be con- 
verted unto thee: the forces of the Gentiles 
shall come unto thee. Whereas thou hasf 
been forsaken and hated, so that no mat 
went through thee, 1 will make thee an eter- 
nal excellency, a joy of many generatiois: 
thou shalt also suck the milk of the 6m* 
tilea, and shalt suck the breasts 4of kings' 

*'The Gentiles shall see thy righteois- 
ness^ and all kings thy glory; and thou slalt 
be called by a new name, which the mcuth 
of the Lord shall name; thou shalt al^ be 
a crown of glory in the hand of the lord, 
and a royal diadem in the hand a thy 

"They shall build the old waster, they 
shall raise up the former desolatiois^ they 
shall repair the waste cities, the derolations 
of many generations; and strans^rs shall 
stand and feed your flocks, and ^e sons of 
of the alien shall be your ploughmen, and 
your vine-dressers; but ye shkl be named 
*/A« priests of the Zorrf;' men smll call you 
Uhe ministers of our God:^ y^ shall eat the 
riches of the Gentiles, and ^ their glory 
tihallyou boast yourselves." / 

"Thus saith the Lord, Behold I will lift 
up my hand to the Gentiles and set up my 

•Isa. be, 2, 3, 4 5, 15, 16. ysa. Ixii, 2, 3. ^Isa^ 
1x1,4, 5> 6. / 

/ ' 


standard to the peopU; and|they shall bring 
thy sons in their arros^ and thy daughters 
sfiall be carried upon their shoulders, and 
kings shall be thy nursing fathers, and their 
queens thy nursing mothers; they shall bow 
down to thee with their face toward the 
earth, and lick up Hie dust of thy feet.* 


J'ronusea far the Scunt's support in Hmea of trouble 

and persecution* 

TTiat God hath freely loved his elect in 
Christ Jesus. 

**\ will be gracious to whom I will be 
gracious: and I will shew mercy on whom I 
will shew mercy.^ 

•*I even I, am he that blotted out thy 
transgressions for mine own sake. 

< 'I have blotted out as a thick cloud thjf 

"I will heal their backslidings; I will 
love them freely*' 

Tlud God hath given Christ to death for his 


•*I will put enmity between thee and the 
woman: it shall bruise thy head, and thou 
shalt bruise his heel.e 

afaa. xKx, 22, 23. bExod. xxxiii, 19. Isa. xliii, 
25. xUv, 22. Hos. xiv, 4. cQen. iii, 15. Isa. liii, 


' 202 

««But he was wounded for our transgres- 

« When he shall make his soul an offer- 
ing for sin. — 

"He was numbered with the transgres- 
sors, and he bear the sins of many. 

"Seventy weeks are determined upon thy 
people, to finish the transgression, and to 
make an end of sin. »" 
TJiatwe arefredy justified by Jesus Christ 

"So by the obedience of one, many shall 
be made righteous.** 

"And are justified freely by his grace, 
throughthe redemption that is in Christ 


«*By his knowledge shall my righteous 

servant justify many." 

Tltat' God hath made a covenant with his 
children to be their God. 

"I will establish my covenant between 
me and thee, and thy seed after thee in their 
generations, for an everlasting covenant; to 
be a God unto thee and thy seed after thee. « 

"I will walkambng you, and will be your 
God, and ye shall be my people. 

"With great and eternal mercies will I 
gather thee. 

"I will be their God, and they shall be 
my people. 

«Dan. ix, 24. bRom. v, 19. iii, 24. Isa. Kii, 11. 
c Gen. xrii, 7. Lev. xxvi, 12. Isa. lir, 7, 8. Jer. 
xxix, S3. 




*♦! will say unto them, Thou art my peo- 
pfe: and they shall say, Thou art my God,^ '^ 

Thai God unit call his children to the know- 
ledge of his truth, 

*'The meek will, he teach his ways.** 

"I will instruct thee, and teach thee in 
all the way that thou shalt go. 

"And thy children shall be taught of the 

** For they shall all know roe, from the 
least of them to the greatest, saith the Lord. 

"I am the Lord thy God which teacheth 
thee to profit, and leadeth thee by the way 
that thou shouldest go'.'' 

Tliat God unit give his Spirit unto his chil- 


**I will pour out my Spirit upon you.« 

<'I will pour water upon him that is thirsty. 

**I will put my Spirit within you. 

•'I will pour out ray Spirit upon all flesh. 

"I will pour upon the house of David the 

•*I will pray unto the Father, and heshall 
give you even the Spirit of truth.'^ 

Tliat God will came his children to trust in 

him by faith. 

aHos^ii,23. frPsalmxxv,9. xxxii, 8. Isa. liv, 13. 
Jer. xxxi, 34. Isa. xlviii, 17. cprov. i 23. Isa.iliv, 
3. Ezek. xxxvi, 27. Joel ii, 28. Zach, xii, lU. 
John xiv, 16» 17. 


^'Manj shall see it and fear, and shall 
trust in the Lord.*^ 

<<Under his wings shalt thou trust. 

<<0n mj arms shall they trust. 

*'The just shall live bj his faith. 

"They shall trust in the name of the 

*<In his name shall . the Gentiles trust.'' 

That God will give his children a humble and 

broken heart, 

"I will take the stony heart out of their 
flesh, and I will give them a heart of flesh.t* 

••I will pour on them the Spirit of sup- 
plication, and they shall mourn for him as 
one moumeth for his only son. 

"Every mountain and hill shall be brought 

"The Lord thy God will circumcise thy 

That Ood?8 children shall have power to 
mortify and overcome sin. 

"For sin shall not have dominion oveif 
you ; for ye are not under the law, but un* 
der grace. « 

"iwill sprinkle clean wiater upon you, 
and ye shall be cleansed from all your filth- 

"He will subdue our iniquities. 

•Psalm zl, 3. xci, 4. Isa. li, 5. Hab. ii, 4. Zeph. 
u, 12. Mat xii* 2h i>£2ek. si, 19 Zach. xii, 10. 
Luke ill, 5. Deu^ zxz, 6. c Rom. vi» 14* Ezek. 
vuvif 25. Mic. viif 19, John zv, 2.; 


"••Every branch that beareth fruit he ptir* 
geth it'* 

TTuU the children of God shall live a Iwly 
and sanctified life. 

<^He shall be like a tree that bringeth forth 
fruit in his season. <^ 

^^I will put mj law into their inward 
parts. ^^The scent thereof shall be as the 
wine of Lebanon. 

*'For their sakes sanctify 1 myself, that 
they may be sanctified through the truth. 

^<In holiness and righteousness ail the 
days of our lives. 

^^The Lord of peace sanctify you through- 

^^Faithful is he that hath promised you^" 

Thai they love God. 

«I will circumcise thy hearty and the heart 
of thy seed^ to love the Lord thy God with 
all thy heart, and with all thy soul, that 
^thou mayest live. *»" 

That God will give his children hearts to 
delight in aU his holy otdinances. 

«With gladness and rejoicing shall they 
be brought; they shall enter into the king's 

•Psalm i, 3. Jer. xxxi, S3. Hos. xiv, 7. John 
xxiL 19. Luke i, 7S. Thes. v, 23, 24. ^Deut 
MX. 6. cpsalm xlv. 15. Isa. xii. 3. xxr, 6. Ivi. 7. 
Ixzi. 12, 13, 14. Zach. xUi» 19. 



•^Therefore with j.oy shall they draw wa- 
ters out of the wells of salvation. 

"And in this mountain shall the Lord of 
hosts make unto all people a feast of fat 

•*Even them will I bring to my holy moun- 
. tain, and make them joyful in my house of 

*'Ye shall be borne upon her sides^ and 
be dandled upon her knees. 

**So will I comfort you, and ye shall be 

"And when you see this, your hearts 
shall rejoice. 

<^The fast of the tenth montli shall be un- 
to the house of Judah joy and gladness, and 
cheerful feasts.'* 

That God unll give his children fuarts to 
/ear and serve him* 

'^Thev shs^ll sanctify my name, and sane- 
tify the holiness of Jacob, and shall fear the 
Grod of Israel* 

"They shall serve the Lord their God, 
and David their kin^. 

^^That we being delivered out of the hands 
of our enemies, might serve him without 
fear^in holiness and rightousness beforje him. 
all the days of our life 

» Isa. xxix. 23. Jer. xxx» 9. Luke i. 7 As 


7%a/ God will give his children hearts to 
seek him by prayer, • 

^*He shall call upon me, and I will hear 

"Then shall ye call upon me, and ye shall 
pray unto me, and I will hear you. 

*« And ye shall seek me and find me: search 
forme with all your hearts. 

'^I will pour upon the house of David, and 
upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spir- 
it of grace and of supplication." 

7%at God mU hear the prayers of his chil- 

**Call upon me in the day of trouble, and 
1 will deliver thee.*> 

*^He shall call upon me, and I will an- 
swer him. 

"He will hear their cry, and will save 

^^Then shalt thou call, and the Lord shall 

** Before they call, I will answer; and 
while the? are speaking, I will hear. 

<*He shall seek me and shall find me; 
when you shall seek, I will be found of you. 

^^Ye shall ask what ye will^ and it shall 
be done unto you. 

"Psalm xci, 15. Jer. xxix. 12, 13. Zach. xii. 10. 
«> Psalm 1, 15. xci. 15. cxlv, 19. Isa. Iviii, d. Ixv. 
24. Jer. xjdx» 13> 14. John xv, 7. Mat. xii. 7. 
xxi, 22. 



<*Ask, and it shall be given yov; seek,, 
and ye shall find. 

**VVhat8oever ye shall ask in prayer, be- 
lieving, ye shall receive,** 

That we may persevere in grace. 

^They shall bnng forth fruit in their old 

*^His leaf shall not wither. 

*'The Lord shall ^ide thee continuall y, 
and satisfy thy soul in drought, and make 
fat thy bones; and thou shalt be like a wa- 
tered ^den, and like a spring whose wa- 
ters fail not.*' 

That God unU ^we unto hU children the 
good things of this life. 

*^But the meek shall inherit the earth, and 
shall delight themselves in the abundance of 

<*There is no want to them that fear hire. 

<^They that seek the Lord shall not want 
any good thine, 

**No good thing shall he withhold from 
them that walk uprightly." 
Thai God wiU guide his children by ?tis spe- 
cial proviaence in aU their ways, 

^*I will not leave thee nor forsake thee»« 

'<Then shalt thou walk in thy way safely, 
and thy foot shall not stumble^ for the Lord 
shall be tby confidence* 

•Psalm xcu» t4. i. 3. ]sa» Ivw» 11. ^Fsafan zzxvii» 
11. xzxiv» 9, 10. buudv. 11. «Heb. ziii» 5. Prov. 
iii, 23, 2a. Psalm xci» 11, czxi» 8. ba.zlvu4. 


*'He will give hia angels charge over thee, 
to keep thee in all thy ways. 

•*'i'he Lofd shall preserve thy going-out 
and thy coming-in. 

* *And even to your old age, I am He; and 
even to hoary hairs will I carry you.'' 

T^hot God tmll bless those whO( are diligent 
in their calling. 

*«The Lord will command the blessing 
upon thee in all thou settest thy hand unto^ 

"Thou shalt eat tbe labour of thy hand; 
bappy sbalt thou be, and it shall be well with 

**The hand of the diligent maketh rich. 

"He that tilleth his land, shall be satisfied 
w^ith bread." 

That God tvill bless those that keep his sab- 

"Blessed is the man that keepeth the sab- 
bath from polluting it.^ 

"If thou turn away thy foot from the sab* 
bath, from doing thy pleasure on my holy 
day, and call the sabbath a delight; 

"Then shalt thou delight thyself in the 
Lord, and 1 will cause thee to ride upon the 
•high places of the earth, and feed thee with 
the heritage of Jacob thy father. 

"Then this city shall remain for ever.'* 

*Deut. xxviii, 8. Psalm cxxviii, 2. Prov. x, 4. 
xii, tl. bUa. lyi, 2. Isa. kiii. 13, 14 Jer. xvii> 24,25. 


That God will reward those that are JruitfiU 

in good "works, 

<*He hath given to the poor, his righte- 
ousness endureth for ever." 

"The liberal soul shall be made fat; and 
he that watereth, shall be watered also him* 

"Honour the Lord with thj substance, 
and with the first-fruits of thine increase: 

"So shall thy barns be filled with plenty, 
and thy presses shall burst with new wine. 

He that hath a bountiful eye shall be bles- 
sed; for he giveth of his bread to the poor. 

"He that giveth to the poor shall not lack: 
but he that hideth his eye shall have many 
a curse. 

"Cast thy bread upon the waters; for tliou 
shalt find it after many days. 

^'Blessed are the merciful, for they shall 
obtain mercy. 

"Whosoever shall give to drink* unto one 
of these little ones, a cup of cold water, he 
shall in no wise lose his reward. 

"Then shall the king say to them on his 
right hand, Come ye blesaed of my Father^ 
inherit the kingdom prepared for you from 
the foundation of the world.^^ 

aPsalm cxU, 9. Prov. xi, 25. li, 9. iii, 10» xxii, 9. 
xxiriu. 27. £ccle6. zi« i. Mat v. T. x, 42. xxv»S4. 


TTiai we shall receive good by the society &f 

the faithful. 

'*Hc that walketh with wise men, shall 
be wise.* 

••Then they that feared the Lord spake 
often one to another; and the Lord heark- 
ened and heard it; and a boc»k of remem- 
brance was written before him, for them that 
feared the Lord and thought upon his name. 

"Arid thej shall be mine, saith the Lord 
God of hosts, in that day when I make up 
my jewels: and I will spare them as a man 
spareth his own son that serveth him. 

"For where two or three are gathered to- 
gether in my name, there am 1 in the midst 
of them," 

That God tmll keep afflictions from his chil- 
dren, as it may be for their good. 

"The Lord shall preserve thee from all 

"The Lord shall preserve thy going-out 
and thy coming-in, trom this time forth and 
for evermore. 

•*He shall cover thee with his feathers, 
and ander his wings shalt thou trust; his 
truth shall be thy shield and buckler. 

**There shall no evil befal thee, neither 
shall any plague come near thy dwelling. 

"As tlie mountains are about Jerusalem, 
80 is the Lord about his people for ever.'^ 

»Ph)T. xiii, 20. Mai. iii, 16, 17. Mat. xviii, 20. 
^ Psalm cxxi, 7, 8. xci, 4, 10. cxxv, 2. 



That otherwise, God will be with, pre$erve, 
and keep his ehilirm in afflictions, that 
they hurt them not^ 

*'ln all their afflictions he wasafflictedf 
and the angel ot his presence saved them. 
In his love, and in his pity, he redeemed 
them; and he bare them and carried them 
the days of old." 

^^Thej shall not be ashamed in the evil 
time, and in the days of famine they shall 
be satisfied. He is their strength in the time 
of trouble. The Lord shall help and deliver 
them from the wicked, and save them be- 
cause they trust in him. 

"Fear thou not, for I am with thee; be not 
dismayed, for I am thy God; I will strengthen 
thee, yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold 
thee with the rieht hand of my righteousness. 

''Fear not, thou worm Jacob, I will help 
thee, saith the Lord God, and thy Redeem- 
er^ the Holy One of Israel. 

"When thou passest through the water, I 
will be with thee, and through the rivers, that 
they shall not overflow thee. When thou 
walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be 
burnt; neither shall the flames kindle upon 

T^hat Ood will deliver his children out <f 
afflictions in his due time. 

'^*He shall deliver thee from the snare of 

alsa. IxiU. 9. Pgalm xsxvii. 9, 39, 40. loa. xlit 
10, 14. xBj, 2. 


fhe fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. 
I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver 
'him, and honour him.» 

**Many are the afflictions of the right- 
eous, but the Lord delivers them out of 
them all. 

• *Call upon me in the day of trouble, and 
I will deliver thee. 

**I will restore health unto thee, I will 
heal thee of thy wounds, saith the Lord. 

*'I will deliver thee in that day, and thou 
shalt not fall by the sword." 

TTiat God will sanctify all afflictions for the 
good of his people, 

**1 will turn my hand upon thee, and 
purely purge away the dross, and take away 
all thy tin.** 

"By this therefore shall the iniquity of 
Jacob be purged; and this is all the fruit, to 
take away his sin. 

**And some of them of understanding 
shall fall, to try them, and to purge and 
make them white. 

^'Many sha)l be purified, and made white, 
and tried. 

"And [ will bring the third part through 
the fire; and I will refine them as silver is re- 
fined, and I will try them as gold is tried; 
they shall call on my name, and I will hear 

« Paalm xci, 3, 15. xzxlv, 19. 1, 15. Jer. xxx 17. 
Jer. zzxix. 17, 18. l>Isa. i, 25. xxvii,9. Dan. 3d» 
35. xii, 10. Zech. ziiii 9. 


7hat God in his own tifne will siibdue alt 
the enemies of his church.. 

"I will subdue all thy enemies,." 

*'I will punish the fruit of the stout heart 
of the king of Assyria, and the glory of his 
high looks, 

"Therefore I will put my hook in thy nose, 
and my bridle in thy lips, and I will turn thee 
back by the way by which thou earnest. 

"For the arms of the wicked shall bebroken* 

*•! am against thee^ O Gog; and I will turn 
thee back. 

** And then shall that wicked be revealedr 
whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit 
of his mouth, and shall destroy with the 
brightness of his coming. 

"And the ten horns,— these shall hate the 
whore, and shall make her desolate, and na- 
ked; and shall eat her flesh, and burn her 
with fire. 

^*1 will smite thy bow out of thy left hand, 
and I will cause thy arraws to fall out of 
thy right hand." 

That th^ children of God shall die hcqtpUy. 

*'They shall come to the grave in a MX 

age, like as a shock of corn cometh in his 
season* b 

"He shall go in peace, they shall rest in 

«1 Chron. xvii. 10. Isa. x. 12. Isa. xxxviii, 29, 
Psalm xxxvii, 17. Ezek. xxxix. 1, 2. 2Thes. ii,8. 
Rev. xvii, 16. Ezek. xxxix, 3. »>Job v, 26. Isa. 
Irii, 2. Psalm xxxvii, 37. 


their beds, each one walking in his upright- 

**Mark tlie perfect man, and behold the 
upright, for the end of that man is peace." 
That the just shall be raised unto eternal life. 

•*I will ransom them from the power of the 
grave, I will redeem them from death; O 
death, 1 will be thy plague; grave, I will 
be thy de$truction. * 

** And many of them that sleep in the dust 
of the earth, shall awake to everlasting life, 
and some to shame. 

"All that are in the graves shall come 
forth; they that have done good, unto the 
resurrection of life. 

**l will raise him up at the last day. 

'*He that raised up the Lord Jesus, shall 
raise us up also by Jesus. 

'* When Christ who is our life shall appear, 
then shall ye also appear with him in glory.'* 

That God will reward the^ labours of th^ 
righteous in the life to come. 

"Rejoice and be exceeding glad, for great 
is yaur reward in heaven.** 

*« Whosoever shall forsake houses, or bre- 
thren or sisters, or father or mother, or wife 
or children, or lands, for my name's sake, 
he shall receive a hundred fold more, and 
shall inherit everlasting life. 

*Ho9. xui, 14. Dan. xii, 2. John ▼,28, 29. vi,40. 
2 Cor. iv, 14 Col. iii, 4. b Atat v, 12. xix, 29. 
Kv, 34, Luke xiv, 14. Rev. xxi, r. 


**Come, ye blessed of my Father, ioherit 
the kingdom prepared for you before the 
foundation of the world. 

''Thou shalt be recompensed at the re- 
surrection of the just. 

^^He that overcometh, shall inherit all 
things. " 

Tlmt God will make good and petform all 
that he hath promised. 

<^\nd I 'Will perform the oath which I 
sware unto Abraham thy father. *'' 

"Know therefore that the Lord thy God,— 
he is God, the faithful Grod^ which keepeth 
covenant and mercy with them that love him. 

''Blessed be the Lord that hath given rest 
unto his people: there hath not failed one word 
of all his good promises which he promised. 

*<My covenant will I not break, nor alter 
the thing that is gone out of my lips. 

"Thus saith the Lord, If you can break my 
covenant of the day, and my covenant of the 
night, that there should not be day and night 
in their season^ then may also my covenant 
by broken* 

"For all the promises of God in him are 
YEA, and in him aken.^ 

*^Give me understanding and I shall keep 
thy law; yea, I will observe it with my whole 

«Gen. xsvi,3.Deut.vii^9. 1 Kings viii, 56. Psalm 
Ixxxiz. 34. Jer. xxxifi, 20, 21. ^2 Cor i, 20. Psalm 
cxiz, 34, 124. csix, 103. cxvi» 12. czix, 159, 10. 

21 r 

•♦Deal with thy servant according to thy 
tinercies, and teach me thy statutes. 

"How sweet are thy words quto my taste! 
Yea, sweeter than honey to my' mouth. 

"What shall I render unto the Lord for 
all his benefits towards meP 

"Consider how I love thy precepts; quick- 
en me, O Lord, according to thy loving- 

"With my whole heart have I sought thee; 
let me not wander from thy command- 

"For ever, O Lord, thyjword is settled in 
heaven; thy taithfalness is unto all genera- 
tions." ' 

"Plead my cause and deliver me; quicken 
me according to thy word. 

"Whatsoever the Lord pleased, that did 
he in heaven and in earth. 

'^Make me to understand the way of thy 
precept^ so shall I talk of thy wondrous 

"Remember thy word unto thy servants 
upon which thou hast caused me to hope. ^ 

'« Who is like unto the Lord our God, who 
dwelleth on high? * 

"Incline my heart unto thy testipiony, 
and not unto covetousness. 

» PssOm cxix, 89, 90, 154. cxzxr, 6. cxix, 27, 
^ Psalm cxix* 49. cziii, 5. cxix, 36. cxlii* 3. cxix/ 
109 38. ^ 




. ^'When my spirit was overwhelmed wift- 
in me, thou knewest my paths. 

**My soul is continually in my hand* yet * 
^ do I not forget thy 1a w. , 

^'Stablish thy word unto thy servant, wha 
is devoted to tn; fear,'* 







THESE promises I have observed: inan^- 
m^re there are o^ most excellent use; but' 
because thev need opening for the under^ 
standing oi them, I iKrould not set them 
down; lest through the shallowness of my 
Ymder^tanding I should wrong the precious*. 
promises. But I picked out the most plain, . 
and those that were of continual use for soul 
and body, which I have, found much good 
by... The promises are our legacies bequeath'- 
ed to us in the will ol' our Eather^.and we are 
to claim them i& we stand in need of any of^ 
them. And as God would not have his.chiU 
dren wronged in that which is bequeathed - 
to them in the will of ^ their Father, much 
less will he withhold that whiqh. his Son < 
hath bequeathed to us in bis la^t >(rill, which 
he sealed with his blood... Theretbre let us- 
sue for them; for He saith he will be sought . 
to to perform them to us. And when thou ap- 
pliest any promise, seek untathe cpndition, . 
and labour to keep it, and doubt not of the 

Krformance of what is promised; for he is 
th able and faithful who hath promised^ 




NoWt dearly beloved hnthren* 

THIS holj sacrament is appointed as a seal- 
ing ordinance between Chnst and you. The 
covenants are made^ the terms are agreed 
to on both sides;-*-God is willing to be yours 
to all intents and purposes, your refuge^ your 
rest and your guide. While Christ has it, 
you shall jnever want; and, what God is to 
him, that he (in .your order^ will be to yon. 
You again (through grace) are willing to 
be his:— his in his own way, and on his own 
terms; willing to serve him; willing to b^ 
betrothed to him, and to be commanded by 
him, to use his remedies, to foUoVir his coun- 
sels, and to acquiesce in him as your blessed- 
ness; thus all are agreed; the articles are 
drawn; the covenants both on God's part 
and yours, are ready written; and here you 
may come^ to put all past controversy, and 
mutually to sell and subscribe. O happj 
and blessed meeting! Christians, do tiot 
forget your errand; remember where yw 
are, and what are you come for; and know 
that you are upon the most solemn transac- 
tion that ever passed between the Creator 
and creature^ 


It 18 .God's admirable condescension thiat 
he will be tied to us, and enter into bonds 
tous» to bless us and reward U8;and, because 
our faith in weak, he hath brought his surety 
with him, the Lord Jesus Chnst, who is a 
surety on bis part, as well as ours, to un* 
dertake for his fulfilin^ his promises. And 
lie hath brought the visible signs and pledges 
bj which all shall be firmly passed and nt" 
tified before your eyes. •♦This is the new 
testament in my blood," (Luke xxii. 20.) 
written in mg bhod, ratified in my blood. 
Oh, Sirs, this is that which Ood doth here 
reach forth unto you with his own hand this 
day!*-~the new testament in Christ's blood! 
Cliristians, prepare your ears, and rouse up 
your faith, ana now believe and hear some 
of the blessed articles of that covenant that 
God doth here sign and seal to you. I shall 
mention only nine, which I advise you to lay 
next your hearts, while you have a day to 
live, and you shall find the virtue of these cor- 
dials stroQgand operative in all conditions* 
Art. I. Tliat he vnll fulfil to you the place 
of all relations, (2 Cor. vi, 18.) "I will be a 
Father to you, you shall be my sons and 
daughters.*' Whatever children may ex** 
pect from a f^her, that you may look for 
from me: I will find ye meat: be not thought- 
ful, I know that ye have need of all these 
things. {Mai. vi. 32.) You shall be clothed out 
of my wardrobe, (Mat. vi. 30.) and wear my 
livery; -uid when you have need ef correc* 


•iion, 1 will remember tp do it in mefcy, and 
you shall find, that, as a man chastenetii his 
son, s,o the Lord your God chasteneth yoa* 
(DeiU, viii. 5») 

**I will be a husband to you, aiid will be- 
troth you to me for ever. You shall not 
need to fear; your Maker is so: I will give 
you my choice love, I will give you ray heart. 

"I will be a Lord and Sovereign to you: 
"The Lord is your judge^ the Lord is your 
lawgiver, the Lord is your kingj^^ Fear 
not the unrighteousness of men. I will judge . 
your cause, I will defend your rights; you 
shall not stand or fall at man's bar; you shall 
not be cast at their votes: Let them curse, 
I will bless: Let them condemn^ I will jus- 
tify. Who shall accuse when I shall acquit? 
Who shall lay any thing to your chargCf 
when I do discharge your When you cdme 
upon your trial for your life, to have your 
eternal state decideci, you shall see your 
friend, your father, on the bench; and you 
shall surely stand in judgement, and be 
found at the right hand, among the sheep, 
and hear the King say, <^Come, ye blessed.'" 

"I will be a shepherd to you. , Fear no 
evil, for I am with ye; You shall not want, 
for I will feed ye; i ou shall not wander to 
be lost, for I will restore ye; I will cause 
you to lie down in green pastures, and lead 
ye beside the still waters. If my officers 
be careless I will do it myself. ^'As for 
jou, O my flock, thus saith the Lord God, 

I will jud|« between cattle and cattle: I will 
"feed my lock, saith the Lord God, and 
"cause uiem to lie down^ I will seek that 
which was lost, and brin^ again that which 
was driven away, and bind up that which 
was broken, and strengthen that which is 
sick; but I will destroy the fat and the 
strong, and will feed them with Judgment." 

I will be a physician to you, I will heal 
your backslidings, and cure all your dis- 
eases; fear not; never did soul miscarry 
that left itself in my hands, and would but 
follow my prescription,'' 

Well, tins is one of the articles that God 
here sealeth to,^^-that he will be to you in 
the place of all relations: Silence, thou 
quarrelling unbelief: Methinks I hear thy 
whispers, that this is too good to be true; 
that it were presumption in us to count upon 
aU this. <*What! shall they, that must say 
to corruption; Thou art my fathe^^ be able 
to say to the incorruptable Uod, TThou art 
my father? Shall they, that must say t© the 
worm, Thou art my mother andmy sister^he 
able to say to the Angels of li^ht, Fe are 
my fellow servants^ smd to the £.ing of glo- 
ry, Thou art my brother and kinsman? 
Shall Majesty espouse himself to misery, and 
the worms-meat be married to immortality 
and life? How can these thin^ be? 

Nay but, O heart of unbelief, what art 
thou tnat fepliest against God? Dost thou, 
underslypretencootnumility, argue with thy 


Maker, and call veracity into doubt? Is not 
this his word, his promise, his coyenant? \nd 
is there not his sealP Why then dost thou 
doubt, O thou of little faith? 

Art. II, That he will entitle you to all the 
divine perfections, {Gen* xvii. f.) I, will be 
a God to thee.' Mark, God gives away 
himself, and he gives his son to you, (/«a. 
xlii. 6.) 'I will give thee for a covenant of 
the people.' This is the church's triumph, 
{h(u ix. 6.) ^Unto us a son is given.' And 
he gives his spirit to you, (John xiv. 16.) 
^He shall give you another cotnforter.' Ana 
believers acknowledge the receipt,^ (I Cor* 
ii. 12.) •We have received the spirit which 
is of God.' 

Thus you see all the persons of the God- 
head are made over to you, and so are all 
the perfections of the God head | and so the 
coyenant runs, (Gen. xvii. 1.) 'I am the 
Almighty God, ^{or the all-sufficient God,) 
walk berore me and be thou perfect; these 
are the terms between God and a believer 
*— <Be thou upright before me, and I will 
be all-sufficient to thee,' the all-sufficiency 
]of God is the comprehe<;^sion of all his per- 
fections. Truth without power, or power 
without wisdom, or both without goodnesSi 
would, not be all-sufficiency: All-sufficencr 
takes in all that is in God, (if we may spe^ 
of God's most simple essence accordinjg ip 
the shallow reach of our present capaCfltyy) 
jea, it comprehends infinitely more twn «^ 


be said or thought. /Why^ now, this is the 
covenant of grace which God establishes 
with you this day, — that he will be a God 
all stttecient to you* 

Christians; rouse up your f&ith, now ap- 
propriate and apply the promises, now belie\ e 
strongly and steadfastly; and believing will 
fill you with joy. unspeakable and full of 
^dry. I do not wonder if your faith be 
put to itj in 80 ^eat and', high a mystery, 
to draw nigh to infinite Majesty^ and con- 
sideringly and without resistance to say, 
"Thou art mine and all thou -hast 5^' this is 
no easy thing. But thou mayest not dare 
to doubt it. Canst thou question him who 
is the truth? €!an. the strength <)f Israel lie, 
or in his word deceive thee?- But the soul 
is ready to reply* Oh! the thing is too high 
and great for me to presume to believe! and 
is ready, with Peter astonished, to cry out, 
Depart, Lord, for J am a sinful man* 

But why d6in thy hand tremble, and thy 
hisart fail thee, and thy- feet (with Peter's^ 
when walking on the water,) begin to sink?. 
What dost thou stick at? Is it at the truth 
of the promises? iVo, saith he^ trembling 
soul, but sure so much can never belong to 
me so sinful^ I an^afraid it is not mme!-^ 
Why, .what saith the promise?. *«Only be 
upriffht.'* What, \ though . thoii . hast a 
hundred failings? Yet thy neart is upright,*, 
the bent of thy heart is mainly for God and ^ 
hbliiieasf jthouinakestjconseience^of all sin,;. 



little as well as great, secret as well as 
open, and dost not deliberately allow thy* 
self in any: Thou dost, in the settled frame 
of thy heart, prefer the pleasing God, and 
Yalue his favour- and fellowship, above all 
worldly good, therefore thou art, upright; 
these marks are infallible. What! dost tnon 
object thy failings? Art thou under a cove- 
nant of works? Do ye think God now stands 
upon perfection? Certainly not in an abso* 
lute sense, for that would presuppose infal- 
libility in man. But perfection of love he 
does require. The covenant is plain: God 
contendeth for uprightness, and God hath 
wrought in thee that condition that he re- 
quires of thee. What can ba plainer? Wilt 
thou suffer the devil and unbelief to catch 
the bread out of thy hand, when God tells 
thee it is thine? Wilt thou be against thy- 
self, and refuse thine own peade, when- God 
is come to seal thee up to the day of redemp- 
tion? This is that which the Lord h^re seals 
to thee,— f that he will be a God all -sufficient 
to thee. O believe, and be thankful, and 
rejoice in thy own blessedness. 04iappy, 
thrice happy soul, to \^om the living God 
thus sig^ieth and sealeth, and assigns over 
all infinite perfections, as its everlasting 

Art. III. That be uill discharge you from 
oil your debti. (Beb:vn. 10.12.) This is the 
covenant^— *'I will ben^erciful to their un- 
righteousness, and their sins and iniquities 


win remember no more.'* (ha. i. 18.J 
* ^Though jour sins be as scarlet, they shall 
be as white as snow." Believesi thou this? 
Come near, beloved christian, approach be* 
lievingly, and here thou shalt see the Lord 
crossing out all thy debts, taking away^the 
hand-writing that is against thee, dieclaring 
' ^ that he hath received a ransom, and he is 
\ * satisfied, contented, and paid. happy 
i man, that shalt leave all th^ sins behind 
thee! Why, this is the very thing the faith- 
' ful God doth here seal unto thee. Thy par- 
don is written in his most sacred blood, 
which is here shed for the remission of sins; 
so that thou mavest triumph with the apos* 
tie, *^Who is he that condemneth? It is 
I Christ that died." 

Art. IV. That htwUl save you from all 
your enemiea. Not from the combat, but 
from the conquest; the victory shall be sure, 
so far as God is engaged. So the covenant 
runs in its first discovery, that ^A« aeed o/* 
the woman shall break the serpents keaa, 
though Jie should bruise his fie J^ ^Gert.iii. 
15.) By the seed of the tiwmon understand, 
not Christ only; but all believers. By the 
serpent^ understand not satan only, but all 
his ptirty^ the ungodly persecuting worlds 
which are his children and all our tyrannous 
lusts, which are his brood-, his works. By 
his bnming aur heel^ understand his molest^ 
fng and wourhding ofus^y but not mortally. 
By our breaking has Aeatf» understand the 


Mai and find victory which we shall mo^ 
certainly obtain over him and Ha party at 

Christians! what should we fear? "Death?" 
The covenant here sealed makes over death 
as a lesacj to yon; and behold, it brings the 
head of your conquered enemy in a charger. 
(1 Cor. ii^ 23.) <<Death is yo rs." O blessed 
and most; grateful present! — ^*Satan?" The 
covenant assures you Ood will bruise him 
under yovr feet shortly. (Rom^ xvi. 20.) — 
'^The .world?'' Be of good cheer, Christiiath 
overcome the world. {John xvi. S3.)— 
^'Hell?" There is no condemnation to them 
that are in Christ Jesus. {Rom. viii. 1.^*- 
''Sin?" This is indeed to be dreaded, but 
with a watchful and cautious fear, not with 
a fainting, discouraging fear: ^*Sin shall 
not have dominion over youl" {Rom. vi. 13. 
14.) «<Christ was manifested to take away 
our sins." <^For this purpose the Son pf God 
w^s manifested that he might destroy the 
works of the devil." 

Christians, here now is meat for ypur 
faith: What! do all these holy pron^ises 
nothing move you, or carry little savour or 
relish with them? What! shall the Almighty 
God give it to thee, under his own hand, 
that thou art a free man^ and thou make 
little account of it? Shall he g^ve thee thy 
protection, and thou lav it by as an useless 
paper that signifieth little? Oh, Sirs! when 
your hearts are ready to faint, because of 

'the sons 6f Anak that be in the way; when 
you see the black-guard gaping upon you» 
and the king of terrors levelling at you, ana 
a wicked world armed with rage against 
you, and full of malice, and the thieves and 
conspirators in thy bosom watching their op- 
portunity to betray all to them; yet let not 
this discourage you. These were enough in- 
deed to make a considering man's heart to 
melt and die within him; but that the cove* 
Dant of grace yields such ample relief 
against Oh be ever mindful ot the cove- 
nant ! Remember what has passed this day 
between the living God and your souls. 
Watch, christian, and stand fast; acquit 
thee like a man. The conquest is sure: 
Who would not fi^ht with courage that hath 
assurance of the victorj? 

Art. V. That he vntl bffrimd you in all 
conditions. He will be a fast friend to you 
in every change^ and turn all things to your 
good, and when you are ready to say unbe- 
lievingly, with Jacob, ^AU these things are 
against me' ("Gen. xiii. 36.J ^If he brings 
you into the wilderness, there he *will speak 
comfortably unto you. In the fire and the 
water he will be with you. *" He will be a 
strength to the poor, a strength to the 
needy in his distress: a refuge from the 
storm, and a shadow from the heat, when 
the blai^t of the terrible one is as a storm 
against the walL' 


BeloYed, here the Lord is come to seal all 
these promises to you.. go home and bless 
jourseWes in the sweet security of your 
state \ God hath promised you, that, what- 
ever condition you be in, you shall hare 
succour and support from mm» and enjoy 
his presence witn you» and see his finger, in 
all your troubles, sweetlj turning all fdr 
the best. Go av^^Jt and live like believers; 
be not afraid of sufferings, but shew that y<m. 
believe what God hath promised,— tiiat 
affliction shall not hurt you. The next time 
any trouble comes upon you, remember 
what a promise €N>d hath passed upon you 
this day, and wait on him believingl^ for the 
happy issue and event of every trial that 
shall befal you. 

Art. y I. TTial he tmll take upon him the 
care of all your concemmmti. 'You must be 
careful in nothing. . He cateth for you. 
Take no thought utrhat ye shall eat or 
drink, neither be of doubtful mind, but ra- 
ther seek ye the kingdom of God, and all 
these things shall be added unto yoa.^ 
Come ye to tins holy ot^inance in any dis- 
tress or trouble? Me thinks y^u should go 
from it as Hannah, and your countenance 
be no more sad : God shall Hiuntber your 
hairs,^' and take care that nothing be lost^ 
He will take care of your names, and 'bring 
forth your righteousness as the li^t' He 
will take care of ytmr substaneef 'he will 
give meat to them that fear him» and be 


-ever mindful of his covenant:' Of your seed, 
for he will be a God to them, and will entail 
the blessing on them. He commands that 
your widows and fatherless children should 
oe left on him. He is, by covenant, to look 
after their concerns: you need not be solici- 
tous; he is tender of you. when he seems 
most to negVect you; as Moses's sister, that 
was secretly watching behind the bush, and 
wishingly looking on, to see what was done 
to the child; though to the finders, it seemed 
exposed to famine and death in the flags. 

Art. VII. That he will give you^ or be 
himself to you instead of, all contort. *He 
will be a sun and a shield, and give grace 
and glory, and no good thing wiU he with- 
hold, from them that walk uprightly?' 
(Psa. Ixxxiv. 11.) Oh the treasure that is in 
these words, / am thy shield and exceeding 
great reward ! '\ will undertake both for 
thy protection and provision: When evil 
assails thee, I will be a shield to thee; 
when any good is wanting, I will be a sup- 
ply; thou shalt have children, or 1 will be 
better to thee than ten children; thou shalt 
have riches, or I will be thy store; thou 
shalt have friends, if best for thee, or else 
I will be thy comforter, in the solitude, 
thy counsellor in thy distress. My secrets, 
my ears, alid my. doors, shall be ever open 
to thee.' (Mark x. SO.) 

^He shall receive a hundredfold in this 
time: though he have not the things them* 


selves,, yet he shall have all theses andi 
more than all, in me; I will be house». 
Mend, and father, to Mm, all in one. ' If 
you should have a hundred candles burning 
m the room, and should put out every one, 
and open, the window,, and let in the sun,, 
this would be better than the hundred lights 
that were put out; so here, though thou< 
shouldest be called on to forsake all, it will: 
be but as letting the cistern run, and open- 
ing the fountain. 

Art. VilL That he wUl maintain you att 
Jfour days in his sei^ice, 'He will oe your 
guide even unto death,' (Psa. xlvii. 14.j. 
Christian, whilst thou hast a day to live, 
God will stand by thee: he tvUl never leave 
thee^ nor forsake thee. (Heb. xiii. 5.) Sure^ 
hj, goodness and mercy shall follow you all 
the days of your lives. (Psa. xxiii. 6.X ^nd 
the Lord will never turn away from you to^ 
do you good. (Jer. xxxii. 40./ ^O happy 
covenant that the Lord sealeth to you ! 

Art. IXc TTiat when you come of age, lie • 
mil give the kingdom to you.- God saith to « 
the* believer here, Thine is the kingdom; , 
whatever is promised in the covenant is« 
sealed in the sacrament. .(Luke xii. 32.'^ 
It is your Fiither^s good pleasure to give ■ 
you the kingdom. (Luke xii. 29.) I appoint 
unto you a kingdom. Mark the promise 
pregnant with a kingdom; it is no less than« 
a crown, a kingdom, that is here delivered^ 
to you. (Luke xix^. l^.) JL certain nobkauoki 


went ini^ afar country, to receive to Mntsdf 
a kingdom, and to return : This is the busi- 
ness jrou are come hither for, to receive to 
yourselves a kingdom, and so to return* 
Oh! methinks, you should forget the ground 
you go upon, as you are going home to 
think what you have received here. . Me- 
thinks you should go forth as Uaman from 
the banquet, joyful and with a glad heart* 
Sirs, do ypu know what you are doingP 
AVhy^ the Lord doth by these signs give 
you the kingdom; as a man, by delivering 
to you a turfor a key, gives possession of a 
house or land. 

Brethren, have you ever read of the king* 
dom of joy, of the crovm of life, of the robes 
of righteousness, of the throne of glory? 
Why, all the6e God here makes over to 
you. I tell you. Sirs, these are not big 
words, nor cunningly-devised fables; God 
Almighty is here come to certify you of the 
reality of his promises. As sure as you 
now sit oQ your seats, you shall shortly sit 
on your thrones. As sure as you are now 
clothed with flesh, so surely shall you be 
clothed with glory. Are you sure you are 
now on earth? So surely shall you be shortly 
in heaven; the Lord intendeth you but for a 
very little while in this lower region 5 you 
must dwell above. Where Christ is, there 
must you be also* As sure as you now see 
a crucified Christ, so surely shall you see a 
glorified Christ The Lord Jestt« doth anti- 


clpate hi8 sentence here, and calls to yon, 
his guests, "Come, ye blessed, inherit the 
kingdom. Take the writings, ho)d the seals, 
here are the conveyances of the kingdom; 
the donation is sure and full, unaiterai)le, ir- 

Christians, do you believe? If you do, me- 
thinks you should be ravished; methinks 
you should be filled with joy unspeakable, 
and full of glory. But do you stagger at 
the promise through unbelief? Do you say, 
•'Oh, it is too much and too great!" Why, 
how can this be? What ! too great for God 
to make good ! Thou darest not think so. 
''But it is too great for me to count upon," 
Why, but man, dost thou not bear upon 
thee the mark of the Lord Jesus? Whose 
image and superscription is this? Doth not 
your very heart prize Christ above all the 
world? Hast thou not made a> deliberate 
choice of him, for thy head and husband? 
Hast thou not enterea into a solemn con- 
tract with him, to be his for all times and 
conditions, and to love, honour, and obey 
him, before all others, to thy death? And 
doth not thy heart stand to all its choice? 
Hast thou not taken him, with his yoke and 
with his cross? And dost thou not, in thy 
practice, first seek the kingdom of God and 
the righteousness thereof? And hast thou 
not chosen the way of the kingdom? Art 
thou not in love with holiness, and desirest 
grace more than gold? Dost thou not prefer 

a holy, spiritual life, before all the granileui* 
of the world, and pleasure of the flesh? And 
all this, not only for a fit, or flash, but in 
the sett fed frame and disposition of thy 
heart? Surely thou must wrong God and 
thyself, if thou deemest it to be thus with 
thee. Why, these are the marks of the 
Lord Jesus upon thee, the sure marks. 
Fear not, these cannot deceive theej they 
evidence that thou art born of God, that 
thou art a son, and so an heir, and therefore 
nicest lay claim to the inheritance. 

Come^then, beloved christian, be of sood 
comfort, why shoaldest thou doubt? Thou 
hast the mark of tlie sheep, and therefore 
thy portion shall be at the right hand, and 
thy sentence among the blessed. Well, 
then, receive this holy sacrament as the 
pledge of all this. Go home and look over 
all these blessed promises, and count them 
thine. Do not read them, (as too often 
heretofore,) as if they did not concern thee. 
Remember what God hath here promiseri 
under hand and seal to thee; and let not all 
be left behind thee, when thou goest henc^^, 
but let the remembrance, the sweet and 
fruit of them, abide upon thee while thou 
hast a day to live. Never forget what the 
Lord bath here spoken to thy soul. Make 
more of the promises than ^er in thy life 
before; bless thyself in them; remember 
how the Lord delivered thee the promises; 
kow ha sealed to the several articles: how 

ke sprinkled the blood apon the book of t&e 
covenant, and gave it thee, and said, ''This 
is the new testament in my blood!? Oh! liye 
henceforth a life of joy and faith,, as a maa 
that is elevated above the world. Do not live 
at the old dull and slothful ratei carry it as 
a believer; and, in a word, walk as one that 
doth indeed take all for truth that the Lord 
Jesus hath spoken to thee this day* Let 
that of the Apostle be a close to all, (£• CoTm 
y\\. 1.) 'Having therefore, the promises, 
dearly beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from 
all filthiness, both of flesh and spirit, per* 
fecting holiness in the fear of God!" 




Sketch of his Life and Writings 9 

The voice of the Herald, before the Great King 37 

The Proclamation, or the Voice of the Lord - 31 
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al relations ..-------47 

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present and to come ------ 67 

CHAP. lU. 
The Voice of the Redeemed, after the Pro- 
clamation 83 

A Soliloquy, representing the Believer's 
TriumTih in God's Covenant, and the va- 
rious Conflicts and glorious Conquests of 

Faith over Unbelief 86 

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gfrace and interest in the promise - 98 
VI. Faith makes its claim to all the benefits 
of the covenant, and stirs up the soul 
to joy and thankfulness - . . . 103 
A Treasure of Gospel Promises, left in Le- 
gacy by Jesus Const; for the Strength 
and Encouragement of Believers in their 
Journey to the Heavenly Canaan - - - 116 
BideB to be observed in reading of Promiaea 121 


Of SIK. 

If thou iindest nothing in thyself that may 

move the Lord to have mercy • - - - 133 
If yoQ fear God will remember your sins 
before-committed, to punish youforthem. 
If often-sinning cause thee to doubt of 

pardon ..-.-- 124 

If thou despair -- -• 125 

If thou findest sin a heavy burden, and Sa- 
tan pursuing* - -- 127 

If thou turn from sin & yet doubt of pardon 128 
If thou wouldest have thy reibeUiens subdued 129 
If thy heart be hard, & full of corruption 130 
If thou fearest the breaking out of somesin &c. 131 
If thou fearest God will destroy thee for thy sins 132 
If thou canst not find out the sin for which 
God corrects thee -- 133 


If thy heart be as a wilderness barren of g^ood 134 
If thou wantest holiness • .... - 137 
When all thy graces are weak • ... - 138 
When thy heart is dried for the want of grace 140 
If thou wantest the Spirit of God - - - 141 
If thou canst not bring thy heart to delight 

in the Lord 142 

If tlune heart will not praise the Lord . - 143 
If thou canst not understand God's voice - 144 
If theu seest a good way and hast no power % 

to walk in it «.....145 

If thou wantest taremen^er the wonl oft God 146 
When thou seest thine own ignorance •*■ • 147 
If thy desires after grace are not satisfied • 149 
If thou fearest falling away, - - - - - 150 
If thou art fallen, and feavest the Lord will 

leave thee so - -.....-- 152 
When thou fearest the Lord has forsaken thee, 153 
When thou feelest thy vUenessi &c, . • • 154 

Whett thou feelest thy spiritual i>ovcfty . 155 

If fK^ I^T^^ ?*^'' ^^^ ^^"»«^ thee to fall, 156 

If thou findest thyself unlike God's people, 157 
If thou separatest from the wicked in thei^ 

corrupt worship and manners - . 153 

12? 'M*° ^^ Wlied in every ordinance. 
When thou prayest . . . . ica 

Whenlhou meditatest - - . - 160 

^readinir the word, if thou understandest not 161 
firtiiou canstnot confer . . . V 1 ^9 

n«^;!J'^/'? ^Z ^ **^ ^^ assemblies, to 
participate m the ordinances . - 
Wouldest thou enj<^ the ordinances of God, 
,^^*W?«ingupontliem - . . 

and fearest the losing- of them ^ . ' 
When thou art banished from God's ordi- 

W?^n •*^";' banishedfrom God's house m 
^^^'^^V^^^^l^^^'^^-eoverus . m 

^\^^^ ^'''^^^ shepherds, thou 

art come to great misery . . . 15.0 

When thou settest thy self to fast . .. m 


\to! *K^' '^''^^ "P®« fo^ welWoinr. . 174 

imoVw^^^^^ 'rl^ defendL truth ?5 
#?^ wouldest bnng foiA seasonable fruit 
for every estate and foMvery duty . 176 


JVT!f^^*ntest children - . ."170 

When thou wouldest have thy gomr out &c 179 
men thou takestrestatnigre^"^*^^^ m 
« thou art diligent in thy calling. &c, &c 183 



If thou feaf est the loss of thy g^od name, kd 184 
When thou art in any want for soul or body 185 
In liberal giving - - . - 186 

If sickness be among us' - - - 187 

If thou fearest death, &c. - - 188 

If thou fearest hurt by any of the creatures, &c. 189 
If thou wouldest have thy purpose to prosper 190 
In times of danger , - - 191 

When thou'art in great trouble, &c. - 192 
When thou seemest to be forgotten in affliction 193 
When thy sorrows g^w g^eat - - 194 
If thou wouldest have deliverance, &c. - 194 
If thine enemies prevail - - - 195 

If thou wouldest have thine enemies destroyed 196 
'For the fall of Antichrist - - * 197 
For the calling of the Jews - * * 199 



That God hath freely loved his elect, 8tc. • 201 
That we are. freely justified, &c. - • 202 
That God will, call his children, &c* - 203 

That God will give his children humble hearts 204 
That the children of God shall live holy 205 

That God^s childrea will feir and serve him 206 
That God will hear the prayers of his children 207 
That we may persevere in grace, &c. ,- 208 
That God will bless those who are diligent,&c. 209 
That Godwin reward tApse who do good, &c. 210 
We shall ^receive goodby the society of the 

faithful, &c. . . - 211 

God win preserve his children in afflictions 213 
God will subdue all the enemies of his church 214 
The just shall be nused unto eternal life 315 

God will perform aU that he hath promised S16 
The Author's Postcript - - 219 

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